What Should You Get Your Situationship Partner For Christmas??

- By Bossip Staff

Certain people in your life are almost impossible to shop for when it comes time for the holidays. Either your relationship with them makes it weird or that person has some kind of quirk that makes it difficult to think of a good gift.

From your situationship partner to your rich relative, we’ve got you covered with our Difficult People Gift Guide!

Check it out at MadameNoire..com!!

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  • Hey

    Absolutely nothing if you are female. Let that trick buy for you!

    • asdAwf

      oh amazing , i love this !
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  • Ms Justalil'Crazee

    Nothing! A situation is not a relationship so there is no need to purchase a gift……No committment then no gift…..duhhhhh

  • blah

    Nothing. A card at the most.

  • blackfriday babeh

    i would get him something if hes a special person in my life if not than theres no need, but just some1 that not relation a greeting or a card thats bout it

  • the truth is.....

    Not a damn thing!

    • yz

      lol, you took the words right out of my mouth.


    I don’t have a “Situation Partner”, but if I did, I’d give him just what I’ve been giving him…sex! This way it’s an even exchange and it can’t be returned! =)

  • neen-o

    i’m weak @ situationship… and i’m stealing that term! LOL

    • Mabel

      I was wondering myself..lol

  • lalah


  • quilombo

    TB/STD/HIV/AIDS tests and a fresh fade son!

  • MrsMom

    I can’t for the life of me, understand why a person would subject themself to such an arrangement, especially IF this is of the “dating” kind. Life is hectic enough, later for the bullshyt!!!!

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