Abortion… Right Or Wrong?!?!: Fantasia Confesses She Did It To Antwuan Cook’s Seed

- By Bossip Staff

Fantasia is weathering through the bittersweet storm that she calls life. Currently Ms. Barrino is in court defending her right to love and have sweaty a** relations with boy toy Antwaun Cook. Apparently Fantasia had soooo much that she forgot to have Antwan put on a condom… SMH!!!

Fantasia Barrino has admitted she got pregnant by her married lover Antwaun Cook and had an abortion around the time of her failed suicide attempt, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The American Idol winner made the sensational confession in a North Carolina court on Monday during Cook’s divorce proceeding with his ex-wife Paula.

Facing questions before a Mecklenburg County Court judge, the famous singer, 26, was pressed on whether she knew Cook was living with Paula when they embarked on their illicit affair.

The Idol season three winner has acknowledged she dated Cook “off and on for about 11 months” but said she believed he had separated from his wife…

Dayumm Tasia!!!


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  • Psunny

    This chick just keeps getting on my bad side.

    • asdAwf

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    • Caramello

      How does what Fantasia do affect your life, negatively or positively? If you’re feeling angry, that’s your fault. You can control that. You are not significant in Fantasia’s life.

    • jadapooh2

      Hopefully you are talking about Antwan’s wife being on your bad side. The only thing Fantasia should have done was not fool with that man even if he said he was separated. For him to leave his wife and kids for a famous person is just wrong. He did them both dirty, lied to them both and the wife have the nerve to want to sue! She needs her azz handed to her and so does he! How dare he come all the way out to Vegas to try and make up! Make up with your wife and kids! SMH…she asked him was it true that he was taking trips with the wife while they were together and he said “yeah” like it was nothing! His wife will look soooo dumb in court and i hope she don’t get a dime and i hope Fantasia is not still messing with him!

  • Evo

    She is human too, meaning she is in no way perfect! I guess having a abortion was the best thing for at that time. Be strong Fantasia!!!

    • kalifa

      people act so morally superior but when $hit happens to them its a different story.

      F0CK a hater! 😦

    • tiny

      Not every woman gets pregnant by a married man, tries to kill herself, and gets an abortion. Nah, sometimes it isn’t about being human, sometimes people just f**k up their lives. That shet she is going through isn’t about being perfect sometimes people are just wrong. That is a dumb bird mistake. Some women are intelligent, have common sense all that good stuff that you can’t get from any school. Some people even in this day in age have morals, we know it’s not cool nor hip but we still have them.

    • Lmao

      she probly kept the child if she knows she will get paid well in child support what dis nukka gives is just pocket change for her, but also too see indeed he doesnt care either, and quite funny shes still talking like shes going to church each sunday and kill what people a “gift from god”

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    First, 11 mos on and off is just not long enough to get a tattoo of a SEPARATED, not divorced, man! Second, why would she tell that part in court?! That doesn’t help your case Tasia! Third, why is it celebrities, the main ppl who can afford therapy, seem to prefer more public means of telling somebody their business?!

  • chaka1

    I knew it! I knew there was more to this story. She needs some therapy for real and she is turning her fan base OFF!

    • Rob

      Chaka, the only fan base fantasia has is you and your mother. In order to have fans you have to be a known, this broad is a ghetto treat.

    • chaka1

      Aw..that’s cold. Poor Tasia…

  • Bee from Big D

    Who are we to judge?
    Who are we to blame?
    We didn’t know and don’t know what this girl was going thru. When you try and kill yourself, you are sending a message. Whatever she did, god will pull her thru. I see a young woman who went thru a terrible situation who thought that the only way out was to try and committ suicide. You still have a fan Fantasia and thanks for being honest.

  • Guest

    I am very much pro-choice. I will never judge a woman’s right to exercise control over her body and life. However, I wish Fantasia would have kept this bit of information private.

    • mike

      I agree. I don’t think a blog should even report that bit of information. Oh well, anything for a few extra hits huh. I’m so turned off right now

    • Mrs. Rance

      The lawyer may have hit her with the “Miss Barrino, are you or are you not pregnany by Mr. Cook?!” She might have said no then they hit her with the pregnancy test (cause you know Antwuan wife be going through Tasia’s trash)and Tasia had to tell them she aborted.


