WTF??? Woman Stabs Man And Busts Him Upside The Head With A Frying Pan After A Spat Over A Facebook Post

- By Bossip Staff


A fight over a Facebook posting may have led to a stabbing in central Toledo on Tuesday night. Toledo Police say Aaron Calhoun, 25, went to a home on Pinewood Ave. to confront a couple after they posted something on Facebook about his sister. When Calhoun arrived at the home he was attacked, according to authorities.

Investigators say Calhoun was hit with a frying pan before being stabbed by Taresa O’Neal, 20. Calhoun was transported to Toledo Hospital with reportedly non life-threatening conditions. O’Neal and another man have been arrested.

Dude was asking for it though…how you gonna just show up at somebody’s crib beefing about something on Facebook…about your sister at that…not even you????


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  • S.a.s.s.y24

    Some people should not be on facebook.

    • Roasw

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    • lala land

      co sign

  • Shay

    Wow, SMH………..

  • ThickLikeCornbread


    She looks 35, like some1s auntie NOT 20

    And Calhoun was stupid for going over there over a fb post. Ppl are gonna tlk about u even after u die so pick ur battles wisely

    FB & Myspace is TOO MESSY for me. This isnt the 1st time some1 has gotten stabbed over fb

  • Hajj_Allah

    This facebook thing is out of hand!! I know a 42 year old woman who leaves her daughter home alone just so she can “get” up with old friends. BTW she is trailer trash who loves brothers. The rest of her children were taken by the state. SMDH!!!

  • divalious

    i i always say dont let fb get u in trouble. Thats silly though hell its just a post, when did words became so powerful?

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Life & Death are in the power of the tongue

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      So, words are EXTREMELY powerful

      But someone who is immature will be ready to fight over silly b.s. like a fb posts

  • juliemango

    That woman looks as tough\rouf!!!

  • Lisa

    I agree this woman looks 45, she must have had a rough life.

  • "Its6amHoGetOut", Who else?

    We all know how I hate to stereotype hoodrat ghetto b*tches, so let take inventory first:

    1. nappy azz weave.
    2. fat
    3. ugly as f**k.
    4. 20 but looks 45
    5. ugly
    6. nappy azz weave and ugly.
    7. Dike lookin’
    8. ugly
    9. Shaved off eyebrows.
    10. Stupid azz name “Taresa” instead of Teresa.

    Ok now I’m convinced I didnt stereotype.

    Love 6am

    • Louisiana Belle

      This chick is from Toledo and NOT the South. So, what do you have to say about that?

    • 666

      @ Louisiana,

      i bet u, ur mom and ur sister look like this nappy headed welfare CU.NT Lawwwwdddd knows N.O. has the most ghetto fat ni.gger bytches.

    • Louisiana Belle

      @ 666 AKA Marquis de Sade,

      We are fat, nappy headed, & are cu.nts BUT we are NOT on welfare

      Hope that helps ur stereotyping

    • Eva

      Welcome back!

  • "Its6amHoGetOut", Who else?

    That would be “lets”

  • "Its6amHoGetOut", Who else?

    @ Louisiana Belle,

    In my rant did you see me say anything about the south? Nope.

    And believe me, if you dig far enough you’d probably find out that b*tch was raised in Alabama and moved to Ohio.

    I mean why would a supposed 20 year old look like that? Thats one hard lookin’ pre-maturing ghetto heffa!

    Love 6am

    • Louisiana Belle

      It is called DEBATING! Tht is y i asked

      This argument is PROOF tht u can NOT generalize a group of ppl in 1 region of the country/USA

      Ghetto/silly/ignorant are EVERYWHERE

  • Ariona Taylor

    Getting arrested for stabbing someone and no real damage. If you go to jail, at least commit a crime.

  • MissPerfect

    20 years old in dog years.. looks like she lived a hard life already .. but what we have just witness here is a segment called WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG !

    • The Ugly Truth

      I went & read ur blog.

      To me, it seems u have a color complex. The lite-skinned long haired woman is the winner, the hero. YOU are neva good enuf

      Im glad its fiction, bcuz the stories are CRAZY

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    Errrrm.. By showing up at somebody’s house ostensibly to start a fight over a facebook post about his sister. Maybe he didn’t deserve to be stabbed but he show deserved to be hit in the head with a kitchen sink.

  • nyob

    If you can’t comport yourself sensibly, stay the he11 off of facebook. Be careful who you befriend on facebook, what you say about people on facebook and what you put about yourself on facebook.

    It amazes me the amount of information folks put on facebbook. What I find especially amazing is folks talk crap on facebook then want to beat folks up in person.

    I’m old school, if I can’t say it to your face, no way am I going to be a punk sitting at a computer spewing garbage on the internet.

    facebook is a killing or an azz-kicking waiting to happen for the silly and weak of mind. Too bad there are so many that fit the bill.



  • LadyJNewYork

    Damn, so glad I’m not on “FACEBOOK” too much drama LOL…p.s. dude you don’t go to people’s house unless you are “READY” for whatever..LOL

  • Chyna

    I remember when Facebook only allowed people in college in now everybody and their granny is on the site. Yuck the internet is the devil lol

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    This chick was 20 30 years ago. be real. And facebook has gotten a lot of ppl killed and hurt. Think I should cancel my account.

  • Ms.Louisiana225

    Well looks like he got what he was looking for to me. If you go to somebodies house to confront them, than you looking for trouble.Females ask your self what would you do if a MAN came to your house to confront you. would you defend yourself or what? ps. you wasn’t there so she could have been defending herself dah he a man.

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