The Camel’s Club Coming Soon To An Airport Near You!

- By Bossip Staff

Hovi Hov has done it again! This time the rapper/husband/mogul has partnered with Delaware North Companies to bring his famed 40/40 Club to airports across America.

“The 40/40 Club is all about creating first-class experiences for guests who want to relax and watch their favorite games,” said Desiree Perez. “We want to see our club grow, and to bring those experiences to travelers. A partnership with Delaware North will do just that.”

The new deal could bring Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club into up 20 major U.S. airports, where Delaware North Companies operate dozens of national and regional brand restaurants.

This is gonna be awesome. Watch the game, drink some Ace of Spades, and miss your layover, thanks Hov you’re a swell guy.


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  • nana

    Damn this brother is makin MAJOR MOVES!!

    • Kyra

      Do you want to experience i-nterracial da-ting? I met my black guy on

      B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d // C_0_M

      It is an interracial community for nice singles of all races. You may have a try… 😉

      Good luck.

      r come back because all their is a reason y you made it and some one didnt maybe because he didn’t try n was focused on you.1

  • Lawd da Mercy

    He could be doing more for the less fortunate.
    In my opinion…

    • RMEs

      He could be in secret. Everyone doesn’t shout from every roof top like Oprah what they do for people. If I had the opportunity to broaden my life on this scale, I’d do it too.

    • RMEs

      Not trying to harp on the subject but he is helping the less fortunate by creating jobs. He couldn’t create one job if he was poor. He’s doing his part to get America back working again and giving people the means to take care of their families. Kudos to him.

  • Kadadah

    Jsy’s business acumen is fkn sick…luv this dude!

  • cbstar

    Call him camel all u want-he is on some other ish!!!! GO JAY

  • tendablendagrey

    Get paid Jay!


    Impressive! Cute pic too!

  • Xclusive

    That’s what’s up Jigga

  • All smiles

    That is a smart business deal! I wish my husband would do stuff like that! Damn!!

  • All smiles

    Come to my city! Hell I would even apply for a position! You would know it is me cause I would be all smiles! And paid trust!

  • melissa

    He’s creating jobs 4 who? He does need 2 do more 4 the less fortunate. He needs 2 invest back into his own community, make deals that will help ppl in his community get access 2 where he is. Not only make deals that is goin 2 help himself. He’s so quick 2 invest w/white ppl, but don’t want 2 make a real solid investment in his own community. What they r not worthy? The only time u c him is when he’s trying 2 promote something that’s goin 2 make him money. All da moves he’s making is great, 4 HIMSELF. It would b great 2 c him make this major investments in his own ppl.

    • Black

      STFU….Complete non sense.

  • Luscious

    Jay’s a bad boy, bottom line! He’s always been a serious business man.
    Rapping? Yeah, that was just a little sumpin sumpin to do until the big dreams were fulfilled. You go, baby!

  • miss t

    I don’t know where people get off expecting the rich to put all there money back into their community..I’m sure he has put more money than any of us that’s commenting has put into our own community..and it does not have to be money it can be he gave 1 million instead of 10 that’s his money and he rightfully earned it…it is our own responsibility to secure our own future not his.. people should stop looking for so much help and get out and do what needs to be done..

    • Mo Money, Mo Money!

      Thank You! A great message for those who want to knock the success of others because of their own envy.

  • melissa

    It’s not about looking 4 help. It’s about remembering the ppl that made u who u r & it’s about remembering that their r ppl in situations that need access. He professes 2 have so much dying love 4 the hood, they all talk about growin up in the hood, but what r u doing 2 make it so that other ppl dont have 2 go through that same struggle. U just came from that & its like they forget. He said “nobody is gonna look out 4 we but we”. What did he mean by that? That was just something 2 say r was he saying that we have a responsibility 2 look out 4 each other because nobody else is going 2 do it? I believe it is the latter. It’s funny how ppl 4get. Ppl made sacrifices, put their lives on the line, not 4 THEMSELVES, but so that WE could b free today. Now that we got it, we so ungratefully forget & feel like we don’t have 2 do it 4 n e body else. As long as am good that’s all that matters. What was it all 4 then?

  • melissa

    Im tryin 2 say something important

  • 1

    If I invest in you and you try an destroy what I have built I’m suppose to feel bad no just shows the people who cry victim are their for a reason and helping them just gives them another reason to complain sometimes it’s good to leave home and never come back because all their is a reason y you made it and some one didnt maybe because he didn’t try n was focused on you.1

  • mjg

    I do not care for Jz.. But I admire and respect this business success.. I agree, Go J….

  • E.T. B*tch

    Sometimes I think the celebrities come on here and try to defend themselves.

    It’s not doing anything for them. This is a good place to get feedback for free. You have to take the criticism…

  • E.T. B*tch

    😦 I wish he would go one photo shoot with out throwing up a sign 😦


    He needs to do more for the less fortunate. Like give out a 1000.00 to everyone he meets. Because nothing helps black people more then handouts, and for someone to feel sorry for us. We don’t need investors we need more WELFARE.

1 2
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