Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Smother Mistress, Burns Child Alive

- By Bossip Staff

An Indianapolis, Indiana man has been charged with two counts of murder after he allegedly smothered his mistress to death before setting ablaze his infant daughter using lighter fluid.

According to prosecutors, Joshua Carlisle, 22, became hell bent on murdering his mistress Tracie Shannon, 25, after learning that he fathered a child with her and would have to pay $200 a month in child support payments.

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  • hazel

    May they batter his a*sand fry him in oil

    • Buluw

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    • Greeneyez

      Their is a special place in hell for ppl like this…. Men in jail hate baby killers…he will get his…

  • DollBaby1o1

    Now ya’ll see why we hate broke n1ggaz?

    It’s safer to just stay away!

    He has nothing to work towards.


  • Shananigans

    they need to burn him! sometimes i just believe what people do, if found guilty i think the punishment should be whatever that person did to the victim! smh

    • Shananigans

      don’t believe*

  • kat

    I hope he gets the chair. He’s a coward. A man that cant take responsibility.

  • Hell Naw

    Hell no! Chop his azz into pieces, fry him, smother him real good and feed him to the Lions. This rather kill two ppl so his sorry cheating azz don’t have to pay child suport? Kill him right now!! Save taxpayers dollars and kille him right now!!! SMMFH

  • Joyce

    Black men are killing the black race, those pathetic losers,I’ll stay far away as I can from idiots I swear..

    • tmoney

      @ Marquis de Sade…speaking the truth!!!

    • tmoney

      @ Marquis de Sade…you are so right.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Marquis I hate to bust your bubble, but dude was a square, not a thug. He was a paralegal who was also in the National Guard. That’s probably why lil mama wanted him for herself. Little did she know deadbeats come in all income brackets and professions. You are the one stereotyping dude with no evidence.

    • Aj

      @Tmoney and Marquis

      Yall are the perfect examples of what’s wrong with AAs… When your gender does something wrong, yall find a way to blame women, instead of holding the men responsible… Women do it on this blog also because they defend women too when they’re in the wrong…. Typical of AAs.

      He was a professional working man who shouldn’t have been sleeping with other women in the first place because he was married…. No one will think you are less of a male if you actually hold another man responsible. That’s what real men do. Men don’t kiss anyone’s azz. Same for real women. They don’t kiss azz either.

  • MelT

    Black people we must get it together!!! We hurt each other so much and allow others to do the same. 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers. 48% of all new HIV cases are black women. Now, black men are viciously slaughtering black women and black children…. let’s not allow this number to grow. So, ladies, love yourself, protect yourself, raise the bar of expectation that I man will love and be true to only you. But you must first begin to love yourself!

    In the tech world the term “Garbage In Garbage Out” (GIGO) is a famous computer axiom meaning that if invalid data is entered into a system, the resulting output will also be invalid.
    Thus, ladies please think about how this relates to how you feel about yourself and the men you allow in your life!!!

    Wake up EVERYBODY!!!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Such a horrible, horrible story. He should be put to death in the exact same manner he mudered that woman and his child. I don’t care what she did, she and that baby didn’t deserve this. Can you imagine how his current wife must feel, she’s still married to this monster! I will never understand how people could do this to eachother. He should of not been cheating on his wife, the least he could have done is use protection. It’s not clear if the mistress was aware/how long he was married, but God knows what he told her. Either way, the sad lesson in this us that single women must be hyper aware of who they lay with.

  • tiny

    Such a tragedy.He should have worn a condom if he didn’t want kids by her. The baby was innocent. I have heard of this happening before, but the guy didn’t murder the child.

  • my two cents...

    ya’ll are going to need to stop all that bm bashing up in here. now you KNOW that po man had no choice. that evil woman trapped him! he was just trying to creep and cheat and get it on back home to his wife. so WHAT if he came back with stds, just NO BABIES!!!


    i pray becky, lolita, and mei ling will come and get all these useless, violent, coward negroes…

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      @ Marquis,

      “sweet tooth for thug dyck”=

  • MissPerfect

    he killed this Woman and his own child over 200 dollars? .. and hes only 22 years old and already married thats where the problem began! R.I.P such a sick monster to burn not only this woman but a newborn baby !

  • New Mommy

    I cannot imagine the pain that poor baby went through. I hope this man suffers everyday for the rest of his life.

  • ulizzy

    That pretty baby!!! Rotten Bastard!! He’s definetly goint to get that back..burn in hell


    chop his f*cking head clean off.
    rest in peace mama & baby. 😦

  • G.M.

    all this could of been avoided if she just took some birth control…SMH…fellas its time we have are female relatives pick up some birth control for us to so when we bout to smash a b1tch and she ask do we got a condom? we say: he11 yeah and some birth control pills for yo a55 just in case u forgot to take yours today lol

    • K

      And just how do we know that BCPs would have stopped this? Dude is crazy. Do you know the resolve it takes to cut someone’s breath off until they die? This isn’t someone who was thinking rationally. He might have killed her because the voices told him it was good idea, even if there was no baby.

    • twinkletoes

      G.M you childish prick, jag off if you that afraid to knock a woman up. Get the hand out and go pump yourself a soda.

      Money ain’t worth a life. That innocent baby. That guy is a nutcase. Hope they rip a huge hole in that azz in the pen.

  • anonymous

    I am trying to understand why would he do this to a baby. The baby did not ask to be here. It is sad how ever you look at it.

    Men are dumb. A woman who allows herself to be a mistress really has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

    • Mrs. Rance

      I guess they didn’t want to vilify the victim because I had to read like 8 stories before I found one that straight out said he was married when he made the baby and that she expected him to leave his wife for her and the twins she initially led him to believe she was having.

  • jdmann

    Legalize prostitution

  • cosundramiller

    i’m tired of guy’s not tkaing responsibility for their chldren u neva knw who hate u it just creeps up slow she was so beautiful and her baby R I P God will do the honors for that guy who killed them

  • HeartBreak

    I bet everybody wishes they just practiced self control from the door and never had an affair to begin with…..

    May the baby rest in peace.

    • The Ugly Truth

      @ Shequita, U spoke truth!

  • G.M.

    sounds like an absent father is doing y’all women a favor…lol

  • MistaO

    Not her fault, but ladies, QUIT MESSING WITH LOOSERS!!!

    This idiot is a plain looser and any fool that would kill two people, let alone his own child over a lowsy 200 bucks a month, please. If he that dumb it HAD to be evident long time ago…

  • Jaye

    This is tragic. He was wrong for cheating and she was wrong for sleeping with a married man, but she didn’t deserve to die, nor the baby!!! Ladies please have standards and stop sleeping with anyone and having babies by anyone!!

  • sosad

    Seems like Michael Jackson wasn’t the only one with Peter Pan Syndrome. Niccas these days just don’t want to be MEN for nothin! It’s like it scares the sh*t out of them. Ask a Black woman, it ain’t that hard!

  • Jenny

    I never understand why people respond to this worthless troll. He comes no this board and says whatever he thinks will pi*ss everyone off. He probably sleeps with white men which is why he hates black women so much. PLEASE DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    This is wht happens when u break marriage vows- – Evil gets let loose

    U cant invite the devil in & expect 4 him to leave easily

    NO-THING surprises me anymore

    • shequita30

      you said that!

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