Quincy Jones Getting His Old-Man Mack On With Skinny Mini And Slimmy Trimmy Jennifer Hudson

- By Bossip Staff

jennifer hudson at the Happy Hearts Fund's Land of Dreams Thailand at the Metropolitan Pavilion

We all know how Quincy Jones loves him some lil young thangs, and here he is whispering some of his old-man mack game in Jennifer Hudson’s ear.

jennifer hudson at the Happy Hearts Fund's Land of Dreams Thailand at the Metropolitan Pavilion

On another non-perverted note, J-Hud is looking fantastic!

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  • Eva

    J-Hud looks great! I need to work on my work out plan FOR REAL!

    • Buasf

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  • nana

    Skinny or “thick” she is a very Beautiful woman n she looks even better after havin the baby!

  • plunt2

    bobble wobble head

    • Starr B*tch

      LOL. She get on my nerves.

    • P

      Be real. You wished you looked this good. And you can’t stand it.


    Do what you do…Q!
    J-Hud looks good.

  • bbbbb

    I think she needs to try a new look as far as her weave is concerned lol

  • nana

    I love that girl,go mama you look even better after having a baby,so proud of you


    I absolutely loath these two Black Devils. She is a industry puppet and Quincy is the biggest bisexual in the game. BOULE AZZHOLES!!”!

    • Starr B*tch



    Yo, homegirl needs a stylist ASAP.

  • don't ask

    She looks good and has come a long way since her early days in the business. He I cannot stand.

  • christine

    First of all!When have you ever seen or heard of Quincy Jones trying to get at a BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • G.M.

      would u rather he treat blk women like a cumbuckets instead of YT women…obviously he’s not gonna marry so he’s probably doing the sisters a favor by not wasting their time

  • jerry

    No, he’s with Hugh Hefner’s blond ex-Kimberly Richardson. Dirty little phony and I heard that he goes both ways,per Tupac.


    get dress and color on jen.
    she ain’t no dummy…EVERYBODY knows that ol’ quinc is *ahem* partial to the fairer/white sisters. lol🙂



  • starlite

    Jennifer if you’re reading this, you are absolutley flawless!!

  • http://nudeblackteens.blogspot.com/ Hot Black Teens Blog

    Uh, I don’t know if that weight loss was natural. Her head is too big. Jennifer, gain just a little bit of that weight back to match your head….just a little bit please.


  • Bougie

    See there is no such thing as i can’t lose weight i am big boned, put the spoon down, stop making up excuses, eat healthy and exercise you’ll see results just like J-Hud

  • CooCooKitty


  • eleshia

    she looks good i think long hair makes her look old a lil but she looks great at this size get girl

  • Imari

    Had Jennifer would had been white, she would have been he next wife…Other than that Mr. Q doesn’t care for chocolate.

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