Cameron Diaz And Her Caramelo Papi Chulo Caught Canoodling In Miami

- By Bossip Staff

Aaaaaah! Nothing like seeing beautiful people in heavy duty lust. Cameron Diaz was spotted giving thanks in Miami with her super tan, on-again/off-again Yankee boo thang Alex Rodriguez earlier this week.

And apparently, Cam’s got A-Rod singing that old school Joe jawn, “Don’t Wanna Be A Player.”

An insider tells HollywoodLife, “He called her and asked her to get together and at first Cameron said, ‘no,’ But after a long conversation he finally convinced her to meet with him. For now, it looks like all is forgiven.”

The couple, who were spotted in Miami together Nov. 23, broke off their relationship in early October, but have picked right back up where they left off according to the source. It appears it was A-Rod who did the initial breaking up as well. “He cut things off from her and she was really hurt. She wasn’t looking to get married or anything, but Alex has a wandering eye and wanted to see other people. But, he missed her. Cameron is really a lot of fun and Alex always had a good time with her,” says the insider.

It is unsure where these two are headed this time around but as the insider says, “Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson.”

How… special.


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  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Im sorry, but Cameron Diaz is One UGLY White woman!!!!!

    • SCO

      She’s Hispanic “Diaz”

  • Ice Harvest

    FIRST 😉

  • lolli

    He is going to use her just like Kate Hudson. Oh well!

    • G.M.

      hey, if u can’t be used then ur useless…ppl shouldn’t take sh1t like being used personal, everybody uses eachother for something

  • christine

    Alex rodriguez is fine as hell. Those pictures do not do him justice. He is fine in person.

  • Castilian Cuban

    I’m sure her white Castilian father would object to his half German, half Castilian daughter dating this island monkey A-Rod. Carmen needs to go back with white, not this ugly.

  • christine

    Island monkey. Hilarious.

  • i love trees!!!


  • PrincessD.I.E

    Obviously Alex got Cammy right where he wants her..he must be really “good” if you know what I’s bringing out the hispanic in her a$$!

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