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Lil B Apologizes For Saying He Wants To Rape Kanye West, Wants To Be Lady Gaga (GO)

MJ Movie Distributor Accused of Screwing Canada (GO)

Eva Mendes is Not Showing T*t (GO)

Jay-Z Inks Deal To Bring 40/40 Clubs To Airports In The U.S. (GO)

WikiLeaks May Actually Be Good For America (GO)

Kate Gosselin Doing ‘Damage Control’, Claims Team Jon (GO)

Rick Ross Named ‘Man Of The Year By The Source’, Set To Drop Christmas Mixtape (GO)

Latino Voters Consider Forming Their Own Political Party (GO)

Year’s Worst Sex Scene Involves Insects, Nocturnal Animals, And Ice Cream (GO)

Snoop Dogg Drops New Single For Prince William’s Bachelor Party (GO)

Why Sisters Don’t Get Second Chances (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Wants Restraining Order Against The Entire Paparazzi (GO)

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  • http://bossip intresting

    Wiki leaks are America. Any fool that beleives any different is foolish. Wiki & cia are in this hand in hand. They are producing the same already known information and their main goal ( your goverment) is to cause ruckus. Another form of the agenda do not fall for it. If any thing is leaked it’s because it was the plan from jump !

    • Kyra

      Do you want to experience i-nterracial da-ting? I met my black guy on

      B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d // C_0_M

      It is an interracial community for nice singles of all races. You may have a try… 😉

      Good luck.

      ne Point that most of us probably missed is the point where she started by saying her Boyfriend was JEALOUS … Humm sounds like men have good intuition also… MEN TRUST YOUR VIBES

  • yeah right

    Why are Black people always trying to link up with other groups of people. Every time I see a Black person on T.V they are always trying to put them selves w/other groups of people and these other groups of people are never linking themselves to the Black community. Most people come here to this country to give their children a better life, for a good education, a chance to start their own business, buy/build a home and most Black people can care less about education, buying a home or owning a business. and @westfall the reason why their are ChinaTowns, Lil India’s, Lil Italy’s etc everywhere is because these groups of people at one time or another came to this country & was discriminated against-they couldn’t find work etc so they started their own communities in order to create jobs for themselves not beg for handouts. If you close your mouth & open you eyes, ears & mind you can learn a lot from these communities. When will your people realize that this is a capitalistic society and the day the Black community becomes a viable competitor is the day the world will respect you. 30 years ago China & most of Asia was poorer than what Africa is today-we had little to no resources now we are a power house, next in line is India, Brazil etc. From the outside looking in the perception is that you guys care more about partying, cars, clothes, crime & drugs then education, economics, family, culture, & God. Who ever you people are following they are leading you down the wrong path. @westfalls you talk about all these groups of people in a bad way yet all these groups have advanced economically way past the Black community w/in a short time without integrating or simulating into White America. Instead of talking trash about the Asian community you should learn or take note to what it is we are doing and apply it to your own community.

    • NationofGodandEarth

      The funny thing is in the black community we have your people (caucasion) trying to become just like the Black people. No one is telling nobody to follow they go by what they see. your theory about black people don’t care about education is a lie. Yall white folks just don’t want to see anybody thats not your race on top. Yes this is a white man’s america only because yall stole it but the black people are the choosen ones…remember yall brung us here we didn’t ask to come. but you see the black man or woman mind is so strong til we take over anything yall build and what yall do? Like a dog yall follow…Were overcoming and forfilling a dream for a leader who got killed years ago because of equality. Do you not know they have an African American flying our sky’s as a spy and what makes it so good is that is a BLACK WOMAN.. Ignorance gets you know where but you can’t fault someone like you if you dont understand,right?

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