Jesus Take The Wheel: 3 Little Boys Missing After Father Dropped Them Off At Babysitter So He Could Go Kill Himself???

- By Bossip Staff

This is sad:

Police and neighbors were searching for three young Michigan boys Saturday who have been missing since their father claimed he dropped them off with a woman before trying to kill himself a day earlier. The father survived his suicide attempt and is being cared for in a mental health facility, said Morenci, Michigan, Police Chief Larry Weeks on Saturday. But Michigan authorities do not know what has happened to his boys — 5-year-old Tanner Skelton, 7-year-old Alexander William Skelton and 9-year-old Andrew Skelton — prompting them to issue an Amber Alert on Friday.

Weeks said that the boys’ father, John Skelton, told police that he dropped the boys off Friday morning with a woman he identified as Joann Taylor — in part to ensure they didn’t see him while and after he tried to commit suicide. John Skelton told police that the woman, whom he allegedly met on the internet, was supposed to drop the boys off at their home in Morenci, a southern Michigan town of about 2,400 people about 40 miles west-northwest of Toledo, around 3 p.m. Friday. But the boys never went home and, Weeks added, authorities still aren’t sure if John Skelton’s story — including Joann Taylor’s existence — is true or a fabrication. “We have not been able to locate a Joann Taylor or confirm that she even exists,” Weeks told reporters Saturday evening. The last non-family member saw the boys at 5 p.m. on Thursday, according to the chief.

Their mother, Tanya, has been with police “virtually the entire day” on Saturday, answering questions and serving as what Weeks called a “valuable resource at this time.” Weeks said Tanya Skelton had “contact with someone alleging to be Joann,” adding only that this communication was not necessarily by phone or in person. According to the Amber Alert, Taylor may have been from Jackson or Hillsdale counties and may be driving a silver van. Still, Weeks reiterated that they have yet to confirm she is real and, if so, if she is with the boys. Saturday’s press conference was crowded with media and residents of Morenci, many of whom have been searching for the young boys. Dozens spent Saturday searching along Bean Creek, Wakefield Park and the Riverside Natural Area — all in Morenci — according to Toledo-based CNN affiliate WUPW.

“We just hope they’re somewhere safe and warm playing video games,” volunteer Carol Garcia told WUPW. But authorities thus far have offered few tips pointing community members to places where the young Skeltons might be. “We understand their drive and desire to be out there,” said Weeks. “The fact is, I cannot tell the community there’s a specific location they should be searching.” The alert notes that Tanner is 3 feet, 6 inches tall, has strawberry blond hair, has blue eyes and weighs about 40 pounds. Alexander is 3 feet, 9 inches tall, has brown hair and eyes, weighs about 45 pounds and has scars on his hairline and chin. The oldest brother, Andrew, is 4 feet, 1 inch tall, has brown hair and eyes and weighs roughly 57 pounds.


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  • bx2dadeath

    Parenting is not for everyone.

    • Roasw

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  • Angee

    Their mother, Tanya, has been with police “virtually the entire day” on Saturday, answering questions and serving as what Weeks called a “valuable resource at this time.” Weeks said Tanya Skelton had “contact with someone alleging to be Joann,” adding only that this communication was not necessarily by phone or in person.

    Something’s not right, the mother Tanya also had contact with someone alleging to be Joann?!?!

    Praying for the boys safe return!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    It is very sad and horrifying when children go missing…I hope they will find those three little boys safe somewhere but with the way things go know and days they are with God.

  • Mock Rock Star

    He sold those boys…I hope they are safe as well, but it looks bleak

  • Nique

    I hope & pray that these boys are found.

  • truth

    The last boy is not his son.

    • Louisiana Belle

      Who cares?!!!

      3 boys are missing & are in GREAT DANGER. Let’s stay on the topic pls

    • MeMe

      I know, that is why his name is Tanner and don’t start with an “A” like the other two boys. OR, It may be, the last one is only his, and the first two belong to his wife before they were married. Either way, I noticed the same thing.

  • Boy Wonder

    That’s sad. I hope this be one of the times they find the kids alive!

  • juliemango

    The dad seems like a pathological liar!!!

