Eva Longoria’s Lying Azz Drops Tony Parker And The Hyphen For Good (Update Regarding Tony’s Dirty Dog Ways Inside))

- By Bossip Staff

Less than 24-hours after shooting down rumors that her French baller hubby was dumping her, Eva Longoria’s lying azz headed straight to court in L.A. to file for divorce herself.

Three years after a storybook wedding in a European castle, Eva Longoria filed for divorce Wednesday from basketball star Tony Parker.

The Desperate Housewives star’s documents were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court just one day after her rep denied that Parker had done the same in a Texas court.

The cause of the split wasn’t immediately revealed. But this past week the couple have been rocked with infidelity rumors, with claims that Tony has been unfaithful.

A new issue of Us Weekly says that Longoria allegedly found hundreds of text messages between Tony and some broad, sent in the span of one month.

This is the same couple that split up a couple of months before they got engaged and quickly covered up rumors of Tony’s infidelity a couple of years ago.

And, recently, the actress has pampered her husband, showering him with gifts for his 28th birthday this may. They also celebrated their third anniversary in lavish (and romantic) style with an Adriatic cruise and vacation with friends.

Add to that the fact that Eva tried to make folks look stupid yesterday and Tony’s repeated attempts at rapping: we don’t really feel too bad for these two.

Update: Now A.C. Slater’s all up in the mix, making the story even more complicated! According to Mario Lopez, the woman who was blowing up Tony Parker’s SMS is married to one of his San Antonio Spurs teammates.

Let’s see what kind of tension that adds to the mix when the Spurs play the Chicago Bulls tonight.


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  • Curveball

    Anyone surprised? After she talked about how she did an interview talking about his lack of “experience”. It was doomed then.

    Guess he learned all he could from her “experience” and moved on.

    • MOONME

      LMFAO!!!!!!!! I REMEMBER THAT!

  • bouyant

    and she want spousal support, even though they had a pre nup..i guess nothing is worse than a woman scorn!

    • ..

      Thats why she filed in L.A. after he filed in Texas

  • another dumbazz baller

    when are men going to realize that a piece of azz is not worth losing your wife, family, or millions of dollars in a divorce settlement.

    • Hottestchickinthegame


  • http://Bossip.com Smh

    Smh who nexts Monica lala

  • deedee_404

    I hope they work this out. People are so quick to run to divorce court. Hash out your issues like real adults and come to resolution. If they were ever truly in love they owe themselves that much.

    • asian_bonita

      Well said.

  • hmm_BAPS

    He just turned 28? What 25yr old man is going to be faithful especially in pro sports? He’s still “learning” and “living”. Lied to us? No she lied to herself … smh. Oh well

    • lisa

      I know and she said they had been together 7 years. She got with him when he just turned legal she should of known he would want to get out and experiment. He could find anyone else besides a teammate Rick Barry’s wife that’s real shady.

  • sha

    at curveball i remember that interview..i thought she should’ve kept that to herself.. And now im thinking of the wedding…beautiful..what a waste(drop in the bucket or not) oh and then i read long ago she didnt want to tell her grandmother he was half black.. So im not shocked.

  • http://Bossip.com Chino

    Tony parker is all black I saww his mom and dad at tha spurs game

    • lily(bk'sfinest)

      Tony Parker’s father is Black and his mother is white(Dutch). Her name is Pamela Firestone and she is a former model.

  • Mick

    Tony Parker is all black

  • http://Boossip.com James Tony

    Da igga Tony Parker is black we know he from a different country but his mom and dad is black.

  • nana

    @Marsonis lmaooooo good one!

  • Caramel Cat™

    I knew this marriage was doomed from the start…first she seemed more into him than he seemed into her, she’s a good amount of years older than him but expected instant maturity from him, and then that interview they did on E! 4 years ago almost made him look emasculated…I never expected this marriage to last…too bad…

  • Please stop

    Tony Parker, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and the list goes on, Ballplayers that are still playing in the league, SHOULD NOT BE MARRIED! These dudes are too young mentally to make that type of commitment. They should look into marriage after they are RETIRED! Which will be in their 30s, They will be more experienced and ready to settle down. Ballplayers do not get to experience serious dating in high school or college, the time is very limited for these guys to put into a relationship. Once they are in the league, the time is more flexible, the women are throwing themselves and the money is flowing. Be faithful is difficult for these dudes.

  • piscessnake

    never like either of them. that’ll teach her to run her mouth like a d.a.m.n. hizzo

  • glock the gripper

    I live in San Antonio me and Tony kick it every now and then. I guess we home be kickin it more now. I feel guilty cause I hooked him up with this dime piece beautiful girl, from Boerne. Paris, France its over.

    • YouADamnLie


  • Pat

    These are sad times we are living in now. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Take the wedding vows according to God and then drop them like it meant nothing. Does love really exist anymore? On a positive note, I pray for both Eva and Tony.

  • http://bossip HANNIBALS DAD

    So what, She Fcked Michael Jordan !

  • LuVn_liFe...

    I really thought it would last longer than this

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    Celebrity marriages….typical.

    I never liked tony parker, something about his aura rubs me the wrong way.

    And eva talks too much shyt, she probably drove him crazy.

    Eva didn’t deserve to be cheated on though. Why do people cheat anyway? if you are cheating on someone obviously you don’t love them, just leave them instead of wasting their time cheating on them behind their backs.

    People who cheat are selfish pieces of shyt that deserve to be tossed into a cage full of blood thristy wolverines.

    • chanicani

      I wholeheartedly concur!!

  • Divine

    Rumor was he was cheating on her on their wedding night. His mistress was at the wedding. And met up with him afterwards…SAD…

  • Makela

    When will these f*cking celebrities learn? Marriages in Hollyweird are rarely successful. Here’s a simple solution: stay single and mingle all you want OR have a long-term committed relationship but keep your money in your pocket. It’s not rocket science!

  • kalifa

    boo f0cking hoo
    love is temporary
    marriage is exploitation

    eventually both come to an end
    get over it

  • For Real

    @CHRISSY….YOU MADE ME SPIT MY WINE OUT… I’m going to use that one. Duly Noted

  • http://jese25n@aol.com Jessie G

    Wow, The woman is only 34! Some of you guys make it sound as if she’s Damn near 50!
    The point is, His Dumb Behind cheated. it dosen’t matter if he’s black or white or If she’s Hispanic. why does everything have to be a race issue? Now he is to young and foolish I’ll tell you that.

    • The Dude

      @ Jessie G

      34 is pretty old in b*tch years.

      He’s not dumb for cheating, he’s dumb for getting married in the first place.

      I don’t believe everything is about race, but apparently her grandmother did.

    • Caramel Cat™

      It’s really not about how old she is, it’s about how old she was when she expected him to drop everything and commit to her older azz…if she’s 34 and he’s 28 and they’ve been married for 3 years that means she expected a 25-year-old NBA player to honor to love and to be faithful to her…not saying it’s not possible, but if I was a 31-year-old-woman I honestly wouldn’t expect that from a man with his lifestyle and/or mine…*shrugs*

  • anonymous

    Do cougars like Eva Longoria, Halle Berry and Demi Moore actually believe that a much younger man is going to stay faithful? After the thrill of being with a beautiful older woman fades, these men will look for younger women.

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