To Whom Does This Colorful Caboose Belong???

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t think we could make this one any easier. If these juicy cakes are not recognizable enough for you, we’re pretty sure the outfit should be a dead giveaway.

Nicki Minaj showcased her killer curves in what looks to be a pair of tights she borrowed from Smurfette and a green knit unitard outside of “The Late Show With David Letterman” studios.

Do you find her fetching? Or are you wretching?

Bauer Griffin

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  • nana

    Bwahahahahahahahahhahaa I love me some nicky but this right here???!!!???????

    • Hebeei

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  • purple love

    Ooo f*ck yall she cute das my bish bout to go see her tonite at pinnacle its pink love ho ctfu but seriously wat she got on??


    dat azz is faker than fake

  • shake em


  • nana

    @purple love pinnacle in Philly? Was thinkin of going…oh well

  • xclusive

    What the hell does she have on

  • Ash

    yes that fruity pebbles outfit gave it away..LOVE YOU NICKI

  • lisa

    I feel if someone is really talented they shouldn’t have to use different gimicks their talent should speak for itself.

    • genesis


  • Gurlz

    When a person gets booty implants, is it required for them to always where spandex? I notice Kim K, and Angel Lola does the same thing.

  • pineapple

    wow!!! talk about a great endorsement for a stairmaster!!! her body is off the chain.

  • liline

    I think I went blind?

  • http://biabia tee

    lol, I can see her booty pad. smdh.

  • HeartBreak

    She has a nice little figure on her……but isn’t this NY?

    She has got to be cold.

  • Great Dame

    She looks like a clown and look at everyone else wearing winter coats

  • liline

    @ Great Dame, yeah you would think she cold as hell with no coat on.

  • Vel-J

    She’s basically a character created by her team. She’s not a real artist with any substance and when her fans get tired of her look, her so called music will die. Sad because when she gets oldeR, no one will be interested in seeing her perform. As an artist, I would be feel horrible. Enjoy it while it lasts Nicki!

  • purple love

    Yes @nana! Did u go???

  • nana

    @purple love *Sad face* Nooo I didn’t go! Lol was a looong as drive from where I live! Wouldve loved it tho

  • !!!!!


  • Ronda

    Um…this is so tacky…where is her team…my girls wouldn’t even let me come out looking like that with her bra hanging out the back of her shirt…boobie tape anyone..strapless bra..maybe?
    And she is killing me with the fake booty…just last night I was looking in the mirror and said to myself Nicki Manaj and got sh.t on this and mines is real!

    • RHONYC

      that’s apart of her style…which btw was the style of ‘carrie bradshaw in sntc’. it’s not for everyone, but i think it works on her.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    fake a$$…

  • genesis

    im sorry but i just don’t think she’s cute…just cuz u got a body don’t make u bad!

  • G.M.

    she look like she just left a work out session with richard simmons

  • adulescentuluscarnifex

    I’d wreck that chick.

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