DeShawn Snow’s Bringing Her Divorcee/Single Mom Swag Back To Reality TV

- By Bossip Staff

DeShawn Snow has finally accepted that cute and positive doesn’t sell on the Reality TV circuit.

Looks like she’s given up on her VH1′s Charm Zchool meets America’s Next Top Model project “Second Chance,” in exchange for pimping her attempt to bounce back from Eric for ratings.

DeShawn Snow is back on the scene with her all new reality show. The newly divorced and liberated Snow now has a new attitude with a significant weight loss to go with it, millions in her pocket and the love and support of her two sisters and comical sidekick Mother.

No network has formally announced picking up the project, but an industry insider tell us that Bravo has expressed interest in the show and would like to air it in the third quarter of 2011. What should viewers expect from the girl whom some considered too human?

Expect Snow to tackle serious issues as she takes on being a single Mother of three, a business woman working to expand her Foundation and Snowball Production Company empire, and see DeShawn as you’ve never seen her before as she enters back into the dating scene.

You already know one of the sisters has dreams of being the next Neffie.

Sidenote: considering who blessed DeShawn & Eric Snow’s union, is it really a surprise that it fell apart?


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  • Tah

    I already kno thats not gonna last nobody dont kno her

    • elvis left the building

      tottaly i dont know her, if she has a nice personaly the show can make her though

  • nana

    For some reason I like her…..


    Look who married them, no wonder it didn’t last.

  • MissPerfect

    She so boring and dry thats the reason why they didnt invite back for the housewives of ATL .. so why the hell would they give her a show oh wait Vh1 gives everyone a show !

  • realmrscunningham

    She’s boring, low key and normal….and she doesn’t need to apologize for it! She is who she is, and doesn’t need to change for the industry and fame. The tv thing isn’t her, and I think she should stay off camera and enjoy her normal life while she still can!!!!

  • MzFitt

    I’d rather be boring and low key than a BUFFOON! Don’t do it girl! Stay home & enjoy that money and your kids.


    I agree w/ MzFitt. Stay home and enjoy his stacks, don’t play yourself on a reality show.

  • maria

    Not interested at all. Funny how people notice who she is now that Eric Snow did her dirty with the outside baby. Truth be told, I knew something was up with her when she was on the housewives show showing both rows of teeth but it wasn’t genuinely smiling. It was so forced, I felt like she was hiding something and clearly she was.

  • dcmbklyn

    @Realm you ar correct….She shouldn’t have to apologize for being less dramatic than most. Not sure why she feels a need to self promote? She’s got the money and she’s still looks good so why now? Why at all?

  • Kelly

    LOL @ Eddie Long sidenote!

  • Keep it Real

    This chick finally looses weight AFTER her husband leaves her. SMH

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    @keep it real – what is your beef with her weight? Everyman does not require his woman to do a jennifer hudson to keep him as a matter of fact, the rumor is J-Hud’s man ain’t at all happy about her shrinkage and wanted her to stop losing weight a couple of sizes ago.

    And skinny don’t equal better at ish.


    wack. 😦

  • clarkekent3000

    No one had a gun to her head!

  • Natasha

    DeShawn Snow is very phony! I always thought that she was hiding something. She doesn’t seem real to me. Very uppity acting and she looks down on people. That’s why her marriage failed right in front of the public.

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