Ray-J & Brandy Record Gospel Song With Their Parents [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Fresh off her success on Dancing with the Stars, Brandy joins brother Ray J, father Willie and mother Sonia on new single “Talk To Me” from upcoming Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business album on SRR (Saguaro Road Rhythm) Records.

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  • DeezUkno

    Like i said before…NUTZZZZZ!

    • Roasw

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    • Greeneyez

      Omg!!!! U ppl are vicious…..lol… Why ya’ll hating on this fam…. So Brandy wasn’t REALY married….Who cares…. So What Ray J is f—ing every gurl…so is Lil Wayne….lol Momma got her kidz back!!!! Dont hate they have been very successful….. Their show is awesome… u should check it out….. Nay sayers….Haters…. U keep game relevant!!!!!

  • MrsMom

    What a nice looking family!

    • lala land

      yea i was thinking the same too too bad the brother of brandi is into ho’s

  • rene

    I Love the song, this will be added to my IPod nanno for sure.

  • Glok...I judge wisely sitting between 2 Pillars of Ivory!!!


  • jayluv

    Which part does Sonia comes in? song does sound nice for the reality show.

  • Anonymous

    I adore Brandy’s vocals on that song. She’s major when it comes to her singing ability. I wish them all the best.

  • shane

    ok…….lil wayne might as well do a gospel song too!!! dont sing the song if you cant walk the walk. the blind leading the blind….

  • gigi

    I wish Ray J would stop singing. He can’t sing! Horrible vocals Ray J! Willie and Brandy got skills.

  • boss


  • what_am_iDoing

    Thats nice of them. Evry1 is a sinner so stfu. and whos rules r we living by now a days? smh

    • LadyJNewYork

      I agree..I am so glad “people” don’t have a heaven or hell to put folks in…..i am happy for them at least the family is trying to do something productive and “legal.”

  • maria

    They must be running out of money. They new Ray and B and making no money with mainstream society so they have to prey on the religiou folk.

  • Just Bored

    Just because people go through problems and make mistakes doesn’t keep God away. They are just human and not above making errors.

    Nice family song. Good reminder to stay the course as a family.

  • MissPerfect

    when the checks stop coming in ..make a gospel cd?!

  • PhillyMiss

    this is beautiful

  • Honut Sinti

    Nice song. Beautiful looking family.

  • Wow!

    Wow that’s nice. But when is Willie Sr. gonna be a man and acknowledge the 3 children he had b4 Brandy & Ray J? Until u do right by others, everything u even think about will crumble. Gospel album…learn how to be true to urself 1st. Don’t hide behind God when u know that u r not righteous.

  • Now that's wut I call muzik

    Like on showtyme@the apollo when all else fails sing gospel. When is the family Xmas album cummin out!

  • MochaDreams

    Brandy should have made that gospel song on her own, because there is no way I’m touching that with Ray J on it… dag on CD player or iPod would probably burst into flames.

  • Big_Tetas

    Feeling this track Brandy is singing her A$$ Out! this is HQ music that is missing in todays industry wish they recorded a whole Xmas/Gospel album!

  • Varus


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