Ray-J Tells Bossip He Has A Serious Girlfriend, Katt Stacks Got What She Deserved, And Is Settling Down [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • It's Me

    Straight clown!

    • Rose

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  • BOONDOCKS Disiple

    I doubt that Ray-J has a serious girlfriend. Mainly because what girl can take him seriously???

  • Simply Jane

    Ray J ain’t got no serious gf him I & da world both kno that. Lol he funny

  • nana

    With that size of D!ck???? He’s SET for life.

  • butta

    He just anit cute! I just dont see what is soo attractive abt him? Can anyone help me out?

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    HEY RAY J ..can you please stfu !

  • Tee

    Man, no freaking comment. This dude here…I can’t.

  • Entoon

    I guess whorin didn’t work out that well for him like it did Kim! who cares about dyck size when u know it’s been in the holes of some very questionable people!

  • November 30

    He is a joke! He should date that Antoine Dodson chick.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    @ Naheim lmaooooo too funny. But this dude looks like he smells so gooooood.

  • rain

    Why ray j voice never matured,he still has that squeaky lil voice,

  • jayluv

    We all know you created the show Ray J…you made it clear…good for him and his new gf…

  • my opinion

    he seem like he has matured so glad he finally did

  • Xclusive

    Gay j….whomp,whomp.whomp…nxt topic

  • You know...

    I’m thinking Whitney Houston.

  • rene

    I love this Family. They are supper cool. They are the model Family.

  • laurijoy

    he got greezy shades

  • Gigglegal215

    Most celebrities have stylist,managers,p.r.people etc. That turn them into characters. They range from the sublime to the subliminal. There are a lot of talented people who are not famous or have lost deals because they refuse to become puppets. Unfortunately,Ray J. has become a character.

  • Gigglegal215

    He will always be a D list recording artist,in my opinion. He gave Brandy $10,000.00 for her birthday, on their show. Did she need it,or was he trying to floss for the cameras? Immature either way.Both of them looking like a low budget Baby and Lil Wayne. Not that I condone what Baby did for Wayne’s birthday.

  • that damn sh!t disturber

    i hope he really does have a gf to settle down with. even though he looks good and is funny he’s getting too damn old to be so immature!

  • daisy jay

    The day Ray J settles down is the day I give Joe Jackson the bj of his life.

    I’m serious…

  • Xclusive

    Nobody cares about this Z List celeb….

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