      You are right, but it did not take people long to jump on the judging ban wagon. If you are not a fan of hers, you never was so why bother to comment on this article.

  • resurrected

    For all the people who says that Antuwn ex-wife will not win this case is losing there ground on reality. To me Fannie is making Ms. Cook case look better but the day and I see this women winning her case for sure.

    Why come to court and talk about an abortion and why not talk about the abortion on your show. She could have been in the hospital because of the abortion for all we know. I think that after this is all said and done she will still be with Antuwn now that she see that it did not effect her records sales.

    • Johnny'sgirl

      I don’t see how the wife can win. It’s my understanding that she has to prove the marriage was solid/stable and that Fantasia was the sole reason for the breakdown of the marriage. I’ve heard Antwaune has cheated on her before. How can she say the marriage was solid if she knew he had cheated on her before? If that’s the case and she knew about it, she’d have to go after the first woman he cheated with. She would be the reason for the start of the breakdown of the marriage. Sounds like Fantasia was one in a line of several. She just happens to make the big bucks. Mrs Cook should have taken the settlement offer and ran with it. I’m have no respect whatsoever for Fantasia. She’s gotten herself into a mess of trouble, but I don’t think Mrs Cook will win this case.


      Ok she spoke on it in court and not television. The media got a hold of he information and that is how we are able to know of it now and not when she was trying to commit suicide. The media is the bigger issue they get what dirt they can get, write about it and here we are, jumping on the judging ban wagon. Shame on us all.

  • Diane

    Damn, Tasia, that’s TMI. You know society are hypocrites. They will condemn you forever for getting an abortion, even though they may have had 50 of them. Damn. Didn’t yo mama teach you anything? No one needed to know this.

  • http://saved-miamac.blogspot.com/ miamac

    It’s hard to have an opinion on something so personal, although I know a lot of you will regardless. We all have made mistakes when it comes to love and if you say you haven’t, you’ll either a bald face liar or maybe you’ll never been in love. Either way, I pity you.

    Wishing the best for all hurt persons involved. I pray most it is a lesson learned to never be repeated.

  • purple love

    *sigh* I hate when ppl admit that or talk about it yes its legal but that should be left between u ur doctor and ur god

  • Tinaluo

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  • Iwannabeanonymous

    She needs to stop this is her second abortion which says she doesn’t use condoms. She was pregnant from young dro and had an abortion now him. I can’t stand this ignorant bish next time she should succeed in her suicide attempt.

  • sportstalk23

    Abortion is legal and is a very personal thing for a lady to make its simple if you don’t believe in it don’t have one,but abortion shouldn’t be used as birth control since they have methods to prevent birth, sick of girls having multiple abortions like its a hang nail like excuse me you didn’t understand the seriousness of that decision the first time. As for Fanny she looks even more ridiculous because she knew dude was married and simply didn’t give a damn,after whining about being decieved she willingly allowed T-Mobile salesman to raw dawg her anyway this chick hellbent on being stuck on stupid. Also there is a thing as TMI and this qualifies

  • tt

    I am sure she only revealed that information because she had to. Lawyer 101 never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. His ex-wife’s attorney already knew she did how? Who knows?

  • kqren

    WOW, yaw act like Fantasia was supporting you! abortion is legal, so get over it! i feel horrible for all involved including the man! We are so full of crap because you have done the same and would have fought a lion if someone tried to tell you what to do with your body! this girl is obviously going thru a major set-back in her life and it stems from her daddy trying to be famous rather that protect his daughter, so she will always be looking for that “daddy” to love and protect her! i am a Fantasia fan and am praying that she realizes that God is her first and last daddy, so stop running into these guys arms and beds and take care of you and Zion! she has taken care of her whole family and it is really time for someone to take care of her! all jokes aside..Fantasia, it may look, sound and feel good, but @ the end of the day, to whom much is given, much is required, so give God your all!