  • divalious

    I wonder did he try to kill himself, after he kill those boys. Hopefully this not the case. Second y do parents always make up names? I doubt this woman exist

  • blkqueen39

    Sad. Hopefully there somewhere safe. It’s not the children fault that these dumb*** parents messed up their

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    we are here you n me. i thought the same exact 2 things. like some1 above said parenting is not for everyone. just because you can have a kid , doesnt mean you should go ahead and do it.smh

  • christine

    Sad. Very sad. The kids are in my prayers.

  • axmeifigivafcuk

    My gut says this depressed monster instinctively killed off his babies (G*d forbid) and tried to kill himself. If he survived a suicide attempt why would he not cooperate with the authorities if he was worried about the mental aftermath of seeing their dead daddy why did he hand them over to a stranger? I don’t think he “sold” them b/c that’s a route u take when you’re desperate for MONEY not desperate to DIE. he intended to kill himself soon after. Where’s an e-mail of this JoAnn chick? Again, I hope their ok. But somethings fishy in michigan.

    • tommykimon

      It sounds very true, I still hold out hope that those babies are found.

    • tommykimon


  • http://*heattemptedtokillhimselfsoonafter.imnodetectivenorforensicspathologistbutireallyfeelthatwholeploywasawaytodeviseauthoritiestogoonamanhunt,wastingtimelookingforaJoAnnTaylorwhentheyshouldbeaskin axmeifigivafcuk

    *he attempted to kill himself soon after. im no detective but i really feel that whole story was a way to devise authorities to go on a manhunt, wasting time looking for a JoAnn Taylor when they should be asking him where’s their bodies. sorry for the extended post but ooooh this just got me so mad.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      thats real talk. you might be on to something.

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    but if i read correctly it said prior to the boys disappearance he attempted suicide.

  • not a fan not a hater just a spectator

    this is ridiculous i mean this fool gave his kids to a woman he met online smdh. he could have just dropped them off at their mom’s house or a relatives. he prob killed them and tried to suicide cuz of the guilt. i just hope this case gets solved cuz it is close to christmas and everyone wants these kids to b home for the holidays.the father is def mentally unstable i wonder who has custody. this is the male version of casey anthony sound familiar distreaught parent: oo officer somedody took my kids.officer: who? crazy parent: um um hold on its a name i just made up today. Officer:ok we;ll look and find them dont worry. this is so suspicious they should search his car for evidence cuz this dude is a nut case. i dont understand y ppl dont just ask relatives for help if they cant handle raising kids y cuz they prb too ashamed to ask and dont waanna b looked down on so idc cuz them kids could still b alive if parents would stop bein selfish and havin that if i cant have u then nobody will mentallity. smh

  • Ariona Taylor

    If the woman does exists, she would come forward. If he killed his own children for the insurance money and is trying to hide out in mental hospital until they find the bodies, rule him out as a suspect, well then he deserves what he gets.

    • The Ugly Truth

      I went & read ur blog.

      To me, it seems u have a color complex. The lite-skinned long haired woman is the winner, the hero. YOU are neva good enuf

      Im glad its fiction, bcuz the stories are CRAZY

  • buttaz

    poor boys. No matter what the situation may be… These boys are lost or dead somewhere. Who gives a shyt about the whacked out dad or crime concealing mother or the imaginary woman. Hope they ok

  • axmeifigivafcuk

    @nywoman23. Than his story is botched or the way it was transcribed is. if he tried to kill himself on thursday & handed them over to this “JoAnn” stranger on Friday wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of his plan to prevent them from seeing him dead in the first place? You don’t try to kill yourself & decide the next day you don’t want someone to see you dead when it would have occurred already.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      my mistake. sorry sometimes my eyes read in correctly . ok it said he dropped the boys to the imaginary woman he made up in this story. b4 trying to kill himself

  • Roderick

    This was a triple-murder attempted suicide.
    The dad killed the boys and had planned to kill himself but realized that he couldn’t go through with it.


  • PJ

    So sad! And these precious little innocent boys probably were being abused by the father (if he’s even worth being acknowledged as such)by the obvious bruises and how tiny they were in weight!! He should have been investigated – based on the pictures – something just looks amiss…

    Take your life, you sick bastard, and let your kids live!!! They did not ask to be in this world to be harmed, you are/were to protect them, but instead you kill them/drop them off w/a stranger…who knows?!?!? Bottom line…you will have to answer to God, come judgement day- sick fuc#!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I pray that these boys return home safely.

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