Caption This… Kardashians With Books Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Seriously, we actually think the photog who took these wanted us to come up with funny captions. So we thought we’d leave the comedy writing to you.

What were Kim, Khloe and Kourtney thinking as they signed copies of “Kardashian Konfidential” in NYC yesterday? And how come we couldn’t find a single copy of Kourtney by herself with a book???

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  • Kevin

    KIM IS SUCH A HOE IT IS UNBELIEVABLE! Tryna be Halle Berry and sh*t!! H*e sit yo 5 dolla azz down plez! CAN’T WAIT TIL HER 30 SECONDS OF FAME DIES OUT! And when will we ever get to see this bit*h without some got damn makeup???

    Caption: “Sorry media we aren’t allowed to speak until our pimp (Kris) says so.!”

  • nymphis

    welcome to our horatorium would you like me to sign your copy of

    “how to succeed by word of MOUTH”

    • sportstalk23

      bwhahahahaha you wrong for that but also quite accurate lol

  • Shelly

    They are thinking YO HATERS!!

  • YokoDMV

    Khloe: “I wonder what Lamar is doing? I can’t wait until this is over, so they can deflate their snooki’s and I can check my phone..”

    Kourtney: “I’m the prettiest…..right?”

    Kim: “Ladies! lets remember how it all started…open your mouth just a little bit, keep it as dry as possible, turn on the Kardashian Kamera and say THAAAANK YOOOOUUU RAY-J!!”

  • YokoDMV

    lmaoooo….practicing their ORALS

  • Nymphis

    lots of pictures bcause this book was written by and for the intellectualy impaired

  • LuVn_LiFe

    Kourtney looks old in these Pics,i think iTs the hair.In the thumbnails she lOOKs like Kris

  • MzFitt

    Konfidential? Wow…what an inappropriate/interesting title because they don’t keep ANYTHING confidential!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I would’ve liked to have been there to appreciate their fashion game in person 🙂

    I love these womens’ sense of style….hawt!

    • lala land

      thats treu their fashion is always nice =] but dont forget the fashion designers that design them, but the first pic looks like they are in their 40’s dont know their real age tough, And as the nice persons that they are they are like farmers just like most artists outthere lol just milking the cow till its dry and when its dry they just fetch a other cow and milk again and some of them sell and give milk to the people and some of them are just keeping it for them selfs i wonder in wich one these sisters belong too

  • grant

    that’s so cute, they’re pretending they can read…adorable….

  • juliemango

    Isnt kourtney the 1 with a degree? & no book in front of her?

  • It's Me

    I can only imagine what is talked about in the books. It will go something like this, Ok kids repeat after me 1 plus 1 is 3. and ketchup mixed with syrup makes jelly. What dumb broads…

  • Bdot

    Koloring Book Time with the Kardashians..

  • Where da white women at.......

    Them are some fine women right there…a portrait of beauty.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    There’s nothing confidential about the Kardashians?
    The book is prolly a scratch and sniff of their hindparts?

  • -

    Why are there post of them everyday?

  • Eddy

    We are 3 no talent sisters’ pretending to write a book. We are famous for nothing, but some stupid people actually believe we are relevant.

  • Rob

    I personally don’t like these birds but they blacker than most black women in America.

  • youngk_GO_hard

    Reporter: “Have You guys Read Whats in here”
    Kardashian’s; “We were supposed to read it?”

    They are so dumb and spoiled but i’d smash each one everyday of the week. beleedat

  • Xclusive

    I bet there Book is Called…RicH BlacK Men…..LmaO

  • well...

    I know I’m wrong, but I might actually buy the book. 😦 Saw it in the store today, it was at a discount. It wasn’t that bad; athough they didn’t write it, it was done in interview style w/quotes from them, etc. Lots of pics of course, it’s something their young female fans would love. Like what has already been noted, everything Paris Hilton has done, they do. Paris had her book too & this is probably done in the same style. Why would I even want this? Maybe as a momento so when their 15 min are FINALLY up, I can look at it & laugh. For real, I wish they’d write a book on how they REALLY came up, it’s far more interesting. 😛 In the meantime, I’ll wait for the unauthorized version & keep reading comments by ppl who tell the truth on them. 🙂

  • Orlando

    Yes, plastic mannequins

  • Where da white women at.......

    My bad thats “dress” you triffing nikkas…

  • saywhat

    Kris is the best pimp mommanger in the game.

  • Fab.

    “Welcome to the school for kids who can’t read good and wanna learn to do other things good too!”

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