Top 5 Worst Cities To Live In If You’re Looking For A Job… Is Your City On The List???

- By Bossip Staff

Since the recession hit a couple of years ago, the percentage of unemployed Americans has been at its peak. President Obama took office in January 2009 and since then, the numbers for unemployment are down but still have a long way to go. If you are one of those people who’s unemployment check is about to run out then this is some good information for you to know… According to, the five worst cities for anyone to live in that may be looking for a job is:

1. Detroit, MI
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. New Orleans
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. Miami, FL

So, if you reside in any of the cities listed above… you might want to move. also listed the top 3 cities to live in to actually find work and they are as follows:

1. Washington D.C.
2. New York, NY
3. San Jose


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  • Mock Rock Star

    I hope the economy continues to climb because I’m not moving to New York again

    • Buls

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  • nn

    What? I live in San Jose Bay Area and I have been looking for work for a while now. I also know many people that are on unemployment desperately trying to find something. Over 40 percent of the population have 4 yr degrees here. Im Graduating soon but Its tough here. You gotta keep trying! Hopefully things will turn around soon.

  • ladylover

    CLEVELAND isnt on the list? shocker

  • DJ's Mom

    Pls Detroit get it together. I so want to come back home….quickly! Say what you will about the D…it’s home!!

    • d

      I feel you. I feel you. I feel you. I’m in TX now, and I miss home sooo bad….the only draw back is getting a job…I’ve been gone 4yrs, and I miss home….I don’t care what anyone say’s home is home….unless one is running away from something or somebody….in the words of Dorothy: Theres no place like home…
      I’m so pulling for MI….

  • TastesMinty2010

    Baltimore isn’t on that listed as one of the worse cities to find a job since the unemployment rate sky-rocketed.

  • nana

    NYC stand Up!!!!!!

  • MsDiva

    I am from the Detroit. I movef in July. Now everbody and they momma want to come stay with me to settle in Indianapolis until they find a job. I say find ajob before you move!!!

  • c i a


    Miami is racist. They don’t want black MALES to have an income but they want people to help their economy.

    • chaka1

      Miami is VERY hard. I own a business and it’s tough…

  • 504forlife

    I’m shocked new orleans wasn’t #1. Things were looking up after the hurricane, but things quickly went back down n 2007. There is nothing 2 look forward 2 anymore. Get your degree and get out of this city. It’s your only hope!

  • SweetDangerous1

    @chaka1 really,what type of business you own?

  • keepintitrealsince1979

    I don’t know why New Orleans is on the list, I found a great job here. It is tough for people who are not educated, but that’s everywhere.

    • Ridiculous 1

      Agreed! Having an education with a degree is vital!

  • heynow

    Washington, DC should be on the 1st list instead of the second. I live 5mins outside of DC and I can’t find a job in my field for nothing in the world. I’ve been looking for over a year now *smh*

  • momo

    I’m glad my mama talked me out of moving to l.a cuz she was right!!! Lol I guess d.c. is good because my coworker just got a new job in d.c.

  • Kai

    Omg is Detroit on EVERY bad list in this country???wtf lol. I live in Chicago,I’m going into dental hygiene hopefully I’ll find a job in the future I hope..

  • Kalita

    I am wondering why Atlanta is not on the list.

  • nwilson

    Hell, i live in Chicago and that should be on the list too! Taxes are high as hell here AND, it’s one of the most money making cities! So to have a high unemployment rate is just crazy.

  • MrsWhit

    DC is one of the WORST places to find a job right now…don’t believe the hype! A lot of people here have been looking for work for a year plus an are now starting to migrate south for the cheaper cost of living…even people with a college education (such as myself) are having a hard time finding work…smh

  • Kitty


  • no haters

    Well ummmmm Baltimore should really b on this list because here n B-more McDonalds isn’t even hiring n now a days they credit check n order 4 u 2 get a job and now a days who really has great credit? *crickets*

  • NY

    please to stay where u are..we don’t want these ppl coming to NY and took our jobs..Thanks!

    • law

      I agree with you because people like you wouldn’t have a problem loosing their job, your grammar is terrible..

    • Senseless aka LOL


      Your grammar also isn’t that great, and your spelling leaves more to be desired.

      This is how your sentence SHOULD read- “I agree with you, because people like you wouldn’t have a problem losing your job. Your grammar is terrible.”

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    Hell in today’s economy it’s hard to find a job anywhere in live in south carolina and there aren’t any jobs here unless you live charleston

    • ivanna

      I agree…I’m having a hard time finding a job in Hampton Roads.

  • HAC1

    The list is a SHAM list. All of the Cities below should also be on that list. And they made no mention of actual Cities like Dallas, SF and places in NC that are actually hiring. Seems like a lazy political list to me.

  • 1987

    MA should be on that list cuz in this state ur job experience is irrelevant. If u have no education, u have no job! all of a sudden u need a 4yr degree just to pick up the trash! Smh
    This economy is terrifying

  • nat

    I live in DC and this is absoultely not true. DC has the most schools per capita and more business in ratio to educated people looking for a job.

  • msnicki87

    New York??! L I E S . . .it is NOT easy to find a job in nyc

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