Police Brutality Turns Into Big Bucks For Fledgling Fashionista

- By Bossip Staff

Now THIS is what we like to see! Someone who got a chance to benefit from the bullsh*t that the NYPD tends to be on from time to time!

In 2002, an NYPD officer smashed Leah McSweeney’s face into a subway grating, knocking out two of her teeth. It turned out to be her big break. The $75,000 settlement she received from the city two years later provided the seed money for Married to the MOB, the company she’s since grown into a multimillion-dollar fashion line. With a line of T-shirts emblazoned with such provocative messages as “Super B*tch” and “Men are the new women,” McSweeney built the company into a powerhouse.

“In hindsight, it was a pivotal moment in my life,” McSwee ney, now 28, said of her brush with po lice.
“The cops were beating up a friend of mine outside the Hammerstein Ballroom at around 4 a.m.,” she said. “I had a bottle in my hand and — though I shouldn’t have — I threw it. That’s when the cop punched me.” With the settle ment money, she purchased a new computer, turned her apartment into her office and, “most importantly, had money to live on while I started the company,” she said. Now her company is headquartered on the 65th floor of the Empire State Building.

Thats one helluva come up! In this day and age when there are so many reports of police violating people’s rights, getting minimal if ANY punishment (see Oscar Grant), and the victims of these crimes left with physical and mental scars to live with without ever getting any restitution or justice, this is a truly remarkable story.

Obviously, all cops aren’t bad cops but you know what they say about bad apples and bunches…

Have you ever had a family member or friend that was a victim of police brutality? Do you think that people should be more aggressive in pursuing lawsuits against Police departments after suffering an attack?


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  • purple love

    Go girl! I love m2tm!

    • BlackIce

      Getting paid for police brutality is a WHITE thing. Less than 1% of us would get a settlement while they will get it 98% of the time.


    Good for her and to turn into something she can live off of instead of blowing it ….go girl

  • jdmann

    Way to go shawty, her brand is blowing up even in a slow market. There’s money in brutality lawsuits if you got a good lawyer thats willing to fight for you. Without a good lawyer usually it’s a settlement for pocket change if you’re lucky and you still got the cops on your back.

  • ebbi

    I LOVE Leah & MOB.

  • Interestinggg

    I’m not trying to undermine her success in receiving her settlement…
    But I can’t help but think about how many people of color have been brutalized and in some cases, even killed by the police and have received very little retribution or nothing at all…

    • Bossip

      Just because you do not hear about it in the news/media does not mean it doesn’t happen.

      It can go both ways.

  • sanriobaby =^.^=

    She literally turned her lemons into lemonade! This should be a reminder that if you come into some money, even a bit of it, do something positive for yourself that’s gonna last for the long run. As far as people pursuing brutality suits against the police, if you feel your rights have been violated, you have the right to sue. I don’t know about most of the country, but in NYC, there is now a separate independant dept. that deals with these issues. Most of the time, they press the victims to settle out of court b/c it costs the city too much time and money to appear in court.

  • Rose

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  • Quit

    @Joe – that’s what happenes when you’re white and do that ish. If you’re black, you get 17 warning shots in the chest.

  • fuk u

    maybe becuase shes white? yall never thought to think that

  • jayluv

    good for her…i love this story. i don’t know you but i am so proud of you…you rock gurl…girl power!!! (how old am i again?)

  • jayluv

    aint this supposed to be a lil positivity news for the day? just saying…

  • the truth is.....

    I’d probably be more interesting in this story if it were a male or female of color. And thats the truth!!!

    • Louisiana Belle


  • http://www.spaghettinlipgloss.com LB

    I love Leah and M.O.B…You guys are a lil late on this story…like light years…bwahahaaa and you claim you know fashion….www.spaghettinlipgloss.com

  • Shananigans

    good for her and she wasnt stupid w the money either


  • TJay

    Tell these Other Producers to Hang it Up. period www. Freewaytjay. com

  • DeE

    Not sure but one can’t help but play the race card because if an African American or a darker skinned woman, let alone a man, threw a bottle around a cop(s), there would have been sooooo many charges thrown at us that we would still be wondering about bail money not negotiating settlement amounts. White man made the Creator’s earth his through subjugation and we perpetuate it through ignorance, distraction, allure and loss of morality and discipline.

  • @__SUKIII


  • Mandingo Black


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