What Does Michael Vick Get For His Record-Breaking Performance Against The Redskins Last Monday?

- By Bossip Staff

Even the NFL can’t stunt on how great of a season Mike Vick is having.

Following his record-breaking game against the Redskins, Vick got a phone call from the NFL Hall of Fame.

Michael Vick has gone from the doghouse to the big house to the Hall of Fame in an extremely short period of time.

The strong armed quarterback threw for 333 yards with four touchdowns, which would have been a great day for any other field general. Vick’s real weapon is his speed. He rushed for 80 yards and found himself in the end zone twice, earning himself the NFC’s Player of the Week for the second week in a row.

Because Vick became the first player in NFL history to throw for more than 300 yards, rush for more than 50 yards, throw four touchdown passes and rush for two touchdowns in one game, the Hall of Fame wants to hold him in high honor.

So they will be displaying his Eagles jersey in the NFL Hall of Fame museum.

Now that’s what we call a muthafuggin’ come back!


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  • U.N.I.T

    Yup! Early!

    • Buasf

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    • Doc.

      KUDOS TO MIKE VICK…… see how the media tried to keep him down & he rose above them. Keep doing what ya do bra

  • foreallydoe

    Congrats. Wish the Browns would’ve scooped him up.

  • God's Angel

    Good for Mike Vick!

    I know a proud and loyal Eagles fan who is wearing his team jacket very proudly right now.

  • n_satiable

    PETA protest will begin in 5,4,3,2….

    • Kevin O

      PETA needs to protest what type of meat is being served at Chinese restaurants around the U.S. My dog literally sweats when we walk past Wong Tongs Oriental Emporium. Its a dog eat dog world out there!


    That’s wzup I love me some Mike Vick been supporting him through the ups and downs! “you go boi”!!

  • Robin Blue

    Make it do what it do Mike. I know what he did with the dogs was stupid but I have been rooting for him all along. And I think it is ashame how people treat dogs better than they they treat people. With that being said he deserves another chance and what better way to do it than by being a hellava QB.

  • Delight23

    Amazing…he did his full sentence, paid his fines AND people still made noise.

    Well, the best revenge is always success. Congrats Mike. This they can’t take from you.

  • 7lady

    Well I don’t know nothin bout no touchdown but he can sho touch me down whenever the hell he want! Yep herpes and all…just please take yo damn meds. Please. Seriously.

  • jayluv

    i wish i was his wife…think i said it before.

  • Whaaaat??

    Now all they need to do is pay the dude!

    • YNV Me

      oh…they will!

  • epl

    Go Michael Vick!

  • Geronimo Deuces

    Go mike vick go…… luv u

  • ebony

    Yup and he have a beautiful strong blackwoman on his side yall

  • don't ask

    GO MICHAEL! Ooh I gotta go calm down before today’s game comes on!

  • Senseless aka LOL

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • cotton124

    Thats what’s up! GO VICK!!!

  • kebler

    The NFL really was boring without him!

  • http://nudeblackteens.blogspot.com/ Hot Black Teens Blog

    I said it in the beginning. If someone gives him a chance he will bounce back. And so he has. Way to go dog. Ooops, I mean, way to go MV.

  • Sirene de Ciel

    He needs to be put in a ring with 15 pitbulls and 25 stray mutt dogs with filet migon spread all over him.

    He is disgusting – when a human demoralizes themselves abusing and killing an animal and kids – for no reason but sport – they become a demon.

    • wHAT EVER

      Why pitbulls would not hurt him they would kill the mutt dogs. If pitbulls are so nice why would you even make this comment so you rather hurt humans. So you are the Demon.

  • DMV Keith

    I’m a Vick fan but FVCK the Eagles! GO SKINS!!!

    • jon jon

      Lol.. Dont be mad that the Redskins STINK!!!! This just proves there are haters all over the world. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!


  • DMV Keith

    I’m a Vick fan but F**K the Eagles! GO SKINS!!!

  • BlackBarbie7

    Congrats Mike. Good to see positive things, keep em coming.

  • Shananigans

    so proud of him

  • ImaPC

    he can keep his combeack-now he’s messing with my team!

  • NerdyScholong

    All you M=Fs who hold animals in higher regard than humans. eat a d! Ck!

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