Cry Me A River: Breezy Says He ‘Will Always Love’ Rihanna. She Says She’s ‘Annoyed.’

- By Bossip Staff

After finding out that Rihanna has once again used an interview to remind the world how much she hates talking about him, Chris Brown took to Twitter, of course, to let the world know about his unwavering love.

Of course, Chris has since deleted his little bleeding heart tweet. But not before the it was retweeted by Rihanna stans, and favorited by him.

You can imagine #TeamBreezy went nuts, starting a little war of words between with Rihanna fans. Which didn’t end until Chris and his momma got involved.

But the Browns weren’t the only ones speaking to their fans about “The Incident” and the need to let it go yesterday.

One of Rihanna’s fans managed to get her to talk about how much she hates talking about it again on Twitter.

Can another celebrity couple create a scandal to dead this already? Without anyone going to jail??

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  • MissNola


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    • asdAwf

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    • NiNjA

      She can’t say I don’t want to discuss that because its not just a case of whos dating who like beyonce. Everyone keeps playing the “role model” and “raising awareness” card. Chris can say no because he was at fault, Beyonce can say no because who she’s dating is trivial. She can’t get on an interview and say “yeah you might be going through this but I don’t want to talk about it” you know. She’s in a sticky situation that no other celebrity has really been through

  • Mrs. Rance

    Now she’s just full of sh*t. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, when the interviewer asks she should say “I don’t want to discuss that topic any further.” Simple as that. She’s saying she’s tired of people bringing it up but she keeps responding to it.

    • kalifa

      celebs let interviews know before hand which topics they dont want discussed….

      example: beyonce tells reporters not to ask about her and jigga….if they come anywhere close to her “relationship” in interviews she gives them the look of death…..

      ri-ri enjoys making chris relive this moment. she wont ever let anybody forget.

    • VirgoJewel

      Thank you! Now someone please tweet that to Rihanna.

    • Gemini

      RIGHT!!! She really needs to knock it off! If she doesn’t want to talk about it she doesn’t have to because everytime the use to ask Beyonce about her relationship with Jay Z she deaded that topic quick and she would do interviews and they wouldn’t even ask cause they knew better! I can’t stand Rhianna she gets on my nerves!! Breezy should’ve slapped that trick next time she will learn to keep her hands to herself! Yeah I said it and YES I am a WOMAN!


      I agree!!! She should & can decline to discuss it. I DONT condone Chris putting his hands on her but I do believe everybody deserves a 2nd chance.

    • Roasfw

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    • NiNjA

      Celebrities can say that, but as seen with the recent Chris Brown interview, interviewers definitely can ask those questions anyways. Imagine an interviewer asking “what advice do you want to give girls going through a similar situation” Rihanna: “I don’t want to discuss that”
      The backlash from her saying that would be ridiculous

  • Mrs. Rance

    BTW, in the end I think they will be back together. Its clear to me that they both are not over it.

    • hot100

      I dont think so….. rihanna likes to use people. Just look at the drake situation, she didnt want him but after he had a number 1 album, she went to him running. and now shes friends with nicki minaj?? mmmh

    • britchick91

      they will in 4 years smh

  • Blue Kid

    I don’t believe for one minute rihanna hates talking bout that incident, it all she has. Matt Kemp is to boring.

    I would like to drop a Tom-Tom on rihannanavy!

    • hot100

      she is not happy with matt… cant you see??? btw have you downloaded his new mixtape 😀 its dope, im listening to it now.

      go breezy go

    • Blue Kid

      Yes! I have it is dope, I am so happy with my mix downloads.

      Thanks Chris Brown.

  • purple love

    @ThaManagement yea thas her she responded to me be4 and she should tell them Mfers if u bring up the subject I’m leavin but then she gets called a bytch and the DV ppl get mad that she won’t stand up for victims so its a loose loose situation 4 her

    • Mrs. Rance

      I never thought about it that way, but forget the domestic violence orgs. She’s talked about it long enough to be justified in not wanting to discuss it further.

    • ThaManagement

      I STILL CALL BS! Before an interview they get to approve what questions will be asked. This heffa is doing this to be in the lime light.

      HOWEVER….I still dont see a verified account from Rihanna on twitter. I dont think its her.

  • T.k

    Lame!! Og course Chris Brown still oves him, anybody who says otherwise is lying!! But she really needs to LET IT GO!!!

  • Blue Kid

    Chris Brown would be stupid has hell to ever go back to her. rihanna has done nothing but ride this situation to the cows come home.

