You Know You’re A Dirty Dog When… Tony Parker’s Lawyer Wants No Parts Of The Divorce

- By Bossip Staff

Man. Good thing Tony Parker‘s having a winning year in his professional life! Because in his personal life, he STAYS losing.

According to TMZ, this fool hired the same divorce attorney who was repping his married jump-off’s soon to be ex! And guess which client the lawyer chose?

Tony Parker just lost his lawyer in his divorce case with Eva Longoria — because Tony’s lawyer also reps the man who’s married to the woman Tony was allegedly sexting.

Richard Orsinger, Esq. filed Tony’s divorce petition on November 19 in Texas. But sources connected with the case tell TMZ … when Tony hired Orsinger, the lawyer didn’t know another one of his clients — former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry — would have a connection to Parker’s divorce.

Barry is in the process of getting a divorce from Erin Barry, the woman whom Parker allegedly sexted on the side.

Bottom line … we’re told Orsinger felt it was a conflict of interest to rep both Parker and Barry, so Parker got cut.

But sources tell us Parker is in the process of finding another lawyer and the Texas divorce will proceed. Eva has filed for divorce in Los Angeles.

Oh, Frenchie…SMH. Quel disappointment! He probably asked Brent Barry for a referral!

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  • Chocolate_Box

    Still shocked at this divorce


    hells bells…i can see why eva’s steppin…

    who ordered the *wendy voice* “HOW U DOIN'” poster?!!!

    yikes! 😦

    • tala


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  • Ice Harvest

    @RHONYC: CTFU @ ur “how u doin”, n the “yikes” killed it!!

  • b

    what a farce. It is widely known that Tony is in the closet. Eva was a beard.
    Total set up!!!!

  • Alwaystrue

    Damn Tony, You better hope you pick up a MVP or something because it look like they’re coming for yo azz!!!

  • juliemango

    That pic makes himd look suspect!!!

  • tommykimon

    I don’t know about gay but was always weird looking to ne.

    • tommykimon

      typo should be “me”

  • Betty

    He look like he is about to start “vogueing” in this poster.

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