Rosa Parks, We Thank You

- By Bossip Staff

On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, with one single act of ‘defiance’ that would launch the Montgomery Bus Boycott, became the first lady of the Civil Rights Movement.

Many of us grew up with the notion that Parks simply didn’t want to give up her seat because she was tired from work. But as she revealed in her autobiography “My Story,” she knew very well what her decision to disobey bus driver James Blake would mean something.

“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day. I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then. I was forty-two. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

When Parks refused to give up her seat, a police officer arrested her. As the officer took her away, she recalled that she asked, “Why do you push us around?” The officer’s response as she remembered it was, “I don’t know, but the law’s the law, and you’re under arrest.” She later said, “I only knew that, as I was being arrested, that it was the very last time that I would ever ride in humiliation of this kind.”

We thank you, Rosa Parks, for helping change the world.


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  • wisdom2


    How sad it is that we as a community let our fore father’s (Mother’s ) sacrifices go to waste.



  • wisdom2

    Man I LOVE the way those women dressed back then.

    Matching Hats,coats and gloves; really lady like.

  • bobbi

    Thank you a zillion times, Ms. Rosa Parks! Rest in eternal peace…

  • Peppa

    Ms Parks you are remarkable. My mom told us about you, and I remember her smiling the entire time she was talking about you. Because of you, when I decide to take a bus downtown I can sit in the front if I want to. Your strength courage and resilience made the life of an African American so much better. We love you, we adore you, and we celebrate you and your legacy.


      Peppa i agree i love Ms.Parks

    • Arcangelo

      Well said indeed, Peppa. Thank you so much, Sister Rosa. Your legacy will never, ever be forgotten.

  • if anything be noble

    Cosign Peppa. :::chills:::

  • Sejanus

    When I look at the state of black america, I’m not so sure about that. 70+% of black kids born out of wedlock, 90% will be on food stamps at some point. I’ll take Mrs. Parks humiliation over this humiliation any day. I’ll gladly walk home to my beautiful black wife and family on the black side of town.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @ SeJanus… PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU FOR SUCH INTELLIGENT WORDS! ANYBODY THAT LOOKS BACK ON THE TREATMENT OF OUR PEOPLE AND CANT UPHOLD YOUR BLACKNESS AND CONTINUE TO UPHOLD WHITES AND THINK THEY ARE BETTER IS A GD FOOL! GREATFUL FOR SMART MEN LIKE YOU! Folks lying on Ms. Parks… she said she wasnt tired and wasnt old… smdh at the fool cop who said “i dont know but its the law!! To treat another human like that for no reason other than skin color is beyond ole low down devil satan azz ways!!

  • thatarmychick

    Thank you.

  • if anything be noble

    Wisdom2, and those were cleaning ladies riding the city bus on a weekday, not off to church, but going to do laundry and iron… Incredible. Wasn’t no butt cracks, muffin tops or bare breasts anywhere to be seen…

  • juliemango

    Love the old school mug shot!!!

  • Sejanus

    The civil rights crowd sought to make america deliver on it’s promise. When you look at the stats regarding black america, you must conclude it didn’t and it won’t. Thie plight of black america is a sideshow now in the “postracial”, global era.

  • tee410

    She is phenomenal but what made her different from all of the other individuals that refused to give up their seats is that she was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN to plead NOT GUILTY to such a defense…thanks Mrs Parks

  • TrueBeauty83


  • Where da white women at.......

    Finally a black woman to be respected up in here…..TY

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™


    • wisdom2



    the epitome of a lovely black woman of WENT HARD.
    here’s to not having it and paving our way, Madame Parks.
    xoxo 🙂


    the epitome of a lovely black woman WHO WENT HARD and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    here’s to not having it and paving our way, Madame Parks.
    xoxo 🙂

  • RosaParksCourage

    Much respect for her life.


    Btw- I still can’t believe that IceCube/CedTheEntertainer/Script writer dissed her in Barbershop- that was 1000% foul…smh


    Bless you Ms.Parks.Much gratitude.

  • StarLight

    Many thanks, and may God bless her soul. Rest in peace Ms Parks.

  • Monique

    Ms.Parks, The Black Women all over the world appreciate what you have done for us. Black Women Stand Tall and be Strong Learn To Love Yourself.I Thank You Ms. Parks

  • You Smell Me??

    Where would WE be now without you Miss Rosa Parks?

    We need a honest revolution again….

    Cops v Black People would be a good one…

    if it weren’t for the fact that black people keep committing the crimes, then claiming some BS like, police didnt need to shoot my son, it was only a bb gun in his hand (the newest story from NYC)…

    If we are going to stand up against ‘the man’ it has to be on some real sh*t, not some post, affirmative action BS…

  • lily(bk'sfinest)

    Thank you Mrs. Parks, and may you rest in eternal peace. Your cl@ss and unwavering fortitude are greatly admired. The women of that era were the epitome of cl@ss and strength.


    God bless this great women.

  • Allen

    Peppa just Google her name..the whole story is there

  • afrodite

    I was thinking bout her while I was doing something as frivolous as doing my hair in the mirror this morning. I realized that life would be completely different if it hadn’t been for her and the others like her. we owe you all so much

  • Tamra Smith

    Thank You Ms. Parks!!!! Without your sacrifice to refuse your seat to white man on the bus, ALL of us would’ve not have had the privilege to ride the bus in this decade!!!! God bless!!!

    • Allen

      Google Claudette Colvin and get the real story..she was the first

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