  • Blue Kid

    I could you go back to a woman who has gave you know thought at all, threw this horrid time.

    rihanna has done everything in her power to keep the incident in print.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      whats up bluekid? dang im so use to the rihanna forhead avi that i didnt see you until my eyes glance at some1 telling you something. and i said bluekid where then i saw your new avi.

    • Blue Kid

      Hey Girl! 🙂

      long time know see you also, I haven’t been coming in much and I have been staying off of rihanna post and find it fruitless to talk about her.

  • Dr Black


  • jessica

    @blue kid y can’t you make your point in 1 post?

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Chris done came so far since that incident,and he still got a long way to go,so i hope she the last thing on his mind.Much love to Chris Brown!

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    i think this whole beat down despite it being real was staged at the same time.yes i will say it illuminati lol. they will go far n low to spread the agenda.notice after chris and rihanna we starting hearing about other celebs and domestic violence. it became a trend for awhile. smh.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      whats up glok? you know after i read that whole taylor swift sht with kanye beyonce at the awards show was (fake)an initiation for taylor swift.
      im skeptical about everything.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      who know you have to go through alot of humiliation and tests to join these clicks. so hey…….

    • Blue Kid

      Yes, I do believe the whole incident behind rihanna and Chris Brown was and PR scam, that went horribly wrong for Chris Brown, because he was the sacrifice.

      It is serving the Illuminati purpose. 2011 will be an eye opening for the one’s who are not asleep.

    • Blue Kid

      Hey Glok 🙂

    • Glok...I judge wisely sitting between 2 Pillars of Ivory!!!


  • my name

    Actually Kesha, CB crazy fans started this when they filled up Rihanna’s @s with nothing but pure hatred. Rihanna went off. And then thy continued on. his mama deleted the tweets where she calleus Rihanna out for no reason and then deleted it after Chris went in on his OWN fans. He belated his fans for causing all that bs and went on to congratulate the RihannaNavy for always supporting her. Don’t believe me go to his page that tweet is still there.

  • Peppa

    Keisha’s way you said a mouth ful. And I wonder why the CB Stans think that hating Rhi Rhi will help CB. Don’t you see how that is hurting him. Because the more you all come at Rhi Rhi, the more support her fans will give her.

    • Blue Kid

      It has nothing to do with her fans supporting her because you guys don’t, it has everything to do with that some one who runs the show and it’s not rihanna or her navy.

      And you are right the fans of the sacrificed need to stop hating on rihanna. Chris Brown was the sacrifice not her.

  • my name

    * they not thy
    *called not calleus
    *berated not belated

  • purple love

    @my name what did his mom say?

  • Drakestr

    I used to like Breesey, but he is letting his STANS turn him into a punk Bytch. He should just move on, and stop doing little sly ish. And his dumb fans don’t even catch his little sneaky digs that he and his hip hop friends try to do to Rhi RHi. We all know the dudes he hangs around are not fans of strong women. They diss women and Breesey does as well.

    • Blue Kid

      Liar’s will not enter in to the kingdom of God, so I guess you are ready to enter in to the fiery pits of hell, because you just told an lie.

  • Peppa

    @purple, she is always on Twitter responding to RhiRhi fans, like they are talking to her a$$ or soemthing. She is another reason CB can’t stop it with the Rhi Rhi digs. His mom is so bitter at Rhi Rhi because now CB’s wallet isn’t as phat as it used to be, and Mommy Breazey can’t count her dollar signs like she used to do.

  • purple love

    4real @Peppa? Das crazy I mean why would she do that?? Is that the tip moms are on now is there a fentymom twitter page responding to CB fans? Or a minaj mom page respondin to lil kim fans?

  • Angel

    Is that a scar on Rhianna’s side?

  • nana

    Am too OLD 4 this uneccesary sh!t! Yep…..

  • RMEs

    This sitch will stay in the media just like the brangelina, jennifer commotion. It will never go away.

  • Peppa

    LMAO@Purple. There are only certain celeb parents who dig into their childrens career. CB’s mom is definitely one of them. She got he A$$ beat, and didn’t even have the decency to talk to CB about what he did to RhiRhi. She just tried to act like he wasn’t at fault. Talk about being in denial. Or better yet, she was thinking about her meal ticket being taken away.

  • Nuts

    @purple love – don’t believe that crazy fan. His mom not ones but twice tweeted that she loves Robyn and has nothing but love for her. This person is nuts. They sound bitter and angry.

  • Rob

    Nana, its the Twitter nerds,what can you expect. Negros always on the internet but don’t own a damn thing but stories.

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