  • justcheckingin

    To: wannabeanonymous

    That was harsh

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    SMDH @ Fanny! Why even get pregnant by a married man with kids to begin with? ..LOL

  • Charm

    I am sick of you ppl acting all perfect. Tasia is human. We all make mistakes but who are we to judge. He without sin cast the first stone. It has ALWAYS amazed me that we as black women are each others biggest critics. We are the quickest to bring each other down, find each others faults and nit pick at a sister until she has nothing left, nothing left to give and then we step over her and call her worthless.
    We dont know her past and what she is struggling with. Keep ur head up Tasia and learn from ur mistake. ps if i had a voice like yours I would sing my a** of!

    • Sillez

      People will pick you to your grave and while you’re dead they will still dance and nit pick. Overkill.

      I agree too!

    • Shauna

      @charm that is so true nobody else has to judge us we judge each other enough. i hate to say it but black women are some of the biggest haters in the world

    • Sillez

      @ Shauna wtf? How are you going to step on a whole group just to uplift one person? People who say things like you they have personal issues. “black women are some haters” Explain haters in that context because I am tired of that over coined generic phrase and people making stupid broad generalizations on these gossip websites.

    • G.M.


  • anyways!!!

    Fantaisia needs to work on her and work on a relationship with her daughter. She needs to start working out and getting her life and money together. She has been given a great opportunity that a lot of folks don’t get in life and she is to damn fast for me. She is worried about these men and not worried about her barely there career. GET IT TOGETHER! STOP BEING SO FAST AND GEYT YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.

  • samech

    She’ll overcome. But she needs to NOT tell the world….that was whack.

    Love the show……lol.


      She didnt the media told it for her. Thats what you all fail to realize is that although her life is suppose to be personal its not going to be that way as long as the media and popparottzi is hanging around or better yet the number one Celebrity News Outlet TMZ trust me they have to make their money too. Sell it and we buy it.

  • Shauna

    these comments trip me out. this woman is human just like the rest of us and she is entitled to her mistakes. should you have gotten involved with him if she knew he was married no she shouldn’t have but if he indeed lied to her than he is to blame and if she continued to see him after she learned the truth then yes she is to blame. just cause she is famous don’t all of a sudden make her superhuman. and i believe her lawyer advised her to admit to the abortion although that is very personal information. the only person fantasia owe anything to is God and her daughter and she truely does need to seek couseling and get right with her self before she can love anyone else.

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scr45_TaquQ Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    acknowledged she dated Cook “off and on for about 11 months” but said she believed he had separated from his wife

    DUMB b*tch!!!!!!!

    Why would you tattoo a married man’s NAME on yourself within a year – KNOWING that he’s STILL legally married???

    What a DUMB b*tch!!!!!!!

    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scr45_TaquQ Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      If you have a problem with what I said ask yourself, would YOU tattoo the name of somebody else that you know is STILL legally married within 11 MONTHS of meeting them and put the tattoo in an area for all to see???

      She’s trash…

    • CAT EYES

      You know the funny part Slide?She’s illiterate so she probably didn’t even know what the tattoo said..lol

    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scr45_TaquQ Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      @CAT EYES

      LOL, she’s sad…

      What kind of woman does that???

    • CAT EYES

      the kind that was taught to think with her private parts.Yes there are many who use their genitals to make every single decision in life.This is why we’re filled with a world of unwanted pregnancies,single motherhood,diseases and a host of many other epidemics.Its really sad how many young ladies actually believe its a compliment that a man wants to sleep with them without the benefit of respecting them.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Please stop puttin scabs on fantasia’s a**,cause she know better.So she can quit actin like she’s a d*m victim!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    wouldn’t that be ugly if he got back together with wife after suing fantasia and they kept her money as part of some scheme…

    • Johnny'sgirl

      I don’t think Mrs Cook will win the case. She has to prove that the marriage was solid and stable and that Fantasia was the sole cause for the break up of the marriage. I’ve heard Mr Cook has cheated on his wife before. If this is true, her claims that Fantaisa broke up the marriage would be false. She would have to sue the first woman he cheated with. And I guarantee she doesn’t have the money Fantasia has. Mrs Cook is just furious that this all came to light and for the whole world to see with Fantasia. She immediately saw dollar signs, but I don’t think she’ll win. She should have taken the settlement offer and ran with it.

  • MissPerfect

    SMART MOVE . Fantasia needs to move on and get a man withOUT all the extra baggage or someone that doesnt just want her for her money

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