What The Fawk Is Stacey Dash’s Son Wearing???

- By Bossip Staff

The forever-fine Stacey Dash was spotted in NYC with her two children, Austin, 20 and Lola who is 7 spending some quality family time together.

Beautiful family, but real talk, Austin’s (Christopher Williams’ seed) swag is a lil “interesting”…bowtie, superskinny jeans, bandana around the calf, lil dainty loop scarf swag…

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Interesting….Ga…Not going there

  • *she rocks*

    why is the little girl white?

    • Iyan

      Because her daddy is white.

  • silence

    Uhh, looks suspect.

  • Angee

    Interesting outfit!

    • Doc.

      he look like he got some sugar in his tank.

  • Shoni

    Her children are beautiful. I dont see anything wrong with her outfit.next!

    • Ki

      That’s because they said her “son’s outfit”….which is fine but maybe the jeans could’ve been a little looser. But it really doesn’t matter anyway because it’s his body & clothes,! Peace & Love 🙂

  • Chrystal

    What a cutest family. Although his swag is a bit off, I’m not saying anything negative about that boy.
    @she rocks, the daughter isn’t white, but considering Dash herself has green eyes & is of mixed descent (Mexican & ?)and not to mention the hue of the father, that may explain her look. She’s just light is all.

  • Chrystal

    Stacey’s short boots are banging & that coat isn’t too shabby either.

  • Chrystal

    Why can’t a nice looking family get some positive feed back, why all the hate? Jealous perhaps?

    • London Girl

      I agree!

      And yeah, I want a pair of those boots!!! lol

    • For real though?

      I am going to agree. The son is very handsome and could definitely be a male model. I rather see him in skinny jeans than baggy jeans. I’m just saying…

  • CanWeGetANewTopic

    I agree with you Chrystal. Why do people have to hate on successful people so bad? All that negative energy just keeps them down. SMH.

    • UMeant2sayThat

      Thank You!

  • Shawn of the Living

    This is what is happening in fashion ..Get over it…the kid looks fly….Stop expecting all black people or half black people to be in White T’s and Baggy jeans falling off their a**…..SMH

  • Educated Goon

    I swear reading comments on this site makes me HATE black women. Seriosly “baggy nygaah d’ck”? How about we talk about how bad you black women smell down “there”? Its a known fact you darkbutt b’tches smell the worse of any race of women… Anyway back to topic. I think dude outfit was straight his jeans were squeezing his this tho… Other than that,cool. I havent wore baggy jeans since 2002.

    • http://bossip rhonda

      Educated Goon- You the one who look like a black monkey. Shut yo black, tar black a55 up. How do a mudd black niga have no respect for black women. Ask goon what is the color of his skin and you will see why he hates brownies. He hates being black and is mad God didn’t give him light skin and green eyes so he lashes out at other black women. If you are black stand on it. So what ! Don’t hate the world because you are tar black ! I’m a brownie and love it ! Stop hating !

    • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

      lol, black men are so cute. They love to talk down to black women but the minute we fire back all hell break lose.

      I’ve read some of your post in the past and you always have something deplorable to say about black women.

      Get used to is because from now on I’m going to be the female version of marquis de sade.

    • Educated Goon

      *I meant to say I never talk down about Black Women.

    • http://bossip candace

      (sp) black men or black women

    • http://bossip candace

      And to let you know brother you can just feel the hate and pain in your comments. I feel so sorry for you. You may need to talk to someone, you leave the same angry comments on every site, but yeah your comments are something else I am praying for you, that you feel better about yourself something is off with you smh!

    • bailey

      you call urself educated goon but u say some of the most dumbest……smh.

    • nila

      your the same guy that said willow smith is skinny an shoul have more hips on he

    • D

      Educated? If you were educated you wouldn’t be saying that it’s a “fact” that black women smell the worst of any race. And then you go on to claim that the black women on here are bigoted, please.

  • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

    @ sabrina; it’s one thing to wear fitted jeans but skinny jeans can be a bad look and actually unhealthy to the male physique. Our male genitalia (or meat as i call it) should have room to breathe or it can cause problems such as erectile dysfunction for example, so no it doesnt have to be baggy but it doesnt have to be jeggins either

  • Vonetta Bella

    @NOT Educated GOonn…

    You are a pitifull, looser, lost, sad, cynical, self-hating basTurd. Go underground and stay there cause you are menace to society!

    • Educated Goon

      Sorry, I am none of those things. I’m sorry you have allowed television & propaganda to cloud your view of your own race. Maybe you should turn off your TV and go to the library? My parents raised me to love & respect black women and to respect the black race as a whole. I’m sorry your parents failed to instill those things into you.

    • London Girl

      Ok, I am not here to attack or vilify anybody but ‘Educated Goon’, your initial comment was wrong. “How about we talk about how bad you black women smell down “there”? Its a known fact you darkbutt b’tches smell the worse of any race of women” I do not know, or wish to know, how you came about this “known fact” but had your “parents raised [you] to love & respect black women and to respect the black race as a whole” you would not be ,aking such comments!

      It seems that it is you that has “allowed television & propaganda to cloud your view of your own race”

      Just saying!

    • London Girl

      Meant to type ‘making such comments’

    • shake em

      educated goon or uneducated co0n?

    • SmittyT

      @Educated Goon

      You have been bashing black women on this site for a long azz time. Now that Sabrina is doing what Marquis been doing for years, you got something to say about it. Truthfully, you have been doing the bashing for a long time too so I don’t know why you’re acting like you don’t. If you are the type of person who bashes, expect it back… Yall are hypocrites. .. Every man and woman on this blog that bashes sounds ignorant.

      You and Marquis come across as men who can bash all day, but the second someone bashes black men, yall got something to say about it. If you dish it be able to take it. Don’t start bytching about it now, like in your post in this thread.

  • Iyan

    Christopher Williams? Which One?

    • Iyan

      OK OK the R&B Singer. Never knew that.

  • CooCooKitty


  • shut the fu*ck up

    why you have to take it there you scaliwagg snaggle tooth bi*tch

  • Kim

    He mat not be gay, but these pictures would sure make u think so. Average women doesn’t wear their pants that tight. As far a black women smelling bad, baby not all maybe the ones u have encountered. Black women are beautiful!!!! If u hate bleach women, then too bad… I will pray for u. U need it!!!!!

  • bbbbb

    This is how some of the kids dress where I’m from. Nothing shocking to me. They’re just following a trend that’s all.

  • the truth is.....

    Whats wrong with the way he’s dressed? Some people just have their own style. Although if hes only 20, he does look older (not hatin) jus sayin.

  • Whatyomommasay

    What? This is the benefit of having kids with a Becky….What’s wrong?

  • chyna

    I wish we would stop with the self black hate on here. Its starting to be sick. Love one another; all the bashing needs to cease

    • London Girl

      Cease I tell you!

      I do not believe that any other race hates and/or puts down their own like we do. Sad! 😦

  • silence

    You would think that an Educated Goon would be either studying for his midterms,taking his midterm exam, or packing his bags to go home for a nice Thansgiving dinner with the fam. At the library….Or…maybe gettin his grove on with some PWT. But noooo, instead he comes here for his spoon full of hate for the day. Hmmmm….some peole are just too obvious.

  • seyess

    Omg stacy is mexican and black descent and her kids are by black guys i kno chris williams is father to at least one. Beautiful fam stacy!!

  • seyess

    her son looks fine…he is a YOUNg guy experimenting sheesh

  • blacknbeautiful

    Black married couples make beautiful babies too. And anyway white women only want a brother when you have something to offer like “money”. Elin Woods is getting paid off Tiger dumb azz.

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