Dealing with DJ Star; Man-ish looks, Mongrels and Money.

- By Bossip Staff

May 17th, 2006
By Melanie Woodroffe

Deal #1-DJ Star’s offer of $500.00 to locate rival Discjockey, DJ Envy’s four year old daughter, so that he may do an “R Kelly” on her, also throwing out a few racial slurs at she and her Mother.

Deal #2-The New York City Police’s offer to DJ Star to surrender his registered weapon at the nearest precinct and upon arrival, being arrested for Child Endangerment and a Hate Crime(Please see Deal #1’s explanation starting with DJ Envy’s four year old).

Deal #3-Offers of a possible jail sentence for Star and lawsuit for Clear Channel Communications and 105.1 radio station by DJ Envy and Family, as what he did and said is considered a Hate Crime.

Deal #4-
Possible offer to DJ Star; a lucrative book deal, his own radio show and/or a nice cell block with all the appropriate amenities.

Deal #5-Possible deal from me, to help Gia Casey overcome her man-ish looks by offering a girlie girl’s touch to her awful hair, boring makeup and drab clothes.

Baby, just because you sad, doesn’t mean you have to be ugly.

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