Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye…Or Dies

- By Bossip Staff

The douchebag du jour is a man from Vermont named Nicholas Bell. He suffers from the same affliction that Former New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williams has. The scientific term is “my-dumba**-shouldn’t-be-playin-with-no-damn-guns-no-way-itis”, but we’re sure his lawyers will refer to it as “a tragic lapse of judgment”. Either way, this kid’s goin down HARD!

The alleged shooter apparently tried to prank his sleeping friend by waking him up with the loud sound of an air rifle, police said. However, police said, the man mistakenly used a real rifle in the prank. Nicholas Bell, 23, was charged with manslaughter after the incident Thursday, Manchester police said.

“The accused fired the weapon, which was a loaded .22 cal rifle hitting the [victim] in the chest,” a police statement said. “The victim died at the scene.”

Because of this foolishness Jeffery Charbonneau’s parents will have to bury him. We gotta do better as people…SMH


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  • wwwdevitainfinitycom

    omg i hope they dont give him too many years in jail it was a stupid mistake his friend died like wtf….

    • asdAwf

      oh amazing , i love this !
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  • shadybaby

    why would you point the rifle at the kids chest if you were just tryna scare him? straight stupidity




  • Chrystal

    There is nothing funny about this at all. A youngman is dead, because this stupid-as@ fool wanted to play with a gun. He needs to get the maximum penalty the law allows. Period. At age 22 you know better than to point a gun at anyone. Stupid idiot

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      totally agree

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      True, so true

  • HeartBreak



  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    oh wow!!!

  • coldt7

    You can see on True TV how whiteboys play to much.And they play dangerous games, and they laugh at anything.They can see they’re friends on the ground screaming in pain, and they will stand there and laugh at them.Sick f*ckers!!!

    • CooCooKitty


  • Nihala

    That’s just the excuse he gave…

  • bx2dadeath

    Please throw the book at Beavis so that the next Butthead will not try this stunt at home.

  • Mabel

    Poor thing will be getting rifled everyday in prison.

  • Nut Sack

    LOL @ comment

    “But did he wake up”

  • ignoranceisbliss

    He sent his friend a come to Jesus wake up call….SMH

  • Ariona Taylor

    No judgement zone here, but DAYUMMM!

  • MacFiller

    I don’t even believe that was a joke. I used to mess around with air rifles and those are waaaaaay lighter than actual guns. He knew what he was doing…RIP the friend and bless both their souls. smh

    • yup

      Yeah he did knowing white people his friend tweaked the last of the crystal meth and he was angry so he killed him.

  • hellonurse

    No matter how old some men get, it seems like they always have a knack for playing the stupidest of games. I remember my ex, who was 29 FREAKIN YEARS OLD, was just like this fool, except he’s black. I deaded him after 4 months of his tomfoolery. He was always playing too much, saying “oh, you’re so uptight”. I told him, one day, you’re going to end up injuring someone and that’s when your laughs will turn to tears.

    I hate foolish people.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    So most people who are dying are dying because of straigt tom foolery. Its a sad day when u’r killed in a prank.

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