A “Lil Positivity”: Chris Henry’s Donated Organs After His Tragic Death Saves 4 Lives

- By Bossip Staff

We all remember that extremely sad story last year, where young football star, Chris Henry, suffered a tragic death after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend….well there’s finally a lil positivity:

One week before Christmas of 2009, NFL star Chris Henry lost his life after having a domestic spat with his fiancée. As his fiance drove away, Henry, 26, fell off the back of a moving pickup truck and died after suffering brain damage.

However, Henry’s mother, Carolyn Glaspy, has ensured that her son’s legacy will extend beyond the football field. Moments after doctors told Glaspy that Henry’s injuries were too severe for survival, she decided to donate his organs. The lives of Brian Polk, Donna Arnold, James Benton and Thomas Elliot were saved after receiving Henry’s organs. Polk received a kidney, Benton received a liver, Arnold received a pancreas and a kidney, and Elliot received two lungs. The touching story was featured on the CBS’ pregame NFL show on Thursday afternoon.

R.I.P. Chris…

Watch the video here…


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  • Ice Harvest

    Sad situation, but its good to see that some good came from his death.

    • Roasw

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  • luVn_LiFe

    AaaaaWH thats special,(makes me wanna cry)
    Thats awesome though.Four lives saved,nice.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Well,that’s great to hear & R.I.P

  • Angee

    Life goes on, glad to hear something good come out of his death.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Glad to know smtg positive came out of his untimely death

  • Mock Rock Star

    Hey now, that’s a wonderful thing!!! RIP Mr. Henry

  • shalonndramarie

    We all should consider doin this if we r blessed to do this health-wise. Eventhough my mother had ailment’s she was able to be a donor for someone else to live a little longer.Thank you for putting this info out I pray a seed has been planted.

  • don't ask

    I read about it in the newspaper. It was a wonderful thing that she did, and I suppose helps ease the pain of losing her son. May Chris R.I.P.

  • monique

    This is really good to hear. I’m waiting on a heart transplant and when I receive my heart if the family would be up to it, I would love to meet the family of my donor. My prayers go to his family still…

  • rosshell

    that was so special and RIP TO THAT YOUNG MAN!
    I have a son who is 21years old and he out and about like must young men his age are but i pray every day that he is okay….it kills me when i dont hear from him not knowing how he is doing. I dont know what i would do if something would happen to him… the decision to donate his organs i think i would do that if it would help someone. but i dont wanna think of doing that…his mom is a strong woman


    Donate>>>you will truly be saving lives!! I’m a organ donor!!

  • asdAwf

    oh amazing , i love this !
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  • Geronimo Deuces

    RIP chris hope to meet you when our time comes.

  • wvuMounty

    it was a pleasure knowing you slim, RIP

  • white male

    very commendable

  • tommykimon

    Very precious gift from his family, May he now rest in peace

  • It's Me

    Good looking out mom. May God continue to bless you. Rip Henry..

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