Notorious: Lil’ Kim’s 10 Most Unforgettable Moments Of Her Career

- By Bossip Staff

Lil’ Kim’s back…kinda. Diss records and beef have made the former Notorious side-piece a semi-household name. Her newfound celebrity has caused us to reflect on some of the most unforgettable moments in Lil’ Kim’s career.

Be warned, each example comes with pictures that may or may not give you night terrors.

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  • Oprah's worshipper

    If only she had some Black pride….smh

    • sweetsapphire13

      ….”young dummies being raised,” you need to shut the hell UP!!!! What the hell does Lil’Kim have or had for that matter to warrant anyone hating on, pleeeeeaase! The only thing she has going for her during this era is her natural god given cuteness, now she resembles a figure from a wax museum, ugh.

  • ilovekim&nicki

    Whoever made that thingy up is a striaght HATER!!!!

    • Lylie

      The truth hurts. Lil Kim has self esteem issues and I can see why.

  • bm

    i normally dont comment but who cares about nicki or kim kim is never gonna be the same from when she made harcore biggie is not here and nicki isnt even making hip hop its pop music for real BOTH OF THEM can have a seat

    • Sara

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  • Wakeuppeople

    Clearly,Lil Kim’s 15 mins of fame is over and Nicki Minaj is 5 mins away from her claim to fame being over. They both are wasting time bickering with each other and Lady Gaga has come from behind to take money. We always allow outsiders to take our style and ideas. They then profit from it. i.e, Elvis Presley,the Osmonds,Madonna and others.

    • detdoll313

      First of all dumb a$$, if Kim only had 15 min of fame her career would have ended back in 1994 when she was first introduced. So the fact that she has been a round for 14yrs with her name still on people lips means there’s still some relevance to her. Second, what even makes a rapper relevant? None of the rappers encluding the super retard nicki are talking about shyt that concerns anybody. All of it is nothing but redundant garbage which leaves the door wide open for Kim to make a return to recording. With each generation of hapless, braindead, self-centered, ghetto miscreants rap is allowed to deteriorate as certifiable form of music.

  • phyre


    This was a stupid, irrelevant, and slow days news post.

    Kim=the real hip hop

    Enough said.


      I disagree. I dont feel like kim is hip hop. I feel like kim is a rapper; just like minaj. I feel like hip hop is somebody like Jean Grae, hell Rah digga and EVE. These women are sick emcees with bangin flows. The other two just learn how to recycle lyrics given by their mentors.

  • msnewessence

    This little battle will soon be over…..neither one of them….Lil Kim or Nicki will be relevant cause the REAL QUEEN BEE (BEYONCE) is about to step back on the scene!!! Can the two of u say “bye-bye!!!”

    • daisy jay

      Beyonce doesn’t rap. Try again.

  • DJ's Mom

    Team Lil Kim!! Knifed up and all.

  • Lady fee

    Lil Kim is the Queen B. Nicki clearly took her style. And Pink Friday cd is whack! Too much singing. I didnt buy it but the person who did, won’t admit its trash! Lol.

  • !!!!!


    • Lylie

      Thats really ignorant to say. At the end of the day you should be on team reviving female rap. Thats what Nicki is trying to do. Nicki don’t stop inspiring future female rappers to stay strong in a male dominated rap industry.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    kim is so shallow and fake.(with some obvious self esteem issues)
    nicki is a clown, carbon copy of kim.
    both fall short of substance and cla$$

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      both kim and nicki are wak and fake. agreed.

  • LALA

    first of all kim has a different image than nicki kim’s a ghetto barbie and nicki’s a anime japanese barbie. kim is a floozie who slpet with may ppls if any body should paying homage is that both should do it to the original B.A.R.B.I.E CIRCA 1959

  • Xclusive

    Team Nicki….Alvin the ChipMunk Career is Over….F*ck this Hater as$ B*tch….hahahahaha

  • Xclusive

    Team Nicki aLL Day….To all LiL ChipMunk Fans Whomp Whomp….

  • LyDanni

    So tru. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


    Doesn’t Lil Kim look like that dude from Mad Max “Terror Dome”???

  • LyDanni

    I’d also like to add that, the only decision I didn’t understand by Kim was dancing with the stars. WTF? Really Kim? You ain’t even have to do that ma. As far as Nikki, even though I am a I like her as well, I have to point out the obvious. She took Kim’s innovation and ran with it. Sometimes I think she ran into a brick wall with it, but even the most die hard Nikki fan can’t deny that Kim clearly inspired her as she did with most of us.

  • Xclusive

    Team Nicki….Go get that new Pink Friday….Hi Haters

  • Mackhard

    The person who wrote this article is probally getting paid under the table from Nikkis camp…or is so clueless to the game, they jus dont know any better.

  • LOVON1000

    Why was it “WRONG” of Kim to get out of jail bigger than ever, she’s not some white woman concerned about conforming. My days.



  • aljee20

    im not even gonna look through these pictures cause it seems like all yall doin is throwin shade instead of giving props

  • think people

    true indeed !!!

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    eww she dated scott scorch. you know she has low self esteem.

  • Alterna-NG

    Can you Dougie?

    Go to:
    www dot zazzle dot com/alternang

  • OnNickiSide

    seeeeeeeeeeee ! when nicki was told dat she was being compared to kim she said she was honored to be compared to her because she was an icon !

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