Quincy Jones Getting His Old-Man Mack On With Skinny Mini And Slimmy Trimmy Jennifer Hudson

- By Bossip Staff

We all know how Quincy Jones loves him some lil young thangs, and here he is whispering some of his old-man mack game in Jennifer Hudson’s ear.

On another non-perverted note, J-Hud is looking fantastic!

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  • Eva

    J-Hud looks great! I need to work on my work out plan FOR REAL!

    • Buasf

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  • nana

    Skinny or “thick” she is a very Beautiful woman n she looks even better after havin the baby!

  • plunt2

    bobble wobble head

    • Starr B*tch

      LOL. She get on my nerves.

    • P

      Be real. You wished you looked this good. And you can’t stand it.


    Do what you do…Q!
    J-Hud looks good.

  • bbbbb

    I think she needs to try a new look as far as her weave is concerned lol

  • nana

    I love that girl,go mama you look even better after having a baby,so proud of you


    I absolutely loath these two Black Devils. She is a industry puppet and Quincy is the biggest bisexual in the game. BOULE AZZHOLES!!”!

    • Starr B*tch



    Yo, homegirl needs a stylist ASAP.

  • don't ask

    She looks good and has come a long way since her early days in the business. He I cannot stand.

  • christine

    First of all!When have you ever seen or heard of Quincy Jones trying to get at a BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • G.M.

      would u rather he treat blk women like a cumbuckets instead of YT women…obviously he’s not gonna marry so he’s probably doing the sisters a favor by not wasting their time

  • jerry

    No, he’s with Hugh Hefner’s blond ex-Kimberly Richardson. Dirty little phony and I heard that he goes both ways,per Tupac.


    get dress and color on jen.
    she ain’t no dummy…EVERYBODY knows that ol’ quinc is *ahem* partial to the fairer/white sisters. lol 🙂



  • starlite

    Jennifer if you’re reading this, you are absolutley flawless!!

  • http://nudeblackteens.blogspot.com/ Hot Black Teens Blog

    Uh, I don’t know if that weight loss was natural. Her head is too big. Jennifer, gain just a little bit of that weight back to match your head….just a little bit please.


  • Bougie

    See there is no such thing as i can’t lose weight i am big boned, put the spoon down, stop making up excuses, eat healthy and exercise you’ll see results just like J-Hud

  • CooCooKitty


  • eleshia

    she looks good i think long hair makes her look old a lil but she looks great at this size get girl

  • Imari

    Had Jennifer would had been white, she would have been he next wife…Other than that Mr. Q doesn’t care for chocolate.

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