Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Talks Domestic Violence, “I’ve Been Whipped With Belts, Raped…”

- By Bossip Staff

Karinne Steffans better known as “Superhead” is back in headlines, this time not for exposing rappers but exposing years of physical abuse she’s endured.

The author has penned an open letter to VIBE detailing violence she’s faced at the hands of her significant other. Read more…

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  • chaka1

    I hope she getting therapy.

  • VirgoJewel

    Not to be mean…..but when your THIS bad at choosing a mate- you need to just stop everything.

    Stop the sex, stop the dating, stop the addictive behavior…stop! Stop!! STOP!!! Get some therapy quick and in a hurry…..and quite possibly some depression medication. SERIOUSLY.

  • I_Saw_This_One_Coming

    Is that why she sought to gain peace and solitude by having some dude cram his
    d!ck down her throat:

    Some seek out the bottle, some the cr@ck pipe, and others, such as Karrine, take to c!um slirpin’.

    A b!tch has gotta do, what a b!tch has gotta do.

    • ChrisP


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Im sorry but I dnt believe her

    Her SON is the victim in all of this. SUPAHEAD is his mama, tht poor boy will NEVER be able to live tht down. And let her tell it, he has seen abuse since he was born

    I hope he is getting counseling

    • Dottie

      If that poor boy grows up to have any kind of normal relationship it’s by virtue of a sheer miracle.

  • Are You Serious?

    Whatever – you can walk away as easily as you walked into the relationship.

  • 1king

    This broad is so lame. She jus need to go somewhere. I guess she mad that all the gremlens hoes (mini hers) she created are out shining hers sorry azz. She is so not relevant anymore and it’s jus burnin her up like she got vd again. She really need to fade to black.

  • Dottie

    So is she going to address the verbal and physical abuse she inflicts on her son? This is according to her now hubby.

  • Honut Sinti

    Repus Daeh sit down!

  • christine

    Did she do ghetto gaggers?

  • Chyna

    I wonder when will she ever stop capitalizing on being a victim. Karrine sweetie you need professional help and the Lord to heal that hurt.

  • Hustling Backwards

    She’s vicious and anyone with half a brain knows she’s been through hell. She should have used that Oprah interview to get all the faux sympathy and therapy the world could squeeze out. But she didn’t and won’t, this is how she has learned to survive. Don’t hate her and don’t get in her way.

  • joyrptr

    Sorry, but this is the path she chose. She’s reaping all she sowed. Can’t get mad if you don’t have any roses when all you planted in your garden was stink weed…
    (And she should have known any man willing to wife her trifling a** was crazy anyway! Come on! She wrote books about how trifling she was! LOL!)

  • jasmin

    We are so quick to crucify ppl & ignore our own flaws. And has it ever occured to you all that she is crying out? Sexual deviance hardly ever stems from being “h o r n y” but from abuse. So to feel loved & valued u seek validation from others. Eventually they cheat, abuse, or can’t get over ur past, so you look again for comfort. I know this cycle too well. She needs to stop looking for that man who will accept her & save her bc he doesn’t exist. Work on loving yourself karrine bc only u can save u. Peace and love.

  • joyrptr

    Yes, she is very pretty on the outside. But her actions and words show her to be “not so pretty” on the inside. Sometimes people get treated like sh*t cause they act sh*tty. Just sayin…

    (And, I truly hope you are out of your situation and living in peace and safety.)

  • jasmin

    I feel you joyrptr, and I’m good (thanks for asking but that’s like the chicken & egg dilemma. It had to start from somewhere. Ppl always look at the symptoms but never the cause. In my case, I wasn’t sh*tty, but got treated like it. This


    Yeah just be glad she had a son and not a daughter who might do the same thing she did. Still the son is going to need some real therapy – kids at school can be real cruel when they find out who your momma is. No sleepovers, that’s for sure.

  • jasmin

    …oops…. like I was saying I got treated like sh*t although I wasn’t acting like sh*t, which led to me start acting like sh*t & the cycle went on. Its like telling your kid they’re dumb, no matter how smart they are, those words will start to manifest. Anyway, I’m not defending her actions, I just know from my own life that ppl are more than meets the eye. I just see a beautiful woman lost and I know that feeling. For her sake & her son’s I hope she gets the help she needs

  • anyways!!!


  • grant

    Too bad dude didn’t finish the job…she’s a waste of a zygote…

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    why poor your heart out to vibe?? i heard kool g rap used to beat her a$$ but she’s not making herself look good either…

  • DollBaby1o1

    Everyone who’s helping someone has something going on in their life.

    Do you want that to stop people from helping?

    That’s ignorant. That’s like the President saying ‘Hell I got my own problems.’

    Think before you speak pleeeease.

  • lil sexy

    she used to show up places yelling and cursing at darius and try to provoke him to fight her. she did these things with other men. i believe it is satisfaction. her last two books flopped. she needs help, but not attention. she is jealous of darius new fame too. i feel sorry for that little boy. she is the type that always has to have a man. she is cute but her actions are terrible past and present.

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