These Thirsty Hoes Ain’t ISHT: Tiger Woods’ Skanky Beckys Reunite For “One Year Anniversary” Party???

- By Bossip Staff

According to Radaronline:

Old mistresses never go away. That’s an unfortunate fact for Tiger Woods. Now, three of his ex mistresses are holding a one-year ‘anniversary’ party of Tiger’s infamous car-crash that led to the revelation of serial cheating.

And while some might think the party is in questionable taste, it’s proof that the golfer’s world is forever changed. Holly Sampson, Jamie Jungers and Joslyn James are getting together at ZIN Bistro in the Los Angeles suburb of Westlake Village on December 3 to host a lavish ‘Reunion’ cocktail party.(The car crash happened on November 27, 2009). At least one person thinks it’s a good idea.

Predictably that person is ZIN Bistro owner Rouz Yaz who tells “It’s going to be a great night. I’m excited to have the girls here. We’re going to have signature cocktails, great music and complete blast as only Holly, Jamie and Joslyn can throw. Tiger is also welcome to join the party.” Ironically, Tiger will be nearby!

He’s in SoCal that weekend competing in the Chevron World Challenge at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks. One year ago, Tiger crashed his car into a tree and fire hydrant in a bizarre early morning incident hours after Thanksgiving. The National Enquirer had just exposed Tiger’s affair with Rachel Uchitel. That triggered a series of events that led to the revelation of Tiger’s serial cheating and, ultimately, the end of his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

More than 15 women have been linked to Tiger in affairs Sampson, Jungers and James all have had brief starring roles in the ‘I Had An Affair With Tiger Woods’ story that has re-defined the former role model. Yaz, the owner of ZIN Bistro, says Tiger has dined at his establishment previously: “And since he’ll be at the country club right down the street, he’s welcome to come on it and have free cocktails on the house.”


Who even does this??? SMH. These thirsty hoes need to sit down and get their fawking lives together…it’s been a damn year already. Time to move on, sheesh.

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  • Vernita Green

    These h0es need to quit. But it ain’t shocking, most h0es are bold these days. No shame.

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  • yup!

    LOL,smh,and they got the nerve to say that blackwomen are bad, look at this sh!t

  • resurrected

    Once you let a hOes into your life it takes the jaw of life to get rid of her that why I don’t understand why men continue to be so reckless when there choices.

  • Caramello

    The one on the right looks like a meth addict

  • 7lady

    They all look like uncooked chicken meat. I really don’t know why black men be so gone over them. And them hard tittays take the cake (walks off scratchn)

  • 7lady

    Matrix B you made me bust out laughin! They kno about d*ck more than a urologist damn! Lmao!

  • Keep it Real

    😆 😈 :mrgreen:

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