Actions You Should Not Take On Facebook If You’re Over 25

- By Bossip Staff

Trifling. Trifling. And more trifling. That’s how to describe some of these grown-behind adults on Facebook who don’t know how to control their emotions–or act their age in a social media setting. It does NOT matter one lick if you access Facebook in your drawers or behind closed doors, you STILL need to maintain your decorum and curb the foolishness if you’re going to interact with your peers (and other normal human beings) in the same space. Now, if you only have psycho friends, then read no further. Maybe you all can enjoy your “psycho-Facebook and psycho-Twitter” interactions together. But, if you want to have some sense about yourself, here are a few actions you should NOT take on Facebook if you’re over the age of 25.

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  • November 30

    Facebook is soooo freakion wack. It’s the new Myspace. Glad I deleted my page!

  • razzledazzle25

    I like this article, eventhough I hate how I have to click on every number… I dont really agree with the money for only 25 and up.. that i ghetto and screams broke a$$ for every1…and as for the abbreviations part. of course u wont use it on a resume or at work, but around ur friends I dont see it as a Oh and I so agree with the people who b flexin like they r livin a lavish life but really ain’t s*** in real

  • You Smell Me??

    Facebook really shows you the mental age of your peers..

    **I DoNT WanT 2 HaV 2 DeCypHeR Mi OwN NaTiVe LaNguAGE**

    Sh*it is disgusting! Type like have some damn sense.

    Not only does it appear more poignant, but it also conveys the point you are trying to make easier.

    Im tired of reading posts 2-3 times trying to figure out what people are trying to say. Add a period or comma to make your life easier, thank you.

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Thank you! I can’t stand when people do that.

  • resurrected

    I have never signed on to facebook and don’t see me doing it either. I have enough distractions with blogs and am trying to leave that behind as well. Too many of us are already in trance like states with all of this technology.

  • what the what

    If you’re over 25 you shouldn’t be on Facebook.

    • DOC.

      I know i use FB to connect with old friends from high school and for business purposes. but you do have some ignorant ones on there that i avoid talking to cause their mentality is still high schoolish

  • Peace

    People are investing way 2 much time on Facebook….

  • Sheree Whitfield is a Goddess...and the devil is a liar.

    Damn if I were still on FB, I would post this is my status alllllll day…cuz my 25+ friends on FB were ridiculous…telling all of their business…throwing hints at other people they don’t like…cussing people out via FB…how lame…even my younger friends behaved better. smh…I agree with the ‘new myspace’ comment.

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