The Vilification of Kanye West

- By Bossip Staff

West has spent the last year through his music and interviews being remorseful. Even after he was baited by Matt Lauer of The Today Show to apologize to Bush (okay, technically it wasn’t so much as an apology as it was a show of empathy for the former president), West can’t seem to evolve past his bad-boy persona, depending on whom you ask.

What’s up with that?

According to Cord Jefferson, writer for The Root, West has an untreated mental problem and is probably in need of therapy. Despite not having any medical certification or ever having met West, Jefferson compares West’s “behavior” to symptoms common with bipolar disorder—a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels.

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  • lyphery

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  • nikki88

    umm people have been saying this for a while that dude was probably bipolar. its like he cracked after his mom died.

  • sha

    From what I see, I agree with that…Or he’s just brutally honest and no one in Hollyweird isn’t use to a brotha spittin out whatever comes to mind and still be as sucessful as he is….

    I remember when he came to detroit and they interviewed him..

    He was touring with fantasia at the time and they asked him…if he was going to help fantasia get her GED. He flat out said “that’s not my resposibilty.” and everyone in the studio began to laugh.

    At first I was thinking dang how rude, but in retrospect I know it wasn’t his responsbility. And some people just don’t sugarcoat anything. He being one of them.

    Shoot Idk maybe it’s both, because we know he can go over the top when he wants. I just wish him well at this point.

    • MyReason

      I agree with you saying K. West is very opinionated and outspoken. But bipolarism is a very extreme mental illness and I’m offended that they would site this unqualified writer for his psuedo psycho analysis to justify an opinion of K.West. His behavior is very consistent with who he is-he hasn’t changed at all-not a character of bipolarism.

  • nana

    Read an interview somewhere n common said Kanye has always been opinionated! @Sha said it best they can’t handle a BRUTALLY honest BLACK man!

  • dc city star

    kanye does have an untreated mental health problem. its unfortunate. u see that with some of our most impressive artists…”the tortured talented”. anyway, i would suspect its probably either bipolar or a personality disorder. either way, mental health counseling and psychotropic medication is probably in order or we’re going to continue to see the mood swings, ‘highs and lows’ and impulsivity.

  • HeartBreak

    I think its a combination of both.
    He is brutally honest, but I also think he’s still dealing with the loss of his mom.

    Tortured souls always make the most incredible music.

  • Matix B

    I’m opinionated but I’m not a complete utter faqing azzhole. Like shut the faq up for once. Sometimes it’s good to be seen and not heard, he needs to take a HUGE slice of humble pie and maybe I’ll ride with his pompous azz but until then I’m not faqing with Ye.

    • Matix B

      He is talented as faq and I respect that, but as for the man, he’s a work in progress.




  • uptowngirl

    We are all works in progess…nobody is perfect. Anyhoo, I think Kanye has strong ideas and beliefs and he feels compelled to share them. Sometimes maybe inappropriately but that’s just Ye. Just my opinion. Still ride with him.

  • Uh yeah ok

    She’s right though NANA.. He should have kept his media trainer because she would have taught him how to be opinated and understood in an eloquent manner. His a-hole style just makes him sound like womp-womp… He vilified himself and at first he loved it, now? not so much..

  • Mrs. Rance

    I thought his mental illness was obvious. You don’t have to know him personally because he wears it on his sleeve for everyone to see. The writer of that story is a like minded person who apparently shares his views on some things. But guess what? Everyone doesn’t think that. Believe it or not Taylor has just as many fans as Beyonce and she sells just as many albums. If Kanye felt like B should have won that is just fine, but it was a sign of mental illness that he couldn’t even control himself enough to wait until it was his turn in front of some mic to say that which would have been inappropriate enough.

  • Tiffany

    No people Kanye does not have a mental illness…just some lack of self control….and “can’t tell me nothing” type of attitude. people typically have one or the other and him having both doesn’t leave any room for things to be said “nicely”-for lack of better words. I mean he’s honest–not mean–it comes off mean but I can see kanye jus being real about the things he says–he jus does it at the wrong times sometime—or most times I guess.

  • Tiffany

    and another thing we only buy his music cuz of how raw he is…i knew trouble was a brewin when i heard college dropout

    • MyReason

      Thank You!! LOL…
      but College Dropout was great!!

  • maru-chan

    Ain’t nothing wrong with Ye.

    Just like jealousy is a sickness, arrogance is a mental disorder. Co-sign on giving him a piece of that humble pie

  • Nope

    You have it all wrong. The problem with Kanye is that he himself is a racist. Take a look at his track record. The only people he attacks publically are white. Dude has problems!

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