Details Of The Shady Stripper Shenanigans That Went Down At Kwame Kilpatrick’s Mansion Emerging

- By Bossip Staff

This Kwame Kilpatrick character is still in the news with some straight hood sounding ish that has no business going down in a “mayor’s mansion”:

A lawyer says a stripper got $1,000 to perform at a dope-fueled party at the Detroit mayor’s mansion and saw Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife attack a woman who was giving the then-mayor a lap dance.

Tamika Ruffin’s statement comes in documents released Sunday by Norman Yatooma, lawyer for another stripper killed months after the long-rumored 2002 party. Yatooma’s filing is a response to efforts by Kilpatrick and the city to dismiss a lawsuit by Tamara Greene’s family. The 27-year-old Greene was shot to death in 2003. Her family says city officials suppressed the investigation.

No one has been charged, and city lawyers deny officials squelched a probe. Ruffin claims Carlita Kilpatrick attacked Greene with a table leg or board. City and Kilpatrick lawyers did not return messages to The Associated Press.

SMH. Talk about the hood life…


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  • nana

    Sooo wat are they tryna say? That he paid 4 the murders?? Didn’t dude go 2 jail? He’s paid his dues leave Kwame alone!

    • my two cents...

      @ nana STFU! pretend old kwame’s stank self is a bw. THAT’S how much sympathy you should give him! you ROUTINELY have no sympathy for bw even when they are not guilty!!!

  • Jay

    $1000, seems kind of cheap for a stripped, I thought they made more than that a night. I guess in Detroit things are less expensive.

  • phelove


  • Detroit City

    I am from Detroit and this is the least of our worries from what Kwame has done. He deserves to be locked up and never see the light of day again. His arrogance got him into all this trouble. He lied, cheated, and made a complete mockery of Detroit. He laughed in the judges face as if the judge was beneath him and nothing was gonna happen. He used the Detroit Police as his personal bodyguards in the nightclubs. This man stole Millions of Dollars from the city. We can go on and on about him and his wrong doings, but the least of his worries has yet to begin. The Fbi is gonna make sure he NEVER gets out and are making a prime Example out of him. When he went to Jail…many ppl lost their jobs in the mayors office and it became a trickled down affect.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    I hope that some prosecutor somewhere can find enough state and federal charges against this fool that he gets a LIFE sentence.

    And to the people of Detroit – stop thinking every black person in politics can do good for you…Kwame Kilpatrick only cared about himself and he cost the City of Detroit more than you will ever know…go find yourselves a Detroit-based Cory Booker.

  • What an idiot

    @nana, are u foreal?!!! – wish that was your sister or daughter or you(if you r a female) that they murdered just to cover up a freak fest. What kind of heart and soul do you have? As for what u said to phelove, maybe the world would be better if YOU killed YOURSELF.

  • Robert

    Thats crazy.My friend is a Detroit firefighter.He went to a couple of partys at the Mayors mansion.He used to tell me that everybody there used to snort blow,and the mayor supplied it.Now I see that he wasnt lieing

  • Kdubss

    Kwame is chilling just fine, Locker full of food, big hygene and cell phone, funky #ss Btches!!!! u need something holla at kwame, soap, soup, toilet paper, snacks , chips kool aid , coffee, and he aint touched a tray since he been in….

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