Is Black Friday A Sham Or The Real Deal?!??

- By Bossip Staff

The day after Thanksgiving is considered to be the biggest shopping day of the year, aside from the day after Christmas. Black Friday is when consumers think they are getting the best deal but in reality is it all a sham???

According to, consumers should read the fine print and not just the price. All though companies have good intentions for consumers to rack up on tons of deals that doesn’t mean you’re getting top dollar for a lower price…

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decisions come Black Friday:

Black Friday bargain hunters beware. There’s a good chance you won’t score that doorbuster deal you’ve set your heart on.

Retail experts say the annual hype and hoopla that surrounds Black Friday also masks some nasty surprises.

The most painful: The crushed hopes of hundreds of midnight shoppers, who camped outside for hours in the cold hoping to score a 40-inch LCD HDTV for under $500, only to later learn that the store had four in stock.

That’s one harsh — but all too common — example of a Black Friday reality that shoppers need to know about before they map out their shopping warplan, said Edgar Dworsky, consumer advocate and editor of Consumer World.

That’s one harsh — but all too common — example of a Black Friday reality that shoppers need to know about before they map out their shopping warplan, said Edgar Dworsky, consumer advocate and editor of Consumer World.

But there are many more. Here’s a sampling of Black Friday secrets that has flagged for deal hunters:

Limited supplies: Read the fine print on the Black Friday circulars.

Most doorbuster deals — especially those on big-ticket items like HDTVs and washer-dryer combos — are in very limited supplies, often only four to six units per store.

So unless you are among the first six on line before stores open on Black Friday for those deals, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Retailers use these juicy deals to entice shoppers into their store, that’s when the switcheroo happens. Even if you didn’t score the bargain you wanted, sellers hope that since you are already there, you’ll probably grab some other deals instead.

HDTV deals. Is it the standard model, or a ‘derivative?’ Some of the holiday electronics with those low sale prices are products with fewer features than a standard model in that product line.

The difference can be subtle and most consumers probably won’t even notice, said Dworsky.

Dworsky points out a Samsung 40-inch LCD HDTV for under $500 that has appeared as a doorbuster deal on several retailers’ Black Friday circular.

“That model doesn’t appear on Samsung’s web site. Maybe it was made just for Black Friday,” he said. Another red flag, the deal on that TV just lists the deal price and not the regular price of the model.

The lesson for shoppers: Do your own research and check the specifications on those discounted HDTVs.

A Samsung spokesperson was not immediately available to comment for this story.

Avoid bad bling. Jewelry is always a sought-after deal on Black Friday. But experts say consumers should keep some tips in mind before buying their bling this year.

Because of surging gold commodity prices, jewelry manufacturers are paying much more for the precious metal than last year. So one way that jewelers are keeping their own costs, and retail prices down reasonable for consumers, is by selling more gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry.

Many advertised deals on gold jewelry will use phrased such as “gold-filled” or “gold-overlay.” This is not the same as solid gold, said Kevin Adkins, a graduate gemologist.

“When you see those terms, know that you’re buying silver with a plate of gold coating over it,” said Adkins.

If the price is too good to be true on that diamond set, then it probably is. “I saw an online deal for a 1-carat diamond cocktail ring for $431.40. A 1-carat ring sells at least for $1,000,” he said.

His advice: Ask about the four C’s — cut, clarity, carat and color — before buying diamond jewelry and always check return and refund policies on Black Friday deals.

Which Black Friday deals are online? Many retailers will say that their Black Friday in-store deals are available online but they won’t tell you which ones, said Dworsky.

“So do I run out and stand on line all night or gamble on the computer all night?” said Dworsky.

The other annoyance with retailers’ Black Friday online deals, he said, is that many sellers don’t tell you what time the web deals kick in. “Is it just before midnight, at midnight or at the same time that the stores open?” he said.

Don’t assume a “price match” policy. Many retailers who typically follow a price-match policy during the year may drop it for the Black Friday shopping weekend.

Again, carefully read fine print on the Black Friday circulars to see which retailers will match the lowest prices on an identical product and which sellers explicitly say the policy will not be in effect.

Black Friday… Is It Really Full of Sh*zzzz??? What are your thoughts???


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  • Shananigans

    people dont care, they are still gonna sleep outside for these things, thats how this world is

    i wonder how many trampling/deaths we will hear about friday

  • Matix B

    How much STUFF do we really need anyway? This season is about spending quality time with friends and family not about who copped PS3 and Black Ops the cheapest. We already had Thanksgiving in October where I live so hope you all enjoy your day with your friends and family for your Thanksgiving.

  • mosiane

    Real because there are good deals if you go very early and want cheap gifts.

    Sham because the real deals are after christmas and early January. And even with that, people are spending more than they would during black Friday because its a “SALE” but at they end, probably bought crap they don’t even need!

  • Entoon

    Forget black Friday! I can only buy when I have the money anyway! I prefer quality and will pay the price to have it! I don’t need some cheap off brand items at a low price to feel like I got a deal!

  • TM30

    It depends on what you’re looking for and where you go. If you sign up for store emails they send you some pretty good offers. However, most offers throughout the year are just as good or better with the exception of one store. They’re having a heck of a sale…and no it’s not Walmart. lol

  • !!!!!


  • devil's advocate

    Of course its a scam…Why do you think its called “Black Friday”?

    Its the day where people shop so fanatically that stores who are “in the red” (a term in finance used to describe a loss of money), can finally return to being “in the black” (used to describe profit).

    How can they return to “black” if they sell everything @ 50-70% off???

    Just another day to promote the consumerist nature of Americans on a grand scale.

  • charlotte

    Black Friday shopping was a tradition for me. Prior to 2006, we’d camp out and would get great deals between 5am-7am. Now you can preorder everything online so I’ll just stay home this year.

  • Sissy

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  • mary

    They should have black friday type sales one friday a month during income tax return season.

  • pokey4c

    Advice to all Black Friday Shoppers…Have a plan and go get those items first. That camping out out sheez is for the birds. Electronics ain’t with standing in line for…u end up spending the same money after all those add ons and protection plans anyway.

  • sportstalk23

    I think a lot of those sales will be extended into the after christmas sales so these stores can break even anyway, so for me I have never seen the need to be at some store at 2am pressed up against the doors, looking the running of the bulls in pamplona. Its crazy the insanity, remember the cabbage patch dolls lol. Parents were beating the shyt out of each other lol. Who can forget that poor fella crushed to death in Long Island doing security, cuz folks just had to have some flat screen and a supposed low low price. Not me I stay home chill and check out sales as the month goes

  • Glok....My lifestyle be Closed Captioned !!!


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