Some Morning Sacrifice: Alicia Keys Is Dead For “Keep A Child Alive”

- By Bossip Staff

Earlier this week, we posted how Alicia Keys has inspired Facebook and Twitter-whoring celebrities to quit their social media habits for a good cause…

Of course Kim Kardashian was the first to drop her ad, but here is A. Keys-Dean’s…

Click here for the full Digital Death video campaign.

Are you feelin it???

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  • Shar


    • Kyra

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  • R.D


  • Nymphis

    someone pls shut it and lock it
    Sorry! Mashonda made me say that

  • Somegyal

    Uh, not understanding y she looks like she’s smiling but anyway its 4 a good cause.

  • Entoon

    I don’t like this concept. it does nothing to see celebriities like this when referring to social media. it would been better seeing them smash fake computers, blackberry phones etc. this right here is too damn extreme!


      I would have to say I agree on that. I do not understand the need for this morbid concept. It was meant to shock and add punch to the cause but in my opinion it falls way short and creates a fizzle.

      Why does Alicia look like she’s smiling? Its for HIV/AIDS I want to see devastation. Not glamor shots!!! Really?!

      Breaking up PC’s, or bring the world map close to home through dramatic photographic depiction would have been better than this BS. Check out Kimmy fake cakes shot.

      Just saying

    • New in Town

      The whole point of the death and coffin thing was to get the response you just gave. We are shocked when we see celebs die or see death in front of their names, but when regular people die, we don’t give the same reaction. The group wants to show the world that their lives are no more important than anyone else’s.

  • LuVn_LiFe

    WhY is Mrs.Dean Smiling,she actually looks like she’s about to bust out laughing

  • MzFitt

    If they don’t raise a million, they won’t go back to Twitter, facebook, etc. Guess I won’t be donating to this specific cause…

    • RMEs

      I’m with ya MzFitt. If they had to depend on me to get them back on FB, Twitt etc., they’d NEVER be back on.

    • Renee

      Umm It’s for their fans to bring them back, not their haters.

    • Entoon

      How about all their rich azzes give $100,000 a peice?!?! They would have been over a million yesterday after the fake photoshoot! So they gonna hold their communication to the world for hostage until somebody pays?!?! GTFOH!

  • It's Me

    Great woman. She is one on the hottest chicks in the game…

  • if anything be noble

    These folks have absolutely no respect for anything, not even the sanctity of life. Go head and touch and play with death and deadly things if you want to…

    • StarLight

      Shut up! I was thinking the same thing. How crazy would it be if one of these celebrities really just died suddenly after this campaign?!?

  • TruthIsKnowledge

    Illuminati couple. It’s part of the Masonic ritual. Devil worshipping rich ppl

    • Entoon

      ya think? it does reek of self righteous damnation! oh well, choose your fate I guess!

  • PRPPLE, B*tch I aint gone nowhere

    either 99% of people are born idiots, or becomming famous with money and “yes” people around you makes you an idiot. This has to be the dumbest of all the dumb campagnes…well no “Vote or Die” is the most idiotic but this is bout neck and neck

  • VDUB

    The Concept is they are killing their digital life to KEEP A CHILD ALIVE!!

    It’s World AIDS Day! What are YOU doing to help your community?

    • Entoon

      I’m praying for all who is afflicated! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????

  • DJ BLV

    Deuces!! Peace! so if no one donates will she stay digitaly dead hahaaaha

  • Yeah

    You can be dead with your mouth open? I’ve never seen that at a funeral, but who knows. Cause I’ve never been to a rich persons funeral, maybe if you pay extra they can do things like that. I know shes not really dead but I thought it would be a little more realistic. : (

  • MzFitt

    I say leave em – don’t send money…technically dead!!!

  • yesssss

    Co-sign good riddens

  • kebler

    Damn she looks good dead!

  • yeuphonic

    Thanks KELLY! I WAS THINKING THE SAME DAMN THING. It may be worldsaidsday but AIDS is also a serious problem HERE in the U.S.A.
    get tested
    get your partner tested
    get your friends tested
    send money to help save a life
    volunteer at your local clinic

  • 100milesperhour

    Mocking death…that’s one way to earn you a permanent spot in that casket sooner rather than later.

  • Hot Chocolate

    They’re such losers They haven’t any sense when to stop with the bs.

  • resurrected

    Why ask for money that you can easily give out yourself. It is nothing wrong giving to a good cause but there are a lot of causes that don’t always need media attention because giving is from the heart.

    • RMEs

      This has nothing to do with being altruistic otherwise they would give in secret because the only one that really needs to know what you are doing for others is GOD.

  • rain

    Now if only she would stay dead,that would be great like that dead music of hers bwahahahahaha

  • rain


  • me

    I think this HORRIBLE AD! I am down with the casue but this makes a mockery of death. And I don’t wanns see Alicia Keys in a coffin until the approate time! SMDH

  • G-La

    Sorry, but I just don’t understand. I mean I’m all for lending a helping hand, but how is this helping? Just seems like a silly publicity ad…instead of wasting money on nonsensical ad campaigns, they should have just used the money to ‘keep a child alive.’

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