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  • Nisha Cheeks

    Why is her dress so big…. p.s. she has nothing on kim

  • http://bossip BIG BERTHA

    She may have bought her self a ring just to. Make kim thinkM.

  • chiari

    She doesn’t look like Kim…

  • nycchick

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa who dress did she borrow

  • SNR

    That might be a tranny BE CAREFUL BUSH hahahaha

  • yaya lane

    would she please stop trying to pose wit her butt stuck out.Uggghhhh!! u will never be a KIM.K

  • Verica

    look at her butt look at her nose that is totally fake at least kim was prettier then this ugly gold digger who just wants him for fame and money..reggie deserves better!

  • Jen

    Imitations are Cheap. Kim K Wannabee. She needs to get that witch nose fixed.

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