Gabriel Aubry Doesn’t Give A Flying Fawk If Olivier Martinez Is A Fellow French Speaker, He Still Doesn’t Want Him Around His Kid!

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry is shooting down reports that he “approved” of Halle Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, because Olivier and Gabriel both speak French, and Nahla being bilingual is important to Gabriel.

Now a “source” close to Gabriel says this isn’t the case, at all since Gabriel has never met Olivier, and he doesn’t think much of Halle introducing her new boyfriend to Nahla:

Despite reports that Gabriel Aubry has given his blessing to ex Halle Berry’s new romance with Olivier Martinez, a source says, “Gabriel has never met Olivier, so the idea that he approves of their romance is ridiculous.”

The story even claimed that Aubry’s delighted because his and Berry’s daughter, Nahla, will speak French with Olivier. But a friend said, “While he wants Halle to be happy, Nahla is the No. 1 concern in Gabriel’s life. He is more worried about his daughter being introduced to new boyfriends when they’ve only been dating a few months.”

When do you think is the right time to introduce your new boo to your child? Is it important that your co-parent meets them first?

We see where Gabriel is coming from, Halle is definitely moving kinda fast with “Frenchie” and it’s way too early to be playing house where Nahla is involved.

Speaking of the “happy couple,” Halle and Olivier were snapped arriving back at LAX last night after a trip to NYC earlier this week.

Happy being the operative word. SMH.

Bauer Griffin


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  • Jinx

    This is Poppycock. White men are perfect so there is nothing to worry about.

    Complete Hallibaloo

    White men are perfect in every way that is why Stacy was played by 3 white men in a row and she still wants more

    *End Sarcasm*

    • Jinx

      *Stacy Dash

    • Buluw

      I love this , So does– My boyfriend. I met him via —D iamondR omance ℃○M— a nice place for seeking _Rich romance and love, which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opportunities for you to meet the attractive sin gles and treat you like a king or Queen. Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends. @@@ 😉 😉 fa bu shang qu ne

    • Truth

      Unlike Black men who are great Fathers and always stay to raise their kids right?
      Now, wtf does what Stacy Dash went thru have to do with this subject at all..and if you wanna talk about being played by Black Men why don’t you talk to Christina Millian,Elin Woods or Eva Longoria? You sound like a stupid uninformed racist jerk!

  • nana

    @Jinx HUH??????????????????????

  • hahahah

    Why does it feel like halle despite being the banger she is is gonna be old and lonely? What is she looking for in a man…

  • jayluv

    Poor Halle…gurl you should have checked with your daughter’s father first about who he would want around his daughter. Y’all seemed to be contact with each other, so didn’t ask him Halle? Why did you bring this man into your child’s life so soon? 9 months to bring a man around your child that is not the father. It’s gonna take you 6 months to figure out if he’s somewhat crazy or sane…shoot, he might not make it past 3 months. SMH…YOU WRONG HALLE…

  • jayluv

    You know what, Halle had a man who appreciated her…so what if he was out of work for a while…so what if hes a big kid…so what if you feel like you were doing dang near all the work…BE DANG THANKFUL THAT THIS MAN, LOVED YOU FOR YOU, WHO IS SUPPORTIVE AND HAVE FAMILY VALUES…you done lost your mind, you forgot how every mofo you dated before him treated yo azz…(hit it and quit it…let’s not forget beat it). YOU DONE MESSED UP BIG TIME. now this new dude, could careless how this turns out…HE’S JUST HAVING FUN, while you are stressing. This new man is gonna show his azz soon and it’s gonna shock you Halle.

    • ImaPC

      I don’t know any of these people personally, but looking in from the outside, I sorta agree. To make it work you need to be committed. Halle seems to be looking for a fairytalke after all the horrible relationships she’s had in the past, but real life demands sacrifice.

