The New Republican Senate Are Acting Like A$$es!

- By Bossip Staff

America voted for Republicans to bum-rush the show in DC and now they are about to bring the pain!

President Obama has asked a panel of congressional leaders to work out some sort of compromise on the expiring unemployment benefits. It seems as if the brash Republicans in Congress let the deadline for the unemployment benefits pass on by. Senate Democrats had asked for a yearlong reauthorization of Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits programs. This would have given those unemployed up to 73 weeks of benefits. The Mighty-Morphin Power Republicans did the dirt move and blocked the request. President Obama stated,

“We discussed working together to keep the government running this year — and running in a fiscally responsible way,” Obama said. “And we discussed unemployment insurance, which expires today. I’ve asked that Congress act to extend this emergency relief without delay to folks who are facing tough times by no fault of their own.”

It has been noted that if the an agreement isn’t met that over two-million long-term unemployed will stop receiving checks by Christmas! What in the hell is going on here? Republicans are talking that ying-yang but are up to their same “BS”. It’s crazy don’t any Republicans have family members who are jobless?


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  • Nancy


    • Kyra

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Keep the benefits add to the deficit cut the benefits and 2 million people have no meaningful income…Sell dope prostitution.

    Join the police force there will be more thirsty criminal on the street when they cut the benefits.

    • Noww What!!

      The deficit is already way to high so what difference does it make now. It’s still going to take time to get back to where we were. If America can help other countries why not help our own. Prostitute or sell drugs what a stupid statement to make. This is a serious matter and it’s sad that ppl are blaming the President when in fact Bush put us in this mess…As always..blame the black man..go figure!

    • DR.FUNK

      Your name says it all.The extended benefits should END.Plenty of floors need to be cleaned…dishes need to be washed…food needs to be processed.

  • Jimbo

    Somebody Tell Brown Lip Obama to Grow some Ballz and Stand up for the people. Republicans act like Dix and Obama is a Puss Cake. I wanna know when his black side comming out?

    • Noww What!!

      Some of you people are so ignorant! There is a process that even the President has to go through, if he didn’t i’m sure millions would be keeping there benefits. These damn Republican in office keep shooting him down just so they can say he’s not doing his job. It’s called teamwork and if all the players are not on mutual grounds nothing will ever get accomplished that is one reason the President had not been able to do as much as he wants to do. These damn “crybabies” (republican) are to worried about him helping his own people instead of worrying about helping all ppl. When he gets out of office in 2010, let’s see who they blame then.

  • can't stand 'em!

    so people really thought the midterm elections were a joke huh…damn republicans don’t care about poor people. it’s truly sad…fight on my president! i support you 100% sir!

  • Tha Notorious D.I.C

    @ Vision your an idiot! 250,000 dollars over an lifetime doesn’t make u rich but if u make that every year then your rich! 4 yrs= 1,000,000 I would call that rich not wealthy! And I don’t think anybody on here would complain with making over 20,000 dollars a month! Unless u have Jay-Z Money! Get a brain and miss me with that republican stuff! I make 6 figures a year and don’t mind a tax raise! If its for the good of the people who truly need it!

    • Chris Mackey

      The donate whatever percentage you are comfortable of your six figure income to “the people who truly need it” your damn self. You don’t need the government to get involved in that process. It’s really easy to write a check and stop trying to take money out of my pocket to support poor people that I don’t know.

    • white male

      if you make 250k a year you are already getting taxed like 43%. I think the estate tax is a much bigger deal than raising the income tax.

  • big d

    If you can’t provide for your family and live a good life off of 250,000 a year you are a plain fool and is living beyond your means . I wish I made 250,000 a year everything I own would be paid for .

  • Really?

    Profit over PEOPLE!


    The Republicans will cave…because they are as GUTLESS as this president when it comes to cutting spending.Obama could win in 2012 simply by pointing out that the other guy will only SPEND like he’s doing.PATHETIC…and NO…unemployment benefits SHOULD NOT BE EXTENDED.

  • bouyant

    that’s what democrats get for not voting. I think people that don’t vote are plain stupid.

    • FlyyMenG0Peach

      AGREED! Now sit and weep as the Republicans give the President HELL!!!

      Thats what I cant stand abt black folks…we cry after the fact but dont take any preventive measures to STOP things like this from happening smh.

  • true

    @DR.FUNK, it sound like you might a. Listing of available jobs. Why don’t you post the links or better yet, post names n numbers of employers since you seem to know so much!! If u can’t provide that info then I suggest u go kick rocks with an open toe shoe!!

  • 1word

    All Obama have to do is keep doing the right things, eventually he will have enough ammunition to through up in the Republicans face come 2012 election. The smart people will see whose for the American people and whose for Big Business.

    • LadyJNewYork

      I agree with you, President Obama just has to “Keep Doing the Right Thing.” GOD sits high and looks low!

    • sommer

      I totally agree with you. When the people see that the republicans are doing whatever they can for Obama to fail maybe just maybe they will see the writing on the wall. I want to remind people that the majority of the republicans will focus on health care and what ever else that will help people in America. How soon have people forgot that we had 8 years of bush and we are still paying the price. WHAT A SHAME

  • Rob

    Hey you big dummy, we have a Deficit and owe debt, America also does not make more GDP than they spend. Either we raise taxes or we need to cut a lot of spending and even with those cuts we still wont meet expectations. Even Buffett stated we need to tax the rich. We need to raise taxes or get money from somewhere because you cant spend more than you make. America does not make enough GDP to keep America alive so we have to raise taxes. The bush tax cuts for the rich would have been nice but those investors are not spending that money in America, they are spending it abroad. Black, White, Hispanic, Indian and Asian Americans are going to have to wake up and come to reality and start attacking the problem because as it stands now, America does not make enough GDP to keep itself alive. Somebody has to get taxed and it is that simple.

  • Charlotte

    To those in cities where the jobs have been lost I do feel really bad for you. But to my neighbor who’s been sitting on her azz this past year and a half, collecting unemployment, even when I offered her a job, that’s what her and others like her get!

  • RazeKane

    So, these Repubs think they can just snub the unemployed and people who are about to lose their only source of income…they have no idea how many home grown terrorist they will create if people become desperate. That fool from somalia might become a hero to some folks.

  • common sense

    After the rich deplete this country they will move to Dubai or some other country will all there ill gotten gains.

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