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America voted for Republicans to bum-rush the show in DC and now they are about to bring the pain!

President Obama has asked a panel of congressional leaders to work out some sort of compromise on the expiring unemployment benefits. It seems as if the brash Republicans in Congress let the deadline for the unemployment benefits pass on by. Senate Democrats had asked for a yearlong reauthorization of Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits programs. This would have given those unemployed up to 73 weeks of benefits. The Mighty-Morphin Power Republicans did the dirt move and blocked the request. President Obama stated,

“We discussed working together to keep the government running this year — and running in a fiscally responsible way,” Obama said. “And we discussed unemployment insurance, which expires today. I’ve asked that Congress act to extend this emergency relief without delay to folks who are facing tough times by no fault of their own.”

It has been noted that if the an agreement isn’t met that over two-million long-term unemployed will stop receiving checks by Christmas! What in the hell is going on here? Republicans are talking that ying-yang but are up to their same “BS”. It’s crazy don’t any Republicans have family members who are jobless?




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