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Rewind The Track: Carmen posted these comments on her website last year:

On whether she caused the longstanding feud between Nas and Jay-Z: “My honest opinion, yes! I mean of course, they would probably say otherwise, but realistically speaking, no one just wakes up in the morning and decides to make a record about another person for no reason. That just doesn’t make sense.”

On whether she slept with Nas after he and Kelis began dating: “Yes, and it’s all in the book.”

On why her daughter Destiny was not at Nas and Kelis’ January wedding: “Yes, unfortunately it is true. First, Destiny never received an invitation. No one called for a dress size, a shoe size or anything. Two days before the actual ceremony, Nas called to inform us of the date. Even though it was short notice, the next day Destiny was packed and ready to go. But the tickets never arrived.”

On Kelis as a stepmother: “It’s been challenging to say the least. Especially since Kelis doesn’t have children. When a person that doesn’t have kids enters a relationship with a person that does, there’s going to be conflict. They don’t always possess the skills necessary to deal with issues that are sensitive to a child, such as new relationships. In the beginning I was no less than supportive of their union. In fact, I told Nas, be good to this girl, don’t do her like you did me. However, when I feel that my daughter isn’t getting the respect that she deserves, I will step to you. From what I understand, Kelis is very bossy and controlling and that’s fine, but no one is going to regulate my daughter!”


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