      She will keep finding the same problems with every man she’s with after a year or 2…

  • christine

    I don’t think halle’s relationship was a real relationship with gabriel. She just wanted a kid. Period. I mean a white kid. Period.



    • MOONME

      gabriel is GAY…they have an arrangement…and yes that’s the truth about JLO.


    halle needs to pump her brakes and take a cue from a. jolie.
    make sure the dude is going to be your permanent partner/stepfather to your kids b4 having them around.
    this behavior is beginning to convince me that the rumors about her all these years were true.
    *eyeroll* 😦

  • Otis

    Women always do this mess. They meet a man then right away start bringing the dude home to meet their kids. That is one of the biggest mistakes you women can make.

    • Cali D..

      Agree 100%….

  • Greeneyedbandit

    If Gabriel havent met Oliver,then no,Oliver shouldnt be around his daughter.It aint like Gabriel’s a deadbeat,so i think he have that right.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I wonder does Oliver have kids?

  • Gymo

    There is no truth to this stupid rumor. (Gabriel said he wishes them well)
    The Blog which started it was asking a question.

  • Mabel

    Good to see a father with principles.

  • http://bossip luvvieboo

    Maybe Gabriel shouldn’t have had a child with such a loose woman. Halle can’t live without a man, no matter what the race is. Why do they keep saying Nahla is bilingual? As if she is the only child that can speak two languages. MJ kids can speak three or four languages. So can so many other kids out here, lol. Next time Gabriel, pick a better choice for a mother of your children.


    bad marquis!
    bad. bad. bad!
    now go to your dungeon & grab your cat-o-nine tails.
    i sentence u to 3 hours of flagellation.
    boo. 😦


    maru, u crazy! lol 🙂

  • sarah

    Ok here is a question to all you ignorant know it alls. Who said that she has introduced him to her daughter, that is not what the sytory said. We have not seen them together with the kid. I’m sure Halle is smart about who she brings around her child. And who is this so called source? Bull crap!!

    • JaKai

      there are pictures of halle, oliver and the baby in New York. oliver is pushing the baby in the stroller.

  • people say dumb things

    @Christine I know you are not saying a white child is better than a black? First of all what did color have to do with the question? Race does not have to be a issue ALL the time. Get a grip. I never seen so many people on a “black” site but always downing blacks. Maybe you need to switch to good housekeeping sweetie .

  • JaKai

    You should never introduce your child to any of your boyfriends or girlfriends until you both have decided to marry. Halle’s never been that smart about men other than Gabriel, but she messed that up with the baggage she’s carry from her other disasterous relationships.

    • TT

      That wasn’t Nahla in the stoller. She’s almost 3 and was in LA with Gabe, the nanny or Halle’s mother. That’s some random guy’s or friend’s kid. There was a brother next to them pushing a stroller. Why did you think that was Nahla.

      How do you know he’s even met her or there’s any ounce of truth to any of these claims?

    • JJ

      check out Just Jared for these photos of the brotha in red pushing his kid with Halle and Oliver and photos of Nahla which prove TT’s and others point.Nothing more than Prolly Olly getting a photo op if to keep the lie going.

  • Marquis de Sade


    😆 Dang, you takin’ back to the DAYS OF YORE, ain’t chu?

  • BM SUCK!


  • excusemebrothacanuintroducemetoyourwhitebuddy?

    because she wanted a baby not a monkey!!! no one wants a baby with one of you beasts!beside your the worst fathers ever put on this earth!

  • me

    Sounds like you speak from experience.

  • ImaPC


    BUT i would amend that to include men too—they make the same mistake of changing partners like underwear. The only problem is that the child usually lives with the Mom, so that disrupts the stability of their home life as well.

    BTW-there are MANY women who keep their legs closed and raise their kids after the husband leaves. It’s only in this culture where we act like every itch needs to be scratched.

  • Nfamous

    Why Halle, Why>?

  • BM need to stop hatin on Halle!

    Why not Halle,Why Not>?

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