Rih Rih Says She Didn’t Switch Up Her Style, She Was Always A Slut On The Low

- By Bossip Staff

More tidbits are coming out of Rihanna’s chat with Yeezy for Interview Magazine. And one of the things she let fly is what most of us thought all along: she was never as innocent as she looked when she first hit the scene in ’05.

“Well, I would say that in the beginning of my career, I didn’t have a lot of input in what I wore and stuff, but it was a very, innocent, girly look,” she tells Kanye during the interview.

She was definitely much more clean cut when she was breaking on the scene. There were certainly no bodysuits and metal studs.

“Then after we put out [third album] Good Girl Gone Bad, it kind of became a darker, edgier look, and then it got even edgier on the last album [Rated R].”

We’re not surprised. She always had that fast-booty-little-girl look in her eyes. Don’t believe us? Take a look back at fresh-off-the-boat Rihanna.


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  • -

    Rihanna was so pretty in these pics. What happended to that rihanna?

    • Gaii Gurl Shaii

      rihanna rihanna.. Rihanna.. RIHANNA!!!

      Gawd.. Gurl.. Woo.. I wanna be a part of illuminati now.. Just ugh..

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    isn’t this the same sob story all the celebs say on their vh1 behind the music?? christina aguilera said the same thing, etc.

  • It's Me

    I like her as she is honest about being a freak. I will never forget what she said a couple years ago. She said all I want for Christmas is good food and sex. Now that is a real women. You shy women take note!

  • Xclusive

    Rih Rih always Been a H*e she F*ckD CameL on the Low Low…LmaO


      lets keep yo hoe of a momma out of this okay (please&thankyou)

    • khloe


  • It's Me

    cookies are on the first floor near the toilet for you being first!

  • http://bossip nyla

    Duh thats why I always blamed her and not CB. This skank was the one with the problem, mental condition, and no sense. Chris was doing fine before Rihanna and since she is gone he is doing good. So thanks Rihanna for confirming what I have been saying all along !

    • Word


  • Entoon

    Rih Rih is a pretty girl. Noty surprised she changed her style. No one stays the same for ever.

  • TB4sho

    STFU & don’t bring cb’s name into this

  • CL6-AMG

    Bedroom eyes are the best..Esp when u look down to her while on her and hit that spot to make her close her eyes and bite that lower lip….HEHEHEHE Oh I know..lol

  • shut the fu*ck up

    okay how many times you gonna post under different names today to make it seem like she has a lot of fans on here when it is only 2 or 3

  • joeblow

    WOW look at her 5head on that last pic ……yikes that sh*t is huge yo

  • shut the fu*ck up

    after she went into his phone messages and hit him with the spike heel
    get it right
    she attacked first so what does that make her??
    other than a hoe a mental deranged hoe with issues

  • purple love

    @shut the fu*ck up and the proof of that is where?

    • shut the fu*ck up

      if you take ur head out ur azz when it first was brodcasted that they had the fight it was brought why…she found out that he was cheating on her with his manager but 5-headed riri was sneaking into his e mails and then she hit him with her spiked heel Chris did not make public how she started this but rolled with punches but if he is wrong then her avatar big herad is wrong too

    • shut the fu*ck up

      “broadcasted” and “head” typos

    • shut the fu*ck up

      even ne-yo made a comment on these two and said that after the big fight that this was nothing new to him that he had been around them while they have fought before and had seen them both with busted lips and laughing about it afterwards but Ne-yo had thought that they were crazy and not good for one another, that’s why she wanted to get back with Chris because they had done so many times before but that is when camel lipped stepped in and said no to riri but riri was sad that she had to get over Chris the girl still loves him whatever you think bout Chris the bi*tch is crazy and wrong for her part too

    • letstrythis again

      STFU needs to take his or her own advice. I just READ that damn police report, and it was disturbing.

      And btw-just because Ne-Yo doesn’t think him beating her is a big deal does not mean that it isn’t. Of course most of the urban artists embrace him more than her, hip hop is a very mysogynistic culture. A lot of them probably feel she shouldn’t have reported, just like most of cb’s fans.

    • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches!!

      yall have missed the point if Chris is wrong for hitting her back, she is just as wrong for hitting him first and then lying about it to prove herself innocent
      “oh what a web you weave when you first start to decieve” and now it is all coming out about the cover up that JayZ did to save his little star, she was ready to forgive Chris until the camel stepped into it

  • NYC Gal

    Another thing about Rihanna, look how fashionable she was when she first came out. She always had a good fashion sense.

    Most of the time when you see pics of artists when they first came out, you cringe at how they dressed and looked but Rihanna has nothing to cringe about.

  • http://leesenick@yahoo.com Rere


    • shut the fu*ck up

      get ur boxers out of a knot it ain’t that serious

  • shut the fu*ck up

    look you hood bo*oger
    where do you see me fantasize bout Chris at that is so 12 years….. and it was broadcasted on TV but ur hodd rat azz probably don’t have one and they did say that he was messing with his manager …….or she at least thought so and also you need to stop foaming at the mouth bout this… you go to each and every Rhianna story and rant the whole fu*cking day it makes you wonder if her fans are all nuts like you!!!!!!!!
    so as you run around your room and run into the walls every time the clock chimes and knock your self the fu*ck out bit*ch
    get off of rhianna cl*it ya stupid hybrid hood trick

  • TiredOfStupidity

    She still whack

  • Word

    @STFU – Thank you! Set the record st8 for these hoes!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    you probably rhianna in disguise on here foaming at the mouth for Chris still

  • Xclusive

    @STFU….Shut The F*ck Up…u act like u no these celebs…they don’t give a F*ck about u….Somebody please put a D*ck in his mouth so he could STFU…smdh….F*ckin Groupie

  • southside's da realist

    @ peppa tmz had the police report posted on thier website and it was stated by rhianna that she went through his phone and hit him w/ her cell phone, several times because she was mad at a text message received by a girl. CB tried to put her out the car but she wouldn’t get out and after getting hit in the head started to hit her back. In Rhianna’s words and it was an official police report. look it up yourself.

    • POST MY COMMENT Bossip

      I just read the police report, and I dare ANYONE to read that mess and think CB was justified in what he did. And btw-it NEVER mentioned that she ‘attacked’ him. And even if she did, was this warranted? He could have easily LEFT her in the car without beating her. EXCERPT:

  • shut the fu*ck up

    why don’t you try and put one in my mouth bi*tch!!!!!!
    all you rhianna followers act like you know that bi*tch and have the nerve to try and criticize anyone who says anything bout this alien from avatar
    bi*tch please did you just sh*it yourself when you read what I said bout Rhianna and her clingon headed azz
    oopsss did you just beat your head in ????

  • yeah you

    @ need2stfu bytch please chill out cb wound NOT let u on his dyck if his life depended on it GET A LIFE TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Xclusive

    Let’s Get ReaDy 2 RumBle….RouNd 3 K.O…B*tcHHHHH

  • Sukanya

    Who done started up the riri stans lmao

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