Would You Buy A Book From Erykah Badu??

- By Bossip Staff

Jay-Z’s “Decoded” is sitting firmly inside of best-seller lists, so it only makes sense that other celebs might be thinking about typing up a page-turner as well. Here are few celebs who we think should consider penning a tale or two.

Oh the fun! See if you agree with the title suggestions at MadameNoire.com

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  • deelucious

    Nope! I refuse to buy any type of book unless it’s going to help me pa$s an exam or make me some money. It has to better my life in some way. Otherwise I don’t have that kinda time lol. I prefer my entertainment in other forms.

  • nana

    Light some candles, drink some herb tea and smoke a FAT BLUNT and u will understand Wtf Erykah has to say!

  • RedBoi

    Honestly if Superhead can write then anyone can be a self proclaimed author

  • djmase

    Why not? If Sarah Palin and G.W.Bush can she can too. I’m sure her book would be much more interesting than theirs.

  • msjae

    Hell yea why not…she is very talented…in reality she really doesn’t need to write a book her music speaks volumes.

  • James

    How to raise kids with different fathers?

    • Truth Speaker

      With a question like that, you obviously need to read a book. Engage your intelligence, brother.

  • tyecia

    Yes,Kids are a beautiful thing. She take care of here kids, I never heard anything bad about her being a parent. So yes I will buy it. People fall out oif love. It happend

  • Mary

    YES!!! No gimmicks no games no strange sound effects no strange faces. Just raw talent, an original. May have to read it more than once to understand but damnit, I’ll read the book!!!

    • http://www.worldwidereviews.net/ Bossip, Post THIS ONE... thanku

      Co-Sign!!!!! 😀

      SN: This made me laugh so hard because it’s true. I have to listen to her music multiple times to get the deeper meanings under the surface entertainment.

  • http://leazeri.blogspot.com/ azeri

    I WOULD DEF BUY IT. her wisdom in a book, yeay.

    • Keep it Real

      Wisdom??? Three babies by three different baby daddies and never married. You can get more wisdom from a bird in a tree with a tiny, tiny, tiny brain, for free. Even they know you need to make a nest before laying eggs. lol

  • http://Bossip.com Eddy


  • Sha

    Honestly, if it was one of those pictorial coffee table books, I would.

    I think she’s a beautiful woman and she takes awesome pictures.

  • I'm Ready for My Close Up!

    I like Erykah’s music. Her style is unique but honestly, she’s weird as hell – I attempted to listen to her rap when she was on Monique’s couch. She was so freakin’ irritating that I had to turn her off.
    I’ll continue to buy her CDs but “hell to the naw” as far as buying a book written by her.

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