Bishop Eddie Long Has His First Day In Court, But It Looks Like He May Avoid A Trial…

- By Bossip Staff

There’s been a new entry in Bishop Eddie Long’s Dirty Dog Diary… The first hearing in the case was held in Atlanta Friday and although Long DENIED ever having sex with any of the four men who have made allegations against him, both sides have expressed their desire to resolve the case without going to trial.

The first court hearing in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case was held Friday, and the case is headed for settlement talks. Lawyers for the bishop and the four young men who have filed suits against him said they want to avoid a trial and resolve the dispute in mediation early next year.

During a status conference held Friday, lawyers for both sides gave a road map of what’s going to happen throughout the case, when it’s going to happen and why it’s going to happen.

On the way into the courthouse, Bishop Eddie Long’s attorney Craig Gillen, and the young accusers’ attorney, B.J. Bernstein, had little to say. But after a short status conference, one thing was clear: Both sides were ready to resolve the case.

“The number one thing is we are ready to move forward in this case,” said Bernstein.

Jamal Parris and three other young men have filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against the popular Bishop and his 10,000-seat New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The lawsuits allege the bishop sent the three young men provocative pictures and lavished money and gifts on the then-teenagers, while having sex with the young men.

Bishop Long has filed an answer to all four lawsuits, claiming in bold letters on the first page the claims of sexual misconduct are not true.

In all four of the lawsuits, Bishop Long admitted he was a mentor to a number of young men, trying to build stability in their lives. He admitted to traveling with the young men and at times sharing a room with them.

In the lawsuit, Bishop Eddie Long admitted young men in the church called him “daddy” or sometimes “granddaddy,” and he specifically denied in every lawsuit that he ever had sex with any of the four young men.

Lawyers for both sides say they want to avoid a trial and resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

During the status conference, both sides said they want to try to avoid trial, and have a mediator resolve the explosive allegations. Judge Johnny Panos set a February date for mediation. If the case is not settled in mediation, expect the first of possibly four separate trials in July or August.

Attorneys also said that during the course of the case, the court will hear from expert witnesses who will talk about the relationship that should be there between a professional, like a bishop, and a parishioner, like the young men who have filed suit against him.

SMH. So finally he denies having sex, but he doesn’t feel strongly enough to force the young men to go to trial? Settlement is gonna be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal expensive. Bishop Eddie Long-Stroke may want to sell those cars and that plane because he is about to be writing some major checks!


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  • jasmin

    Am I first?

    • Buluw

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  • whatisthat

    start working that hand out for signing those checks that you got to handout to these young men..shady,

  • Starr B*tch

    He won’t even get a slap on the wrist. SMDH

  • leilanidee

    Something just doesn’t seem right….

    • Gie

      But he said no homo doesn’t that make it okay

      == ( w w w ) . (ah.get50dollars) . ( c o m ) ==

  • xclusive

    I can’t believe he got away with this…if he was just any normal person he would be in jail….this is krazy…he needs to be under the jail….

    • Fiona Doby

      He will get away with it in any event, since it is not a criminal case; the settlement money will come from the congregation provided that the plaintiffs agree to the settlement.

  • jasmin

    @ nana: yes jackson paid, but AGAINST HIS WISHES. He wanted to go to trial & PROVE his innocence but his lawyers felt it’d be easier to pay & make it go away. That’s why the next time he got accused, he fought it all the way. Paying up ALWAYS make you look guilty even if you’re innocent.

  • ayo

    The question now is: Is he qualified to be the man of GOD leading men of GOD ? is he qualified to be a pastor ?

    In my world, if you can’t simply say a simple NO or YES, then you are guilty. And of course you have mislead me so i will of course sue you for all the offerings that i had given a services over the years, and then i will sue you for all my time that you have wasted over the years.

    • ayo

      @ Mrs. Rance

      You are so right

  • ayo

    It started when they were young dude, so they kind of grew into it and at that stage, it could take a while. Didnt the same thing happened to B2k ? SMH

  • divalious

    lol @ the picture umm…not this story again.

  • shake em

    they dont want to go to court b/c they don’t have a case. they were the legal age of consent.

    if the bishop is a “grooming pedo” then the boys are truly victims…maybe. the boys seem a little suspect just saying.

  • janice

    He was at the most expensive Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas with tons of boys around him. I saw it with my own eyes. Any man woman or child would sleep with you for a chance to experience that luxury. Rooms started at $300/night.

  • mixed bad chick

    Yeah he is gona be signing sum fat checks. I believe he does not want all the rest of the dirty dog diaries to come out. He is guilty, no straight man wears a wig like tht.

  • NA

    Mediation does not necessarily mean “get paid”. Perhaps they just want him to admit what he did or step down from his church?

    • Delight23

      please sprinkle some more of your common sense, it’s clearly needed.

  • MyReason

    You’re absolutely right that’s what’s up!!!!

  • yes i kc

    Long don’t want to take the test and I suspect none of them want the test results published. What I do know is a black women is wasting her time looking for a man at church lol. I also know alot DL female are singing and sitting with their lovers at
    Church. Its a great place for DL ladies to date

  • Latesa1009

    I still dont know what to believe the pictures I saw didnt prove anything; ppl accused of this stuff have to settle quick to get rid of the bad publicity of it guilty or not. Which could have been these 4 boys game plan from the beginning, accuse a homophobic preacher of homosexuality ka-ching!. So I still have no evidence of his innocence or guilt and probably never will.

  • yea i kcu


    • MDot

      What do you mean compromised health conditions?

  • don't ask

    I said it weeks ago that he was going to settle out of court which in my opinion makes him look guilty. Why not fight to clear your name?

  • don't ask

    When this alledged sexual seduction took place, most of the young men were not of age. This did not just happen.

  • miamac

    Didn’t he learn from Michael Jackson that ‘settling financially’ is like saying you’re guilty? If it was me and I WAS INNOCENT, I’d rather burn than sellout.

    But don’t trip Mr. Long, there’s a lot of people in the pit who are going to have to answer to God one day.

    Sounds like you need to be SAVED. See life through the eyes of children who are forced to navigate their lives from the pews of Mt. Caramel Baptist and its hip, young clairvoyant preacher whose radical style of ministry takes them all on a never-ending roller-coaster ride that is only upstaged by the foot-stomping sideshows of its fierce gay followers.

    You’ll laugh, cry and shout! Check it out: //



    I personally don’t know whether the story is true or not. In my heart of hearts I pray that these young men did not suffer at the hands of someone who they trusted and in such a position of power.

    HOWEVER, we must take a look at the reality of the situation, BLACK MEN in AMERICA are only allowed to become so influential. Bishop Long has a lot of influence and a congregation of 10,000 + millions around the nation is considered someone who can influence men, BLACK MEN.

    No one wants BLACKS to organize. That’s why they took down Dr. King and so on – even Michael Jackson for that matter. None of us will ever know the truth, but let’s pray for all involved that some part of the truth will come out.

    • aqueenwaits

      In the beginning, middle, and end……GOD has the final word. If he did it and asks for forgiveness……we are supposed to forgive so that we won’t be judged. Bottom-line is that it never should have happened, but it already has. If he did it, then he should pay the price.

  • Lol

    Well dear, in Bishop Long’s case his hypocrisy and his d*ck took him down.

  • foolishhanibal

    its nt a criminal case cuz all boys wer of legal age at the time they claim it happend.


    That’s not one of his choirboy’s dirty drawz he got underneath his nose, is it?

  • Honut Sinti

    Sniff. Sniff. Honk! Honk! What? These is Bobo’s draws!
    Bobo! Bobo, Oh, Bobo!

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