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With all the actual shows on T.V. this season, and by that we mean shows with a plot written by real writers and acted out by real actors, we thought we had passed the most ridiculous of reality show concepts.

Yea, we were definitely wrong about that one.

Guys, clearly, we need more shows that pander to stereotypical female fantasies. There simply aren’t enough women on television marrying millionaires, planning lavish weddings, crying over wedding dresses, getting extreme makeovers and tearing each other’s hair out in cut-throat competitions – oh wait, I just described most of the programming on Bravo, TLC and Oxygen. Despite a plethora of shows that have already tapped into this saturated market, E! has decided that they’re going for the gold, combining all the elements of female vanity into one neat little package. Enter Bridoplasty, the newest addition to the E! family.

In case you plan on giving the network the benefit of the doubt, don’t. The new show is exactly what it sounds like, brides-to-be compete in wedding-themed challenges (planning the perfect honeymoon, writing the perfect vows, blah, blah, blah) to win plastic surgery procedures from their “wish lists.” But just wait, there’s more.

The gaggle of gals will cat-fight each week for a new procedure, allowing some of them to work through their wish lists in hopes of reaching the ultimate goal: becoming “the perfect bride.” Okay, okay. Part of being the perfect bride includes winning a dream wedding – a totally acceptable goal – but it also includes keeping the winner’s husband-to-be in the dark right up until the I-dos. (Because, I mean, what kind of dream-wedding-makeover-reality-competition would it be without a big, shocking reveal?)

From the looks of the show’s three producers, E! News’ Giuliana Rancic (formerly DePandi), Mark Cronin, and Cris Abrego (The Surreal Life, Rock of Love), this show promises to be as ridiculous as it sounds. Add to that celebrity surgeon Terry Dubrow of Fox’s The Swan and host Shana Moakler (who’s famously married to Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker) and you’ve got a recipe for one un-classy bridal competition.

Mind you: not one of these broads has any kind of severe scaring or facial abnormality. We’re talking nose jobs for fun; boob jobs and tummy tucks for the hell of it.

Is this going too far? Never mind the contestants and their confused, low self-esteem azzes. What message does this send about plastic surgery, which we know has had bad outcomes for even people with the bread to pay the best doctors?

Do you think a show like this will go past one season?




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