Ten WTF Questions About Sunday Night’s ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

- By Bossip Staff

If you haven’t been watching Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, you might want to catch up, because many scenes will leave you uttering three-letter acronyms like OMG, LOL, and especially: WTF.

In the case of this slide show, please take the “W” in “WTF” to mean either “what,” “where,” “when,” or “why?” We have way too many questions to ask about the television happenings of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here they are. We hope you have the answers, because we are still scratching our afros…[P.S.: Spoiler alert, for sure].

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  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery


  • http://bossip ky

    1st- I was looking at old episodes of RHOA and I looked at NeNe and she look the same damn way. Her nose, she could have kept the old one, and I never considered her sloppy fat so in my opinion she wasted her money. Another thing is when she said to her youngest son ” I wanted a cute perfect nose like yours” then the camera turned to Bryson nose and it was nene’s old nose. To me that was saying she didn’t like Brysons nose in his face.
    2- Apollo I agree he tries to please Phedra first and need to adjust to baby coming first. He is too good for Phedra she need to get it together
    3- why is Khandi working for Kim for free
    4- Dewight reminds me of the DR. I am sure if we get into his buissiness he is not who he says he is ! thats all !

    • luVn_LiFe

      i Agree you with you 100%
      Nene doesnt look fierce ALL the time,Whats fierce about black leggings EVERYDAY???
      Remeber in a previous episode Lawrence said he knows Dwight from WaaaaaaY back and he’s a Stunt(er)lawrence said meaning he’ll try things for that CasH!”

  • suga

    Very well put. I was thinking all of the above. Although, I don’t know how much post partum plays a role with Phaedra cause she acted like she really was not into being a mom even during the pregnancy. She was always trying to be so uppity. As for Kim’s daughter, what child needs a $3,000 ring? WTF!

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’ve never understood why some gorgeous guys like Apollo settle down with below average and spoil brat women like Phaedra

    • StarLight

      Ya know?!? This has to be some sort of arrangement for her to save face over the pregnancy. Or she could simply be his suga-momma.

      They just don’t seem insanely happy like most newlyweds I know.

    • tommykimon

      Bet Apollo is fine and carried Phareda up the stairs like she was light as a feather. What a man.

    • Mock Rock Star

      my apologies about the typos 😉

    • tommykimon

      @ Mock I agree the baby should always come first. I think they had the driver with the baby. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t take the baby in the house first but maybe he didn’t want to hear her big mouth. I was only to referring to how strong he looked carrying her big butt up the stairs like she was super light.

  • wtfever

    Greg is not scared he is tired of NeNe smelling herself! She has changed before all our eyes. I hate that b/c I used to like NeNe. He may have cheated, but it seems to be much more than that. Kim is so funny and Kandi. Sheree is becoming a bit humble I believe. Phaedra is a mess, she doesnt love her husband, and doesnt appear to have any maternal instinct.

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    I dont Feel like Apollo and Phadrea are not gonna last Apollo on some episodes just seems like he wants to tell her to shut up and wants nothing to do with her its seems like she doesnt value his thoughts and treats him like a child ..&& Apollo was or still is the downlow i dont care what Nobody says it wont be long until its exposed

    • Ummm...

      Yes… I was waiting for someone to say Apollo looked a bit suspect. Remember when the gay dude (don’t remember his name right now) said he met him through a friend when he got out of prison?! Yep… Something ain’t right with him.

  • lovely libra

    i totally agree, i think phaedra was more into the ‘idea’ of having a family. Now thats he’s here she is seeing what it really takes to raise a family.

  • Where da white women at ???

    All them ho’s is played and how in the hell can Neneandethal be mad at Greg for putting on the radio what she has been discussing in front of the camera for weeks with her big muppet looking azz.

  • Tee

    If that ish right there ain’t sum it up, IDK what will!!!!

  • confidently_ugly

    I didnt know “Dr” T before this show…. in his first appearance i could tell he was a scam artist, its all he does- hustle for a living

  • confidently_ugly

    Im just waiting for some dude to come out about his relationship with “dr” T

  • Where da white women at ???

    1. Sheree looks like Ray Allen in drag 2. Neneandethal looks like just that a ghetto cookie monster.

    • luVn_LiFe

      Ray Allen in Drag???? hahahahaha _________FLATLINED”

    • I can't STAN!


    • Lady J

      Sheree does look like a Drag Queen. I always wonder what was so strange about her looks. And for her to denide her 1st child and call her a friend of the family, and now you want me on the show with you. I would have told her where to go..She was ashame of her bcause she had her young and out of wedlock…

  • Eri


  • tam

    i loved when nene went off on greg, i felt her pain and i wonder exactly what has greg done to her in the past, she hints towards it but never says what it is. greg sat there looking like Duh! which way did he go!lol and phaedra is just too ridiculous for words, i feel sorry for the baby. and i wish kandi would quit acting like she just makes so many hit songs, if she did she would make herself one. and you can tell kims daughter is getting ready to have sex, that purity ring thing was all for T.V.!!!!!

  • Where da white women at ???

    The whole show is for tv, Neneandethal on camera saying show would only confide her getting a divorce with one person her best friend…okay on a camera for a show seen by a large group of folks…and you want to get mad cause he went on the radio with ya bidness? TV/Radio? really whats the difference?

  • sexygrandmom


  • Lady J

    Why is Phadrea even on the show.. She is not the most attractive person in the world with all the make-up she wear,and what kind of “LAWYER” is she she cant evn LIE get the hell out of here. Did you peep the Mothers Day brunch when the cast was grilling her. Then Apollo came in with a Mothers Day gift for her (baby bag)very one I know say the same she gave him the money to go get it before he came in the house. That man cannot afford a (Gucci) baby bag. She is just so in need of help.. Please get rid of her..

  • Lady J

    All I have to say about Kim is BLAH….Speechless BLAH…

  • Rose

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  • jayluv

    Kandi and Kim. well, Kandi will be getting paid well this time around if Kim chooses to do the song, considering she have a wide gay base fan…they made madonna…model chick, cynthia? she don’t want the man, now she ’bout to spend off all his money for this wedding…she got the poor thang so nervous at the table…his knee was just a tapping away. did you catch her reaction to the stripper…that little ole man should be worrying about who she might be sleeping with currently and not Nene.

  • jayluv

    Lisa gets invited and she gets paid for her appearances…heck i would show up too (hi haters). Kim and her mini meee’s…smh…lets give them the benefit of the doubt here…Kim is schooling them about the right way to catch a rich man, so i think they will be alright until someone want to rebel…

  • jayluv

    who the heck are those kids father? how long did work as a nurse? gotta give it wht girls, the got the game locked.

  • lt

    phadra is book smart but very shallow and selfish. i don’t like her at all. i feel sorry for her son he is such a cutie pie. nene is looking good.

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