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And we thought Brandy‘s fans were mad about last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars!

TMZ reports one fan of the show is facing a ten year bid because of how tragically awful he though Bristol Palin‘s dancing was.

A SWAT team posted up outside a home in Wisconsin yesterday — after a shotgun toting 67-year-old man blasted his TV because he was so enraged with Bristol Palin’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Local authorities claim Steven Cowan (left) told officers that he felt Palin was not a good dancer and that she was only on the show because of her famous mother.

Officials say Cowan was so pissed after Monday’s show — that he fired at his television set and then aimed the gun at his wife … though she managed to escape the house.

The SWAT team surrounded the home — but negotiators were able to talk Cowan into surrendering early Tuesday morning. Authorities claim Cowan suffers from bipolar disorder.

Cowan was charged with 2nd degree reckless endangerment and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Bristol isn’t the only Palin pi**ing people off, which we’re sure comes as no surprise.

Her unknown little sister Willow went nuts on Facebook yesterday because someone told the truth about her mom‘s early 2012 campaigning on TLC, aka Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Apparently Willow didn’t get the memo that despite her trampy sister getting knocked up, they’re supposed to be “good, wholesome girls.” And that her family can’t be associate with any kind of bigotry.

The result:

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