Hate It Or Love It?!?!: Dr. Dre, Akon And Snoop D-O Double G On That “KUSH”

- By Bossip Staff

After 50-11 days, Dr. Dre is finally dropping singles off the album that he’s been working on with everybody and they mama. Dr. Dre twerked out this new jawn with his ace Snoop Dogg while Akon is STANGing harmonizin’ on the track. The beat sounds like it goes hard… especially if you were listening to it in you “Beats by Dre”!!! Take a listen and tell us what you think….

KUSH by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg and Akon

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  • WTF!

    wow still talking about the same ol’ same ol’ weed & gangbanging. What Prince say act your age not your shoe sizes. With all the things happening to Black boys & Men(at this very moment) they can’t find anything else to rap about. And Akon comming from Africa he should have millions of other real issues to talk about.

    • Mr Fantastic

      RIGHT ON!!!!

    • D-La

      Get The F outa here Death!

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      I’m both a Snoop & Dre fan but you’re right on the $$ with this comment because this ish is so early 90s,plus now they’re both men in their 40s? so give it up already,sheesh! lol

    • D-La

      1st of all you people need to upgrade ur knowledge in terms of music, this is a feel-good song, I mean listen to the beat, it feels like a club banger, this is stuff u meant to dance to, not stuff u cry to. Check urselves b4 u break urselves.

  • Mr. Cool

    Welcome Back, Dr. Dre! Please stop having these damn long vacations.

  • http://SometimesTruthHurts.com Clarence Williams

    TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net TakeShots dot net

  • D-La

    This is sick Almighty Dre Ride On!!!!!!

  • Matix B

    None of these artists are known for their socially conscious songs, not in the slightest except of early Dre circa NWA. The last Snoop and Akon colab was “I Want To Faq You” and that written for the strip club. This is a party track, it is what it is.

  • STFU

    f*** outta here all haters. this is a banger

  • Que

    This is an average track at best. He’s still using that same west coast, mid 90’s piano sample. Not really feeling it.

  • http://Bossip.com Tret

    Luvin this jam.. And at tha ppl who sayin they to grown to be rapping about this stuff stfu.. This is not a heal the world project. But as soon as sumbody wanna talk about sum stuff like that . You don’t wanna hear music out like that. it’s not popular you want music like that. Go buy a Kirk Franklin cd. Get outta here with that crap! Ppl always talkin about how music aint tha same we miss tha 90’s music well here it goes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Why wud they change sumthing that made them who they are. F.Y.I they are in there mid to late 30’s not 40.

  • REE REE@86


  • white male

    so I guess Nate Dogg is still alive, cool.

  • Always With Always 4 You

    This joint is the ish..The beat is on fire and the artist colabo the bomb. Can’t wait for the CD to drop. I like to hear some colabs with LLoyd Banks, The Game and Kanye West

  • bobby

    it was good until Akon put his 2 cents on it. Nice beat though…

  • bigmeech

    wat up akons voice nowdays?

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER


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