Dirty Dog Diaries: Tony Parker Was Sexting Naked Pics Of Himself To Teenage Blonde British Broads???

- By Bossip Staff

Damn Tony, say it ain’t so

The divorce of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker is quickly spiralling into a soap opera in the style of Tiger Woods and Ashley Cole. A 19-year-old British woman has come forward claiming she was pestered with several texts from the Desperate Housewives star’s husband, including a half naked picture of the basketballer, 28.

Sophia Egeler, of Brighton, has accused Parker of relentlessly pursuing her after they met at the Ultimate Fighting show at the O2 Arena in London. Miss Egeler, who was at the event with Arsenal player Bacary Sagna, says: ‘From the minute he met me he was trying it on. I had no idea he was Eva Longoria’s husband.

‘He would not take no for an answer and was telling me how much he liked me.’ The pretty blonde told The Sun that she partied with the San Antonia Spurs star in the VIP area of Whisky Mist nightclub. ‘I decided at 1am I wanted to leave but Parker followed me into the street,’ she told the newspaper. ‘He begged me to come back to a house he claimed was his. I said no.’

Miss Egeler alleges that Parker sent her flirtatious texts, including a half-naked picture of himself, to which he added ‘Do you want a sexier one still?’ and even travelled to Brighton to see her. The teen says she did not see the sportsman again and didn’t have any physical relationship with him.

SMH. Why is “Sexting” always the issue with these athletes?? You would think they would be a lil bit smarter than to constantly get caught out there via mobile device.


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    HaHa Eva!!! you just a average one and no better than the rest of us… get lost rat face!!

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  • nana

    So what?? He’s 28, Rich and handsome! Ma question is WAT THE HELL ARE DOING wit a 40yr OLd Virgin?? Now go n get u a young gal n have a baby or two wit her! And don’t get married till ur Jay Z’s age….

  • Luscious

    Uh oh…we ain’t gonna have none of that Tiger Wood crap, are we?

  • TheRider

    If she wanted nothing to do with him then how did he get her cell number? Whatever!

    • 6 Figgaz


    • G.M.

      I hate when women try to play the victims and in the same breath want to be respected as strong independent individuals…SMH

    • Senseless aka LOL


      I was thinking the same thing!!

    • Jay

      BINGO, how he get your number then, he steal your phone and call himself. Stop trying to come out for a meal ticket Becky go sit down in the corner.

    • VirgoJewel

      @White Devil

      She said, ‘He would not take no for an answer and was telling me how much he liked me.’ She then says he followed her into the street and tried to get her to go home with him. She says she refused.

      I think NO kinda means you want nothing to do with him.

      Maybe you should actually READ the article.

      I’m just sayin’….

  • trust

    in 2002 he wasnt with eva so who cares. they meet in end of 05

  • toobad

    Oh, and why did he make a trip to see someone who wasn’t giving any action?
    Why do men still
    sext…..they’re dumb.

  • DAMN!!

    That black man can’t get enough of white pssy.

  • nwilson

    She was referred to as “pretty”. Well, if this is what pretty looks like, i would like to see what ugly looks like!

    • LuVn_liFe


  • http://NBA.com French

    @trust O2 is tha name of the arena lol.. @ reasons I agree 100% + Tony is very ugly Eva will go bak to hc Chavez from nsync..

  • http://Bossip.com French

    I mean J.C Chavez

  • shane

    stupid bytch looking for some attention!!! just like the stank hoes with Tiger!!

  • Pew boy PIMP

    That hoe is lying

  • lizardlips

    What would Tony Parker want with some old ulgy Messixan women anyways.I say date and marry your own kind.

  • http://bossyblackgirl.blogspot.com BBG

    This sort of thing is starting to happen so much that it barely feels like news anymore.



  • shwwn

    Hopefully the race sellout Kobe Bryant will get smart and dump his ugly Messixan wife also.

  • Nothing to see here, keep moving consumers

    I knew when ole girl started looking like her father he was going to do this to her.

    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

      OMG…LOL…wha??? LOL…

  • lizardlips

    Although the one good thing about race mixing.Is if these messixan men and Blk men keep breeding these white women and making halfbreed babies there wont be a white race left.You can breed a white person with any race and the baby will always come out not looking white.whites genes arent strong.

  • tg

    it’s always some plain ugly looking skank, too.

  • angie

    Wow!! what is it about these funny looking white chicks, that black men are ruining their lives for. I mean please!!! if your going to disrespect and disgrace yourself. At least make sure the broad isn’t an eye sore

  • Shananigans

    here we go….

  • CooCooKitty

    Maybe they meant “pretty” for an English broad what with all of them over there having horse faces and rotten jacked-up teeth. Sounds like Tony has fuked up more than once and if i know my fellow latina
    sista Eva’s bout’ to give him the royal fuk of his life,and bite a huge chunk out his azz/bank acct. Apparently this fool don’t know anything bout’ discretion.

  • la vie n'est pas compliquee, nous sommes.

    arrrgh, why is this news anymore?…same script different cast…athletes & Becky’s….*sigh*

  • mehico boondog

    hahahahaha look at these butt hurt nikkas because a white girl didnt want one of their kind. When will you silver backs learn that white women in europe hate you!!? No matter how rich you are. Fking butt hurt niklets hahaha

    • read the article before comenting

      The man she was at the event with sagna is an african footballer.So your an idiot.

  • AllBahianGirl

    @goldy- A lot of big,fat,ugly white women that look like gorillas have no choice but to get with a Black man. Lord knows white men especially the richer ones like Brad Pitt only want white women that look like Angelina Jolie. A fat white broad wouldn’t have a chance in hell of landing a wealthy white man like Donald Trump he only dates models.

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