NY Jets’ Darrelle Revis Serves Up Some Humble Pie For T.O. On Thanksgiving Night

- By Bossip Staff

After a week of talkin that sh*t, calling the Jets cornerback “average”, “Turrell” Owens was forced to eat a hearty helping of just desserts courtesy of one Mr. Darrelle Revis as the Jets romped the Bengals 26-10 in last night’s Thanksgiving game. Why is it that this fool T.O. can’t keep his mouth shut?? It would seem that after picking toe-jam out of his teeth so many times that he would pipe down.

“Not bad,” Revis said. “Just trying to make ends meet out there for an average corner. They stuck me on the best receiver, Terrell Owens. I was kind of shocked that they put an average corner on one of the best receivers in the league. But I guess I managed to do OK against him.”

Owens only recorded 3 catches for 17 yards in the loss, bringing Cincinnati’s record to a lackluster 2-9 this season. Perhaps “Turrell” and his bromantic partner Chad Ochocinco should have spent less time on TV with them hoes and more time on the practice field…we’re just sayin…


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  • John

    That reply from Revis was not that bad but he’s at best a B+ corner which is above average but he’s not the best in the league.
    T o was probably offended by all the hype of revis island but he’d a been better suited if he had better quaterback play and maybe a one handed touchdown catch to show that revis is/was overhyped
    I like Revis but when they hyped him as the best in the game I was offended as well because it was too quick and I didn’t feel he warranted that title. Cant fault someone for trying to get paid and TO should know that so the hype was probably so ge could get more $$$ but I don’t think he’s best n the business
    Corners do get beat as well though. Receivers and offensive players get paid too so i wouldn’t expect no one to beat a corner.
    I regard a corner as the best based on versatility
    I want 2 him get sacks forced fumbles recovered fumbles more defensive touchdowns more big hits before he’s crowned best corner in the league

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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Just wanted to type that I was @ the game last night @ the Meadowlands & it was real nice despite it being rather cold..It was packed & the crowd was pumped. I had fun & damn,Chad as well as T.O look delicious in person…especially T.O with that perfectly sculpted body of his 🙂 & yes,I’m disappointed they lost 😦

  • It's Me

    Mr. Revis talk that smack to T.O, but had nothing to say to Mr. Moss when Moss bombed that azz for a TD. Revis wanna blame a cramp, yeah OK…

    • Blaxitive (I talk mad sh!t)

      Wher is Moss now? What is there record scrub?

  • Ww3

    Guess we know what it is F.T.J
    (Fuel The Jet) Bengals R Worst then the Heat It’s ight T-No And Ocho-No No
    Having mouth is for women so what shade of lipstick u want.

    • Sara

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  • Bella


  • Will

    Any Corner looks good with Carlson throwing.

  • MzFitt

    That picture of “Turrell” is priceless…ROFLMBAO…hahaha

  • Michele

    I know this comment is off topic but he sure is ugggllyy!! That photo makes him look particularly gruesome with a probable stank breath.

  • G.M.


  • combatcook24

    Just starting to really dig football, but the Bengals need more people!!! T.O. is good but with his skill set he should be trying to link with a winning team and quit talking trash knowing his team aint going nowhere…

  • MzFitt

    A “winning team” don’t want him! He’s trouble wherever he goes!

  • Blaxitive (I talk mad sh!t)

    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!! 9-2 record! Nuff said!

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