SMH: Usher And Alicia Keys Are So “Caught Up” In Plagiarism Lawsuit

- By Bossip Staff

Cheaters never win, and it looks like karma may be coming at “Undercover” Usher and Alicia “Homewreckin'” Keys in the form of a plagiarism lawsuit.

R&B singer Usher Raymond and singer Alicia Keys have been hit with a lawsuit from an upcoming songwriter, who claims the pair stole Usher’s hit song “Caught Up.”

The single, which shot to 21 on Billboard’s Pop Singles charts when it was released in 2004, was produced by Dre & Vidal.

According to a lawsuit filed by Wadena Pyatt in the Eastern District of New York, the track is a “plagiarized” version of a tune she penned as an artist on Keys’ MBK Entertainment label.

Pyatt claims she wrote the original version of “Caught Up” in 2002, while she was under contract with MBK, which is owned by Keys and her business partner, Jeffery Robinson.

According to Pyatt’s lawsuit, she signed a record deal in 2003 and planned to use the track on her own debut release, but was disappointed when she found out the tune was contained on Usher’s hit album Confessions.

“Caught Up” is listed as being produced by Dre & Vidal and written by Ryan Toby, Andre Harris, Vidal Davis and Jason Boyd.

A remix to the track features Brooklyn, rapper Fabolous.

Pyatt is suing for a full accounting, as well as damages disgorgment of any profits received from sales of “Caught Up.”

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out IF Pyatt can actually prove they took the song from her. Seems like these cases are always difficult to win. Besides, Confessions came out in 2004. What took her so long to file???


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  • Starr

    I don’t really see how Alicia Keys fits into this. She only used to be managed by Jeff Robinson, she never owned MBK and she’s not managed by them anymore . She’s also not listed on any of the credits or having anything to do with the song, so what exactly are they saying she did?

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  • Matix B

    The claimant must have signed under Keys or Usher and or both, that’s why they are named as stealing it. Either way not too sure if there is s statute of limitations in the US when it comes to copyright infringement. SN: It’s very simple to avoid these situations if you are an artist and don’t want to get ripped off; simply mail a copy of your song to yourself and never open it-automatic and cheap copyright.

  • LB

    the only way this person could have signed under anything with Alicia would have been thru Krucial Keys. Had they said that, this would make more sense. u cant just name a person in a lawsuit because there’s 6 degrees of separation between them and another artist.

  • Jesus Trophy Wife

    Don’t worry people. They’ll pay some public relations turds to spin this so they can continue to borrow other peoples intellectual property. And you’ll buy their stolen merchandise bootleg.

  • dladystarr

    honestly, who gives a sh#t

  • MissPerfect

    what does this have to do with Alicia Keys?

  • jayluv

    boy-boy…they always wait until the money has some kind of strength behind it, so when they do hit with a law suit they can walk away with some good change.

  • Same_Stuff_Who_Cares

    yeah, and i’m suing keith sweat for all that whiny a$$ begging —- ask all my exes; i had to beg for every piece of c!oochie that i ever got — open and shut case of plagiarism.

    • Beggars Be Choosing

      No offense, but where could I get your greatest hits on bootleg?

  • double standards

    These cases take quite awhile to go through the court system. The fake media never tells info on certain ppl. If they like you the media will sweep your crimes under the rug! Alicia homewrecker keys…LOL! No Usher “stole the 2010 American Music Award from Chris Brown & now music from another artist” Raymond. I use to like Usher!

  • adulescentuluscarnifex

    They trying to use twenty three green fries.

  • Toni

    Why exactly is she suing Usher and Alicia? Usher or Alicia’s name wasn’t listed on any ownership of the song…

  • Ghostwriter Lebowski

    Dude, You talk a good game.

  • Common Sense

    keep in mind that with high profile lawsuits you have to pay high price court fee’s maybe thats why it took so long….duhh…ofcourse she would want to come up on a quick buck especially if the song was actually stolen from her, wouldn’t you. smh @ ignorance

  • ldl

    Sounds like someone is trying to hold on to someone elses shirttail again. This took way to long to come out. Anyway Alicia’s name just wants to be put out to get attention. Don’t see what this has to do with her. Mashonda’s ride wasn’t enough? Now someone else wants some $$$$$$$$$$$ and publicity. Pathetic.

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