WTF!!! F-List Actor Murks His Mom With Illuminati Sword

- By Bossip Staff

How far off your rocker do you have to be to stab up your mama with a ceremonial sword??

A woman was found dead in her apartment following a deadly argument with her actor son, police said.

Yannick Brea, 55, was found in her second floor apartment around 2:20 a.m. with mulitple stab wounds. Her son, Michael Brea, 31, was taken to Kings County Hospital where he is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Police say Brea attacked his mother with a sword he received from a Freemasons ceremony.

Cops had been called earlier to a domestic disturbance at the home earlier in the evening but left shortly thereafter. Neighbors heard yelling and called 911 second time where police found elder Brea fatally stabbed in a bedroom, sources said.
Charges against Brea are pending.

Police said Brea has had small roles on ABC’s “Ugly Betty” and the recent movie “Step Up 3D.”

SMH. What part of that was the “understanding of truth, the study of ethics and the practice of solidarity” that Freemasons are supposed to believe in?


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  • momo

    The devil is ALIVe smh crazy ppl

    • walsws

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  • whocares1

    Dude was just crazy. Let’s not blame this on a ritual, freemansory or the devil or anything else..

    • GIFT

      the biggest trick the devil pulled, was making people believe he didn’t exist. The devil is real. This man may have had his own issues, but the devil always preys on the weak minded and lost. People aren’t just crazy just because. think about that. really though.


      actually the biggest trick the devil ever pull was to convince people that he is god, and that god is the devil

      I have no understanding why if you believe in the Illuminati, that the church is the one place they would leave off limits, its not, it was the first. google “empire of the city”

      cause most of them dudes on utube have no idea what they talking bout

  • nana

    Imma need Jay Z to explain this to me cuz am puzzled!

    • Chester

      I know right! They pick him out of the group to sacrifice his mom, because they felt like they had too much to lose. So, they picked the WEAK link.

  • Soul

    umm what are FreeMasons exactly FREE to do? Anybody?

    • E.T. B*tch

      Lol. It’s funny bc people will fight to the death and swear up and down that freemasons are good, but yet we do not see the “fruits” of thier work.

      The only time I see masons are when they ride around in parades on little bikes wearing funny hats. SMDH

      Any time you try to get detailed information about exactly what it is they do, they either tell you community organizing, or nothing at all.

      The truth is masonry has been around too long for us not to know more. It’s really tragic that thier lodges sit within communities and they could be in there sacraficing humans, but no one will never know bc

      Shhhhhh! It’s a secret. GTFOOH! I can read between the lines. Busters!

  • JLA

    R.I.P.Poor woman. That man is a psychopath.
    and for the last time illuminati and free masonary are DIFFERENT! that’s like grouping catholics and evangelicals together.

  • really really?

    nice nose job.

  • It's Me

    going straight to hell on a rocket

    • jasmine


    • E.T. B*tch


      With arched eyebrows 🙂



    • Greater Intellect

      I just googled this guy and he is HAITIAN American. Just bc someone looks mixed doesn’t mean they come from a Spanish speaking country.



  • chrissy

    Okay so he got a sword from a freemason meeting? I wasn’t aware that they handed out swords as party favors, but of course the public isn’t supposed to know things like that. But this does sound like a blood sacrifice, for fame and riches perhaps. Sad either way.

  • Black Flair

    Jay told him to do it…

  • Black Flair

    BTW…don’t trust a man whose eyebrows are done more than yours…

    • asdAwf

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  • nywoman23...killuminati

    fck ya’ll who always calls a evil person crazy. he’s not crazy. his mother probably told him he wouldnt get far in his acting n he tired when some1 does a evil act and are labeled crazy. no mothercker . u evil,sick,perverse, twisted all over the place messy.
    yeah i said it now who gon pop me

    • triwa

      Crazy means your sick but with excitement or deranged.

      Yes a lot of mentality ill people a pronounced crazy when they are not. I had PTSD,GAD and went through hell and I was misunderstood when it really was just stress.

      Not everyone who kills is crazy, it can be that they never unleashed their anger that like were suppose to and it all just come out and it was a sad result.

      But on the other hand being politically correct is something thats hard to do 100% of the time. People cant judge other people who say that either. The person who said crazy might have been thinking the same thing you have. People just need to relax with online context because text can be taken many different ways. I understand your view and everyone else’s

  • Mockielyn

    I bet that was a ritual for his success. kill ur momma and u will be the next will smith..poor woman

  • chrissy

    I’m sick of people writing am for the word I’m….damm it… puzzle…you need to be….lol


      Add ‘prolly’ to that list. That sh!t is irritating.

    • tmoney

      hahahahah…I thought I was the only one.


    Daddy’s Girl….. Dangerously
    In Love By Kimmi Illuminati

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    pretty boys must have it extra hard in jail. good luck kid! r.i.p. mom…

  • CriticXtreme

    Anyone know where I can get a sword like this?

  • Star

    @that damn sh#$ disturber…..He’s not going to jail…..He’s going to a mental institution!!!!!!!!!! SMH!!!

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      and after he’s done being evaluated he could still end up in jail. or are you his lawyer??

  • just me

    Can someone please remind what the definition of an A-List actor is? Maybe I forgot.

    • just me

      Oh! It says F-List. My bad.

  • xo


  • jimmy Blue Balls

    R.I.P to his mom, but dude is going to be somebodies biiiiaaatch in the pen :0(

  • Angie

    Lord truly have mercy on his tormented soul


      Lawd have mercy on his ‘soon to be tormented’ boodie.

  • xo

    Yes, those LS Black people are screwed up and feel entitled. He was that type of person every thing was colour and looks for him, along with the family. This supposively pretty boy was one spoiled Haitian.

  • big time

    why nobody hasnt he been charged????

  • AJ

    Yeah. Only thing I could think was dude was trying to make his ritual sacrifice so he could become rich and successful but he was not bright enough to do it somewhere other than home or hide the object.

    • KANdie

      If that’s the only thing you can think of try thinking some more. You sound like a moron.

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