Oh Hell Naw! Brit Brit’s Boo Boo Is Beating That Azz???

- By Bossip Staff

Poor thang! We thought Britney Spears had finally gotten her life together. The music is poppin’ again… K-Fraud is getting checks elsewhere and Shar’s proven to be the messiest of his baby mamas. We had a lot of hope for Brit Brit.

Unfortunately, she still can’t get her man choices together.

In a blockbuster world exclusive, Star magazine is reporting that Britney Spears was beaten up by her boyfriend Jason Trawick.

The new issue of Star, which goes on sale Wednesday, blows the lid off Britney’s relationship with Trawick, her agent-turned-boyfriend. Star also reveals that Britney was pregnant with Trawick’s baby earlier this year.

Those are just two of a series of Star’s jaw-dropping revelations about the troubled singer’s life.

Britney made the shocking admission about being beaten up by Trawick to her former husband Jason Alexander during a candid conversation.

Representatives for Britney and Trawick denied the story but RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained Star magazine’s audio of Alexander and Britney talking – audio where Britney plainly states that Trawick beat her.

SMH. Check out the audio here


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  • nana

    Lmaoooo that gal needs her azz beat 4 real 4 real! All that money and still acting a damn fool! Smh

    • Emma

      Now, now. Would you be so quick to say that if your man/woman put their hands on you? Regardless of how much money she has, this show prove to you that money is obviously not everything. Despite her success she has seemingly had nothing but worthless men in her life.

    • Blue Kid

      I can’t believe you said that of all the people.

    • Emma

      should*, not show

    • LOL

      nana/Hannibal aka Peppa/Dr Black aka Its Me

      Your the first one to fuss when people said that about Rhianna- who we KNOW attacked Chris first- but you have no sympathy for Brit Brit?

      Or will you just express sympathy through another one of your personalities? You possessed, multiple personality havin’ heffa.

    • Kyra

      Do you want to experience i-nterracial da-ting? I met my black guy on

      B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d // C_0_M

      It is an interracial community for nice singles of all races. You may have a try… 😉

      Good luck.

      She is taking legal action, also yes her dad is still very involved in her life so I never believed this crap

  • Hannibal


    • wecare

      You are a sick individual. Blogs will not cure your illness. Please seek professional help, sir.

    • Hannibal


    • Gigglegal215

      I bet you are having a good laugh when people are riled up and respond to your crazy comments. You can’t possibly be that disrespectful. Keep taunting them. It is great entertainment.

    • Charlie Brizown

      I hope you run into the craziest betch on the street and she gives you a good K.O/Combo meal for you to snack on with an iron bar.

    • shut the fu*ck up


  • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

    Im a baddd girl. spank me daddy! lol

    • It's Me

      first you got to sit down and open wide!!!!!!!!!!

  • join anti-bossip facebook group

    lmao thats not britney on the audio.

  • jayluv

    ok KARMA cannot last this long?! did justin put something on this woman for her love life be turned upside down? she can’t catch a break in the love department.

  • ..

    he must be beating her while her bodygaurds aren’t around.

  • JS

    I wish I had Britney’s money and a FOOL would try to put his hands on me! He would be finished permo!!!

  • Shelly

    That’s sad if that’s true. I’m not a fan at all, but I don’t like to see anybody going through that.

  • StarLight

    I’m not a fan either.
    The guy who recorded the phone call is either a “true friend” and exposed the abuse because this will bring attention to the situation and dude will get back what he gave Britney …..OR…. he’s a total a$$hole and sold her out for a couple of dollars.

  • Gigglegal215

    Is nothing sacred? Brit was having a conversation with someone she thought she could trust.Instead he sold their private moment.A true friend would have told the police. That is why so many celebs turn to drugs and have mental issues. The can’t trust ANYBODY!!!

  • sanriobaby =^.^=

    It just goes to show that at the end of the day, money doesn’t mean anything if you have f*cked up people in your life. I’m not sure if this dude taped that conversation as evidence for Britney or simply for a paycheck, but she should use this opportunity as a wakeup call. What I don’t get is why her abuser is STILL working for her, doesn’t her father and the courts have a conservatorship on her finances? The least they can do to protect Britney is fire this SOB. No one deserves to be hit.

  • Betty

    For a minute I thought he was Sam from “True Blood”. Both men are virtually identical.

  • jdmann

    Why did he tap that azz…what caused him to go off…was he provoked…people complain when a female gets her azz kicked but no one ever asks did she have it coming, was it well deserved.


  • Ihateisms

    This is why you don’t trust people on the phone cause people are low down. I hope she goes to rehab and get herself together for her boys.

    • Ms. P

      Huh? She is bipolar, not an addict. She needs to stay on her meds, not go to rehab. Where did you get that from?

  • d.

    She probably was misbehaving.

  • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches!!

    what is wrong with this girls hair weave it’s ll fu*cked up

  • nana

    Lmaooooooo there goes ma groupie aka @LOL! I am me bish and I don’t need to hide behind any names to say wateva I have 2 say u dumbo! Now come here and lemme shove this knife in ur mouth! I keep tellin u time and time again I DON’T DO WOMEN am strictly d!ckly hun

  • don't ask

    If this is true, where is her $16,00.00 a month conservator daddy while he’s doing all this?

  • Joyce

    Only trust PEOPLE MAGAZINE people and tmz sometimes..its a lie

  • Just Bored

    Does this chick have just ONE friend??? She can’t trust anyone. Everybody sells her out at every given opportunity. No wonder her head space is always cloudy. I feel bad for her.

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  • Xclusive

    Dam Brit what happen…Yr Career is DONE (Christian voice)

  • What??

    How is Shar the messiest of his kids mama’s if Britney is the bi polar drug addict who lost custody of her kids to their daddy and custody of herself to her daddy???

  • 1word

    Hitting a woman is never a good thing to do. Even if she provokes it, just walk away.

  • CooCooKitty

    That is NOT Britney’s voice.
    So i don’t believe his story.
    But why did she have a blackeye.

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