This Guy Can’t Be Serious…Tiger Woods Blames His Serial Raw-Dog Becky Banging On His Golf Game, Calls His Hoes “Opportunists”

- By Bossip Staff


A weepy Tiger Woods blames golf for making him feel invincible and leading him to cheat on Elin Nordegren. “Golf is a self-centered game,” Woods writes in Newsweek. “That self-reliance made me think I could tackle the world by myself.” He adds, “The physical pain from that car accident has long healed. But the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling.”

Of his alleged mistresses, he writes, “Opportunists are trying still to cash in on my troubles, no matter how irresponsible or ridiculous their claims may be.” He lightened, though, up for his first-ever tweet yesterday, gushing to fans: “Thanks for all the love.”

Whatever Tiger. Cry us a friggin river…you weren’t calling those broads opportunists when you were trying to get in them drawls.


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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    A yr later & we still on this? *yawn & stretch* lol..NEXT!

  • James

    F**k Tiger Woods he has never claimed any part of being black! F**kem!

  • It's Me

    That’s right tiger blame someone or something else, never admit it. Now go get some Becky (head)

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    I agree with Tiger

    Those broads are opportunists

    When did it become ok for a MISTRESS to give interviews & have spreads in magazines. Broads were popping up EVERYWHERE boasting of their sexual trysts with Tiger. It was deplorable

    And Rachel Uchitel was 1 of them. Who & why was she invited to Celbrity Rehab? She is NOT a celebrity. She is a mistress fvcking several married men

    • resurrected

      At the end of the day you choose the company that you choose to keep.

      Cheating should also be a shameful act because people can not use you when you are not willing to open up those doors.

      Men need to start to get a clue and seek some wisdom instead of always being a self-confident fool.

    • misssexytexas

      I couldnt have said betta myself….totally agree

    • ImaPC

      note- MEN are not the only ones that cheat, resurrected. The media focuses on them more because women are much more sympathetic figures in our society, but TONS of women cheat.

      Yeah, the gap has always been pretty large, but I think its closed SIGNIFICANTLY in the past few years as more & more enter the workforce. And even just from personal experience, Ive heard some scandalous stories from other women.

    • resurrected


      I am not a cheater but it tons of women do cheat then they are smart enough not to let it break up a home the average man is not the smart or actually does not care that much about the household that he is responsible for but cheating is bad not matter what side that it comes from.

  • LaDiva

    Not sweety, your dyck was the real opportunists, stop fronting. Hoes will always be hoes and dycks will always be dycks…

    • LaDiva


      No sweety, your dyck was the real opportunist, stop fronting. Hoes will always be hoes and dycks will always be dycks…

    • ImaPC

      No one was more of an opportunist that Gloria Allred…who knew mistresses and tramps could file claims of abandonment against…wait for it…MARRIED MEN!!!??? lol

      Especially married men that the WORLD knew was married. GTHOH with that mess.

  • Rehaas

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  • Mrs. Rance

    One of the hoes said he was stingy. He’s just mad they eatin off of him. He should have spread that 10 milli around instead of givin it all to one hoe. He’s full of it and probably got a bunch of new hoes in his stable already.

  • nana

    He’s only human! And he’s still Rich Biiiiiiiitch! Yall talkin like yall are saints, FCK outta here

  • Drnat

    This is very positive for Tiger. He may be on the road to recovery.


    YOU’RE EXACTLY RIGHT TIGER! They were opportunist, and the sad thing is your dumb a-s-s took the bait. You let your ego/d-i-ck over ride your common sense.

  • MrsDougla s s

    I agree with him. He obviously has a problem but they capitalized on it. It’s the same as when Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children. People continued to let their kids stay at his home despite the accusations almost hoping something would happen so they could throw him under the bus and get a pay day. I hope Tiger can take responsibility, begin to grow as a man and move on from this to one day find happiness again

  • ConcernedCitizen

    The golf industry and fans of the game aren’t gonna appreciate Tiger misplacing blame. Don’t hate the game!

    • FUpms

      Exactly! His mistakes has nothing to do with golf!

  • E

    I likey likey becky becky!!

  • HeartBreak

    The mistresses were opportunistic because they pursued him strictly for his money.

    At the same time, he was opportunistic in using his fame, and status to bed all of these women. Do you really think these chicks would want Tiger if he was a regular 9to5 guy?

    No victims in this situation. When are people gonna learn that “using” others NEVER works out the way you hope?

    • wisdom2

      Love the way you worded this

      “USING PEOPLE” doesn’t always work the way you expect.

      This is why I HATE, I do mean HATE, when men/women get upset with the “MISTRESS” for telling.

      “She should have kept her mouth shut” : what is that;
      He’s the one cheating, He took the vows, He the selfish, heartless Bast*rd,

      HE’S USING THEM BOTH FOR HIS SELFISH INTENTS……But she’s should have kept her mouth shut and did HIM wrong.

      GET OUT OF HERE; I DON’T THINK SO: That was HIS risk—Pay to Play


    Tiger every last one of those ugly mistresses where opportunist your wife was the main one. Now that she’s paid and living LARGE, move on.

    • ThickLikeCornbread


      Yeah, Elin the Nanny gotta WUPA DUPA PAID!!!! That divorce settlement made history. Now she is in school working on a Psych degree…. go figure

  • it is what it is.....

    Men or women with wealth and power be it from fame or business have been and will continue to fugg everyone and anyone they can because they can….Folks line up to offer them dyck and puzzy anytime any place just to be included in the lifestyle. Men fugging their secretaries, women fugging the tennis instructor…the difference now is that the jump offs want their 15 minutes of fame and are storing receipts, texts, photos, soiled draws, phone recordings and are saying pay me to keep quiet or I’ll TMZ and get Gloria Alred on your azz…….

    • wisdom2

      So wouldn’t you concluded that the person with something to loose she make a better choice and be more careful.

      Even more importantly if their actions produce the negative result IT WAS THEIR CHOICE, they took the “BAIT”.

      People want the deeds/pleasure WITHOUT THE CONSEQUENCES…..not gonna happen.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Excellent way of putting it..100% on point!

  • Got Jokes

    Tiger wasn’t tryna get in dem drawls, dem drawls were special delivery

  • ImaPC

    He’s right, they are opportunists. What would you call women who are STILL showing up @ his golf tournaments (a year later) unless they get payment to stay away?

    As for his reasoning–eh, a part of it had to be that he grew up a geek and now could get any White chick (apparently his gold standard) he wanted. But its time for him to shut up and improve his game. Talking wont make the White people forgive him, and that’s all that matters in those might revenue streams

    • resurrected

      opportuntist or not no one forced Tiger to ruin a good career or family situation.

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